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Lost Odyssey

So the day before it was due out here, I headed down to JB Hi-Fi to see if mayhaps they had the game in early. Sure enough they did and they were selling it at a much cheaper price than listed on a couple of the online stores. So I immediately bought it! Its 4 discs in length which kind of surprised me considering its for a next gen console (X-Box 360), however I could see why when I started playing it. Fantastic graphics and effects, and obviously an immensely huge world. Since the main character, Kaim, is an immortal, the game is likely to go on for quite a while as you search for his lost memories (as well as battle foes and stuff). I have only spent two nights on it so far, I put it on hold while I updated Animay as well as upgraded a few things. I also checked out Sims 2 on my PC to see how well it played with the new graphics card, and its a definite improvement!

Anyway, back to Lost Odyssey! I’m thoroughly enjoying it, though the bosses have had to kill me a few times Lost Odysseybefore I can work out how to defeat them lol. As the game came out in Australia before the US (its due out on the 12th Feb and I got it on the 6th Feb) there are no game guides or FAQs to help give you hints on how to battle these larger monsters. All the other beasties that we fight are no problem, but the Bosses… On discovering how to defeat the first boss after several attempts, I tried to use the same technique on the second Boss but to no avail lol. Figures! But that’s the fun in playing these new games, getting killed multiple times until you find a way to defeat the boss :p

Although the graphics have great eye-candy, the animation that’s done for these characters is not anything new, and like a lot of these types of games, the characters have very slight emotions animated on their faces. The voices for the characters can be heard in either English, Japanese or Korean, with subtitles for all three. The storyline is interesting in itself, the dream ‘sequences’ are mostly text that appears on the screen describing the imagery and revealing more of Kaim’s past through his memories. These are more to evoke an emotion in the player I think, I’m not sure if there will be any more visual dream sequences that will appear, but there are four discs worth so that’s bound to happen.

Did not pick up FFXII again – which is not surprising since I got the Lost Odyssey game lol. Nevermind, I will go back to play it, perhaps I’ll alternate between the two.


Woo, its almost holiday time!!

Tomorrow is actually my last day at work before I go on leave. Originally the plan was to work through till Friday and then be off for four weeks in total (go back on the 21st January), however, because I’m getting a new kitchen and they’re going to be installing it on Thursday and possibly (but not yet confirmed) on Friday as well, I need to be home in order to be available for the installer and whoever else that will be there – mostly in terms of dealing with if any problems arise and also to pay for their installation costs. There’s been a lot of problems with this whole kitchen thing but its finally coming to the end of the tunnel and I can almost see the light lol. It’ll be nice when the new kitchen is in – I just hope that no further problems develop.

I’m definitely looking forward to my time off. Most of it will be spent doing more renovations stuff. Ripping up carpet ready for new floors to go down; painting; installing a screendoor on the back of the house etc. And basically just relaxing. I’ll also try and push myself to do a bit more updating on websites while I’ve got the time though I don’t want to spend every day sitting in front of the PC while on holiday.

I had all that bad experience that was posted in the last post in relation to buying a DS and getting some games to go with it. Well the happy ending did come – I went in on the Monday following the little escapade and the guy behind the counter remembered the incident with the ‘forgetting to put an item into my bag’ thing. They even had put the item out the back ready for when or if the customer who lost it would return… and I did! At the moment I have 6 games for the DS. I’ve only got a few games for the PSP too and I’m slowly building up my X-Box 360 titles.

One game I’m currently playing is Mass Affect. Its a really cool game, not the usual type I would play though it did have the magic “RPG” word in its description and immediately my ears prick up when I hear that lol. I’ve just bought another 360 game but have not yet played it. It looks pretty cool and I’ve heard some good reviews and some ‘on the fence’ reviews of the game. Its called Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom. Shame I don’t have an HDTV set but hopefully it’ll still look okay anyway. I also recently picked up Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings (for the DS) and Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions (for the PSP). Both are really cool games but again, I only received them last week so I haven’t really had much playing time on them yet. I nearly dropped my jaw when I was in one of our localy Anime stores (ShinTokyo) and there on their game shelves was Crisis Core!!! OMG I want that game!!! Unfortunately its only in Japanese and they couldn’t guarantee that there would be a translation guide out there for me to use, plus considering it was an RPG it was likely to have a lot of text scrolling through it (or at least a lot of talking) and unless I could speak or read Japanese, it was probably not a good idea to buy it. So unfortunately I didn’t buy it I kind of figured it was a bit too good to be true as there has not yet been a release of the game in the US, so I knew when I saw it that it couldn’t have been a translated version. I’m still hoping that they will release it with an English translation (ie whether its a US version or UK version or whatever, it doesn’t matter!). Unfortunately Square Enix have not yet indicated that they will be doing that.

Gidget is doing much better. The pills she is taking are definitely doing their job. She is looking a lot healthier though she is still skinny – however not to the point of being able to feel every bone in her body when you touch her. Her fur coat is looking glossy and its a lot smoother again rather than feeling like straw. She still has a baldish patch from where she had a fight with a flea, but that’s slowly growing back. The vet wanted us to bring her in after three weeks for another blood test and if all was well, we could have her go under the knife and have her thyroids removed. I don’t think we will do that though, I think we will just continue with the pills for as long as she is around. It may be another two years, it could be another ten years or it may only be 6 months, we don’t know, but if the pills keep her healthy and at least give her some quality in life, then that will be fine for me.

The Stress Factor (and another blog change)


Well this weekend I’ve experienced the same type of stress that I felt when I first moved into my new house. Massive headache that made me want to throw up all the time. Last week I was stressing at work – mostly after some client called me incompetent (even though I’m not quite psychic enough to know what’s going on in every client’s lives to be able to guess what they are doing when I call and make any changes) followed by the fact that it had been three weeks since I’d signed the contract for my new kitchen and I’d heard nothing from them – even after I made the deposit. The stress only made it self known after I spoke about the incident with the client with fellow work colleagues (who said its just that time of year and not to care what others think) and when I finally got a call yesterday to confirm the installation date for my new kitchen. It was after that that the headache settled in :\ At least I can relax a little now. Hopefully this week will go off a little better than last week, though it is almost Xmas and we’ve been in the ‘silly season’ mode since the beginning of November with possibly no let up until Christmas day when everything is closed. I’m taking a four week break and I can tell you now that I’m looking forward to it.

On another positive note… I bought myself an X-Box 360. Its decidedly cheaper than the PS3, and as yet there’s no FFXIII out on PS3 until next year so I’m not too concerned about getting one just yet. I am now mulling over a variety of games for the XB but at this stage only have the two freebies that came with it plus a couple of games I bought. The two freebies were Viva Pinata and Forza 2. The ones I bought were Kameo (one of the first to be released when the console came out) and Blue Dragon. I’m an RPG type of player though I do venture into other areas if I’m tempted enough. At the moment I like the look of Assassin’s Creed but am not sure whether its a game I would actually enjoy myself or prefer to watch someone else play lol. Its expensive and I’m kind of watching the budget at the moment so it might be a ‘next year’ thing.

Can’t say I’m looking forward to work tomorrow but it’ll at least be a short week next week as I’ve got a couple of days off (maybe) for when the kitchen gets installed. Someone needs to be home!

And yes the site changed again. Perhaps I should change my little tagline there since its not very dark here! If you’re wondering who they are up there… I can’t remember the names lol but the first one is from Gakuen Heaven (Boys Love game and anime), the second one is Harukanaru Toki no Naka De and the third one is La Corda d’Oro ~Primo Passo~ .