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Creation of an MG Gundam: Part 05

Okay so this is the final part that I worked on yesterday, the arms. I didn’t take photos of the creation of both arms, that would take too long lol, however I did take photos of the differences between the two arms. I think the differences are specifically to allow certain weapons and the shield to be attached etc. Anyway the first arm in the book that you work on is the right arm.

Alright so I skipped ahead here and what you see is the inner structure of the arm with the first parts of the armour ready to be placed onto it. The arm structure is different for both left and right as you’ll see later in a photo of the left arm. The dark grey piece is the inner structure (its upside down in this photo lol), the white piece with the squiggly line on it is the armour for the upper part of the arm, the larger white piece goes on the front of the arm, and the silver piece is underneath it (its just seen in the final construction). I panel-lined the entire inner structure, even though it gets covered up. (Some parts of it are visible though).

Front armour covering is now connected as is the upper arm (and you can see its the right way up now). This arm has a small piece attached to the bottom back of it which was a pain to clip from the runners and clean up since it was so small. I’m not yet sure what its purpose is but I suspect I will find out after the full structure of the gundam is complete. First parts of the blue armour are now appearing here too. The black piece doesn’t actually seem to click into the arm unit, and I’m not sure what its for yet.

The construction of the hand is now about to get underway. Unlike many other gundam model kits, the hands on an MG are more maneuverable (sp?) in that its index and thumb can move about independently of the rest of the fingers which are joined together. This makes it easier for the posing of the hand as well as the different grasps of weapons. Here you can see that black piece I was talking about earlier being placed into the back of the arm unit. It doesn’t fall out easily however its not actually clicked in there either. I’m thinking that it gets pulled out for the insertion of the shield or perhaps something else.

Right arm completed. It looks good so far! You can see the hand how it is set up and how the fingers can be moved about. The top of the arm is the ball-joint for connecting to the body. It will be hidden from view when the shoulder is created. After I completed this arm, I then went onto create the left arm which is slightly different.

This is the inner structure for the left arm. You can immediately see there is a difference with this extra extension out the back of the arm. This gets covered but I’m not sure on what its uses will be just yet. Underneath the ‘wing’ is an extra part which can actually slide in and out while remaining connected to the arm unit. It has a connector piece attached to it which will be covered with an armour piece, again I’m not sure what this is for just yet, it could be the hiding space for the beam saber weapon.

Left arm completed. As you can see the blue armour covers up the ‘wing’ itself, and there’s an extra white armour piece on the outside of that which is what is connected to that slide out piece. I’m still thinking its for the beam sabers but we’ll see later on! Now we move onto creating the shoulder pieces.

Here is the construction of the shoulder piece. Both shoulders are exactly the same so I only took photos of one under construction. You are looking at it from the outside – ie when the shoulder is sitting in place, this part you can see. The white and grey bits are extremely tiny and were a pain to get out of the runners, clean up and then put onto the unit. Four pieces for each shoulder. The large grey piece it is sitting on is the connector to the body. The shoulder piece does not actually connect to the arm, it just covers it.

Shoulder piece is completed. As you can see the armour has been placed on to cover everything up. The black piece you can see is the connector to the body. This connector moves allowing the entire shoulder unit to lift up, making it easier to slip over the body-arm connector. Once placed over that, the arm itself can be connected to the body, then the shoulder is moved back into place and it covers the ball joint and connectors.

Creation of an MG Gundam: Part 04

Well I didn’t do any further work on the Gundam on Friday however I did get a lot done on Saturday but didn’t get around to updating the website with the photos I took. Progress is going well, I did make another tiny mistake which I won’t reveal lol but its still looking good regardless. I’m breaking this into two posts rather than putting the whole update into one with this post focusing on the Head Unit, and the next post focusing on the arms and shoulders.

So here are the basic first pieces for the head unit. The clear piece becomes almost completely hidden inside the head. As you can see I’ve already panel-lined the bottom face plate ready for it to be put together. The clear part is where two stickers go – the eyes and a small green metallic sticker for the top ‘light’.

