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What’s been happening…

My last post was obviously a sad one and it has taken me a long time before I was comfortable at posting anything again. I am still missing my Gidget but I have to move on as we all do.

In mid June a decision was made to get another pet, cat preferably, despite first thinking that I wouldn’t be able to cope with a new pet for at least 3-4 months, or even longer than that. But I found that I really needed to have that companionship that a cat can bring. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get another Gidget, and to be honest I didn’t want another Gidget. So I ended up picking up two kittens. They are both tabbys but not from the same litter. One is a female that I’ve named Tifa, the other a male that I named Tidus. I really did want to use names from Final Fantasy though I was originally going to name Tidus, Cloud lol. My mum suggested I give them two syllable names rather than a single syllable name so I went through the list of names from Final Fantasy that I liked that had two syllable names and she liked Tidus. We don’t call him the way the Japanese would pronounce the name (Teedus), we pronounce it Tie-dus only because it sounds better lol. Anyway I don’t have any photos to share at the moment but I’m actually putting together a blog specifically for the little munchkins which I’ll link to soon. They have been with me since the 18th June so its pretty much been 4 weeks that I’ve had them and they’ve settled in well.

The image above is obviously something I should talk about too lol. I’ve played the first Infamous though I hadn’t finished it when I first bought the game, so I got it and started it over again and finished the game before I started Infamous 2. I picked that up at a bargain price when I traded in some games I didn’t play anymore. I really loved the first game and this game is just as good. A lot of people don’t seem too enthusiastic about the storyline, and it is probably a bit blande in comparison to the first one, but its still an entertaining game nonetheless. I have not yet finished the game and am aware of what the end results can be depending on the path I’m taking (Hero at the moment). I like the newer powers granted to Cole this time around. It did take a little while to get used to the new voice actor for Cole but they also seemed to alter Cole’s face a little so they actually kind of match anyway.

I’ve been in my new job for a while now too and so far its okay. Its a lot busier than my previous job but that’s because I have a boss who actually gives me work to do. I’m enjoying it but its still the same sort of job I had before and it still has moments where it gets boring. I’m in it until the end of the year so there’s at least a little bit of extra money coming in.

I’ve got this week off from work which I’ve been looking forward to. I’ve been so busy that I’ve been too tired to do much other than playing games (which I find relaxing believe it or not) or watching TV. It means I’ve been behind with updating Animay but I’m hoping to get on top of that this week. Of course the little munchkins keep me busy as well so I’ll be juggling keeping an eye on them, working on the website, playing games and also fixing my PC. Yes, my new PC is on the blink and I’m not sure why. I am at the point now where I’ll just have to reload windows which will reformat the hard drive and wipe everything. I’m at a loss as to what else I can do and it appears to be my only option now :\

Back to the grind

(sigh) Well it was good while it lasted, I may not have been able to do everything I wanted to do (money is usually the culprit for limiting what one can do) but I enjoyed my freedom while it lasted. It is the end of the day and tomorrow is my first day back at work after having about 4 weeks off. I am trying to keep the stress at bay as much as possible but since I know I will be needing to pester my boss the first moment I get in about something to do with my job, I will probably be awake all night playing out the as-yet-discussed conversation in my head -_-

I’ve spent a lot of time doing a spring clean, clearing out a lot of junk ready to add some new junk (lol). As you know I’ve also been playing video games, most recently Bayonetta and Darksiders – I have finished Bayonetta but I put Darksiders aside and as yet have not picked it up again. Mass Effect 2 will be out next week so that will be something I’ll be keen to get into as soon as I get my hands on it. I’ve also been mucking around with wordpress trying to create a theme for Animay for the new year – its now up and running as I put up up about half an hour ago (a few minor hiccups but it seems to be working okay). I’ve done some shopping, gone out to lunch a few times and caught up with family and friends so its been a good break.

Its just a shame it all has to end. Of course, because there is a public holiday next Tuesday, I had already prebooked a day off on the Monday (!!) before I went on my Christmas break so this coming week will be a full week of catching up, and the next week will be half a week of madness as school officially starts on Wednesday 28th Janaury here.

Now the countdown is on for the 2010/2011 4 week Christmas break!! ^_^

Happy New Year!

Wow its been a while since I last posted!

Happy New Year everyone! Unfortunately this blog’s time log is half an hour behind the actual timezone here in Adelaide, and WordPress doesn’t have it as an option but nevermind. Watched Sydney’s fireworks display on TV as its too hot tonight to go out anywhere and I was really not in the mood. Currently I’m doing some scanning of a couple of 2010 calendars I have though I’m just scanning the characters and not the entire calendar image – they’re just too big and they get too fiddly when trying to match each scan of the larger image up (I’m also very fussy so it gets quite tedious). Anyway I’ll probably put some avatars together with them or something.

2009 was a health issue year with my blood pressure going through the roof namely due to stress from work. Its not the work itself that is stressful, rather its the environment in which I’m currently working which is stressful. I’m currently on a 4 week break from work (woohoo!) so my blood pressure will definitely drop down quite a bit but will most certainly rise again as soon as I head back to work. Its rather miserable to have to be this way but I need the money to pay the bills, its a permanent job that is secure and although its not what I’m keen on doing for the rest of my life I am resigned to the fact that I’m stuck in this job while I’m trying to rise through financial issues like everyone else.

Financial woes have also been a problem. I get asked “Why don’t you save some money aside and then you’d be okay for any emergencies or even to buy stuff you want?” The problem is by the time all the bills are paid from my pay, there’s not a lot left and we only get paid fortnightly so I have to make that small amount left over last for at least a fortnight. At the moment its not so bad because being at home there’s a few things I don’t need to worry about (transport tickets which keep going up each year, lunch money or even spending money on buying grocery items to make my lunches every week day) and when you take a particular type of leave called Recreation or Annual leave, you actually get some leave loading which is like a pay bonus so that helps a lot. The sad thing is that with my pay bonus, I paid off as much as I could in bills; bought the rest of the Xmas presents and even bought my mum her birthday present (its not until the 8th Jan) as it means there is less to worry about next payday. I have put money aside to get a couple of games, and have managed to work things around in order to do so, and I was lucky that at Xmas time I got a few gift voucher cards to use so that will come in handy.

My holiday time has been reasonably busy except for today as it was too hot to do much outside. I’ve got this huge video collection and its currently taking up a huge amount of space in the garage. A few months ago I decided that come this Xmas holiday I was going to ditch them all but record down all the movies so that I’ve got a list of them in case I ever want to buy (or download >_>) them in the future. I’ve got 3 smaller tubs left to go through but so far I’ve ditched around 300+ videos!!! A lot of them were from when I was a teenager and we used to copy videos we’d hired from the local video store lol so there are a lot of old videos there. The thing is neither of my VHS players work anymore and I’ve hardly watched any of them in years so I felt it was little point in keeping them around. I also ended up ditching a big pile of cassette tapes which I haven’t listened to since I was a teenager, weird how you keep stuff like that with you when it ends up being useless later on. I do have records as well but I’m keeping them since they’re worth a bit more than cassette tapes – well to some people anyway.

I’ve also been out shopping and done a few odd jobs around the house and that’s really all I’m intending to do this holiday break, though I’ll also push myself to get some screencaps done for Animay since I’m – as usual – a lont way behind.

Better get back to scanning before I head to bed. Maybe my new years resolution should be to post more here! Maybe…

Update: D’oh! I didn’t see the settings further up in the Time Zone box lol, it should now be the correct time, though the blog only posts on the date… meh…