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Its All For The Best

At least I hope it will be.

All of my websites have now been moved to a new, dedicated server. Unfortunately dedicated=expensive but I didn’t really have a lot of choice. If I wanted to keep Animay going, I needed to put it onto a dedicated server so I wasn’t using up everybody else’s resources. And, I wasn’t going to have two lots of hosting fees so every other website got moved as well. I think that its probably the best idea, and was something I was considering doing, just not so soon. Anyway, hopefully everything will run okay, the only thing I’m nervous about is running the server though that is supposedly managed by the host anyway so I may not need to worry too much… I hope.

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1/100 MG Exia

A few weeks back I bought another master grade kit, this time for the Exia from Gundam 00 which is the first MG kit to come from that series. This particular one is a unique kit in that there were two MG kits released for Gundam 00 with this one being ‘special’ – it basically is a 2-in-1 kit. The Gundam Exia Ignition Mode kit is a kit where you can build the Exia as it is seen in Gundam 00, or you can build it as the Exia in repair mode as seen in the first episode of Gundam 00 2nd season. Additionally the kit comes with a battery operated led light kit that allows you to light up the GN Drive unit on the model which I found super-cool lol. Its just a shame that its only the GN Drive that lights up and not other areas.

The kit is different from the previous one I built (Shin Musha) though the complexity of this one is similar to the Hi-Nu Gundam MG that I previously built. This one has lots of little working bits and pieces, more so than the Musha and I’ve found this one to take a bit longer to put together than previous MG kits. Not that I’m complaining, I enjoy taking the time to make sure I get each part put together just right. This kit has been interesting in that there are lots of clear parts added including this soft clear plastic that is inserted rather than connected to the rest of the kit and because of its softness it bends easily to follow the curve it may be sitting on or in the case of the arms, create a clear connector for the arm and shoulder units. The only difficult thing I have found with this particular kit is that because the instructions are in Japanese I’m having to guess and use the images on the box to determine if I’m putting on the right parts to make the Exia or the parts to make the Exia in repair mode. My goal for this particular kit is to make the full Exia rather than the repair mode version. If I could afford to buy two of these kits, then I probably could have bought a second one and built it in repair mode but that’s not the case unfortunately and this is likely to be the last MG kit for a while. Below is a quick image of where I was up to early yesterday morning, though at the time I posted up this post, the whole top section (body, head and arms) were built and joined together and I’m currently working on the legs and waist.

Not long after I’d begun building this particular unit, I learned that Bandai is releasing a PG version of the Exia (Perfect Grade). PG versions are much larger, usually 1/60 which this particular one is going to be. Its the Exia again and this time the head unit as well as the GN drive light up. Its absolutely beautiful but unless you have about $260US to part with then its probably better to wait for an MG version – this particular PG version is the Gundam 00 Raiser – the 00 Gundam plus the 0-Raiser unit that can attach and detach from the main Gundam. Its due for release in late November or early to mid December this year but although I’d love to get a PG kit, I just don’t have that kind of money!

I’m now also currently taking photos of all my Gundam kits (not counting the no-grade early versions which have been placed into storage) and am thinking seriously of putting up a little image gallery on this site with images of all my Gundam kits. Its still something I’m working on so it may not happen for a while yet.

On another, non-Gundam topic (lol), all of my websites have officially moved. It seems really weird that I’m now no longer with Smoovenet but the move had to be done and I’m glad that so far everything appears to be working normally. I’m currently working on doing some updates on the ReBoot Mayhem website before it goes live (its currently in maintenance mode) but the message boards are working fine. My only issue now is to find a home for all the video clips that I had up on the sites but that’s something that’s not immediately important right now.

Edge of Beyond Up and Running!

If any of you ‘Beyonders’ are looking here, the boards are back up and running. You will need to access them via a new url: http://edgeofbeyond.net – note there is no www (same as this site) and no trailing ‘/boards’ folder to access the site. It took a while to get it up and running and organised but hopefully things will be going smoothly. Please login and let me know of any problems – if you can’t login, send me an e-mail and I’ll check out what the problem is. Hopefully I won’t have any similar problems in getting ReBoot Mayhem up and running that I did with the boards, though RBM doesn’t have “149992 posts in 5080 topics by 485 members”!!!