The inner part is now complete. You can see how the eyes have been placed. I had to move them again, slide them down a bit as when I first put the outer head pieces on, the eyes were a bit too far up. The back part of the outer head unit is where the last of the stickers is placed, another green ‘light’. The small grey piece is the part that allows the head unit to connect to the body.

The unit is nearly complete. Probably one of the most tell-tale signs of a gundam unit would have to be its antennae (if that’s what they’re called lol). As it was with the MG Strike Gundam, the antennae are in two parts and two colours. The blue piece is to hold them in place as much as anything while the white piece covers the back of the head unit and seals off the joins.

Completed! The head unit looks pretty cool and I’m pleased with the end result. I will reveal the error I made here, I accidentally scraped off a part that should have been left there >_< So on one side of the head unit there’s a slight bump but its supposed to be there – which I only realised after I’d already removed it from the other side of the unit. Oh well… it still looks okay to me!

Creation of an MG Gundam: Part 03

Okay, I last said that I probably wouldn’t work on the model again until tomorrow night or on the weekend, however circumstances changed, ideas changed, so I was able to spend some more time on the model after all. And now I can happily say that the body unit is complete – well the chest part anyway. I’ve done a few photos though I nearly forgot to take some but check them out:

Image 01: Armor covering. The armor around the frame of the body unit is slowly taking shape. The only gripe I had with this was that the silver/grey parts scratch easily which is a nuisance especially if the pliers don’t take all the bits off in the first two goes. I have grey/silver pens but they’re too dark and only make it look worse. Hopefully they won’t be fully visible, just a few ‘specs’ of them viewable but it still annoyed me nonetheless. The bottom section of the unit is now ‘covered’ in armor. The pieces you see are more building blocks for the armor to attach and to be attached, as well as functional pieces.

Image 02: The stickers come out. All the previous pieces have now been assembled onto the unit though most are on the back of it with only two pieces placed in front. The new parts you see are specifically for the cockpit, in that these parts will cover up where the pilot is sitting, however will stll be functional in that it will easily open to reveal the pilot within. You’ll see the small sticker sheet with stickers missing already. This is unfortunately where I made a rather large mistake and its not undoable, nevertheless it doesn’t detract from the overall appearance of the gundam but it’ll be something that will haunt me!

Image 03: Cockpit covered, but not the error. Okay, we’re getting to the end of the body unit’s creation here, those pieces lying near the unit are the final parts to be added to complete it. Now the error may not be visibly seen here, and even if you looked at it, unless you knew what the mistake was you probably wouldn’t realise there was anything wrong. However there is – the stickers were peeled off and placed in the appropriate places as per the manual. However, when the blue square-ish piece was placed into the middle of the cockpit cover, I realised the error of my ways. The bottom sticker should have gone on last, just as it was written in the manual. Why I didn’t follow that part specifically, I’m not sure, but I know now and will make sure I won’t do it again. The sad thing is, that blue piece cannot move again and is stuck there pretty much permanently. So it means I couldn’t pull it out, then remove the bottom sticker, put the blue piece back in and place the sticker in its spot. Its now squished beneath the blue piece lol. I tried to use a screwdriver, small one of course, with a bit of leverage to remove the blue piece but to no avail and it ended up scratching the blue piece. I got my blue gundam marker out, painted it over, then used a cotton bud to wipe it down because the blue marker paint was a little darker than the original colour. Its disappointing that I made such a large mistake by not following one small step but there you have it now. Despite that you can see how the unit is coming together nicely. Lot of panel lining work there too!

Image 04 and 05: Finished product front and back. Here it is, all finished! The body unit didn’t take too long and I luckily made only the one mistake. The first image there shows most of the armor from the top of the body unit, as well as a bit of the panel lining that went into it. The second image shows the back of the unit which is the first time I’ve showed it, and shows the various ‘holes’ still open for extra parts to be inserted, namely the ‘wings’.

So far so good! Now it’ll be onto the Head Unit which shouldn’t take very long.