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Next-Gen Console Envy


I have to admit it, I am currently envious of those with a PS4/XBO right now. I never thought I’d get to this point, at least not for a while yet, but now I really do wish I could afford one of these awesome systems. Sure they have their faults, and they don’t have a wide selection of games just yet, but it is building up now. Initially I had planned on buying a new PS3, which I did, near the beginning of the year and would then focus on buying a next gen console the following year or as late as possible (preferably when the prices were down). Now, however, I really want one. So how did this now come about? Well it’s all thanks to one simple game… Dragon Age Inquisition.

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My blog is turning more into a gaming blog than a general blog!

Anyway, last year I discovered my 250GB PS3 was no longer working. I didn’t play it a lot, nor did I use it for its blu-ray features or any other features, to me it was just a gaming console. But nonetheless, while I’d treated it well it decided to give up the ghost. I just went “oh well, I’ll just continue playing the 360 and my PC”. But then I noticed there were some awesome games coming out for the PS3 only. I had been thinking about getting a PS4 but as they are not compatible with PS3 or older discs, I didn’t see the point in spending the money. Yes, Sony will be putting up an online system where you can download older games to play on the new PS4, but this may not launch until later this year (second half I think but it could be sooner), and all I have seen so far is that you have to purchase these games to download and play them. So tell me, why would I want to purchase games I have already bought for the PS3 just so I can play them on the PS4?? I’m not forking over more money just to fill Sony’s pockets. But what to do? There are still PS3 titles coming out and I haven’t completed any of my older PS3 games yet (well maybe a couple of them). So with that logic in my mind, I figured I’d buy a new PS3. Continue reading

New Consoles?

Xbox One v PS4

So unless you were hiding under a rock, the new consoles for Microsoft and Sony were released late last year. They sold out pretty quickly and both are currently back on pre-order if you want to pick up one. Did I pick up one? No. To be honest neither of them showed me anything that enticed me to even think of buying one. No games that were released at the time the consoles were released were interesting enough to me – I mean there aren’t exactly a lot of games out yet are there? Soon that will change, as more and more games come out specifically for the two new consoles but for the moment I’m sticking with what I have (which at the moment is just the 360 as my PS3 isn’t working).

Not that any of the upcoming games are not interesting enough for me to not want one of the new consoles. But the fact is I’d have to pick one over the other to begin with, and buy the other console later on when I can then afford it. So its a matter of checking out comparisons and game releases before taking the plunge.

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