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A Few Bits and Pieces

There’s a strong possibility that I’ll be shifting servers with all my websites. I’m looking around at the moment and hoping to find something that will meet my current requirements fairly soon. At this stage I’m delaying updates on all of my websites until after the move and that could be anywhere between now and the end of the month, or even maybe the end of next month… depends on what appears on the horizon. At this stage my only worry is the transfer of mysql databases – a lot of hosts out there have different control panels to the one I currently use and therefore don’t do the whole automatic transfer unless you’re using the same control panel they are. While most of my sites are easily moveable (wordpress has that import export option), its the databases for sites like Joomla and Coppermine that are the main issue. There are over 90,000 images on the Screencaps Gallery alone (Animay), and to have to re-upload them would be extremely time-consuming, not to mention the number of views, popularity statistics etc that I’d prefer to keep.

On another note, I picked up Sims 3 a couple of weeks ago when it came out. I’ve seen on the official site that there have been just as many complaints as there has been compliments and kudos for the game. I’m with the latter rather than the former. Sure there are a few weird things that become a bit problematic, but its still a great game and there’s so many cool options and events that happen in this game that I’m still a Sims addict lol. I’ll post up my full review at a later date.

My gundam – as listed below – arrived and was built. I have taken photos but not pulled them off the camera yet so I can’t share them but will after shifting servers. All I can say right now is just how awesome it looks. Master-Grade kits are the best!

When I’m not watching anime, or a dvd movie, I’m watching TV series. Lately I’ve been downloading TV series that I’m interested in, usually the crime stuff as that’s pretty cool to me. I’m a big CSI fan though not so much of CSI: Miami (don’t really like David Caruso) but the NY spinoff is great. I also like the new series that has been airing since last year in the US called “Eleventh Hour” starring Rufus Sewell. Currently I’m waiting for new episodes and hoping they will be coming (including a second season!). I’m also a big fan of The Mentalist, “our boy” Simon Baker is a great actor and he portrays his character well in this series. I’ve also been watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent (fan of Vincent D’nofrio and Jeff Goldblum) and Cold Case. I’ve recently started watching Criminal Minds which appears to be pretty good too in that category and have begun downloading The Closer, which I did begin watching when it first aired here on free-to-air tv but as soon as they changed timeslots I lose interest. On the other side I’ve also been getting some fantasy adventure series, namely Legend of the Seeker and Merlin. I did have the option of downloading season 5 of Stargate Atlantis but since the DVD set is due out next month I’ll just wait and buy that lol.

Its the month of May!

Okay yes officially its the month of August, but since I was born in this month, I call it the Month of May!! 🙂

So that may have been a little too cheesey lol, but nevertheless I’m semi-looking forward to my actual birthday which is at the end of the month.

Anyway, its my monthly post and its been nearly a month since I had my little trip. My knee is still bruised and doesn’t seem to sit right when I have it out straight. I should probably get it checked out but 1. it costs money and 2. it costs money. So I’ll put up with it until I have no choice but to go to the Doctors.

Speaking of money, I was prepared to spend quite a lot of it recently and am still tempted to do so. I’ve just finished a couple of model kits and have now no more to do. There is a model kit over at HobbyLink Japan that I really really really want to get, however it is fairly expensive compared to most of the kits I buy.   Continue reading

Anime & Modelling

No not that kind of modelling, I’m too short, I’m talking about the model kits that you put together.

Hello, I’m Mayhem, you may remember me from a post I put up here over a month ago… Yes obviously its been a while but I keep forgetting to post something up here and then when I did remember I thought I didn’t really have anything interesting to say. Not that there’s much interesting stuff to say in my previous posts but…

So I’ve been getting back into model kits, not the complex ones where you have to glue and paint lol, just the Gundam models where you click everything together. I was checking out HobbyLink Japan and I was kind of suddenly inspired to get some more Gundam models. The last two Gundam models I bought were Freedom and Strike from Gundam Seed. I only have three from that series two that are 1/144 and one 1/100 (Strike with a launch pad). The 1/100 was originally priced at over $200 because it was rare, but they were having a sale at the time that I bought it and it only cost me $30 🙂 Anyway that was a few years ago and I hadn’t picked up any more Gundam‘s since then. With the new series running that is pretty cool (Mobile Suit Gundam 00), I found myself wanting to get some more model kits and add to the collection which mostly consists of Gundam Wing models (really flaky ones too, not made in Japan). So I ended up popping down to Shin Tokyo during one of my lunch hours as they have a huge section of gundam model kits and other model kits too. Took me a while to go through them and find the 00 kits but bought a few that day, then a couple more… then a couple more lol. Basically I ended up getting 6 model kits over a period of two weeks! Four of them are from Gundam 00, one is from Gundam Seed (may be Destiny I can’t remember now) and the other is from Stargazer. All of them are the 1/144 versions as I can’t afford to buy the bigger ones. They’re still pretty good though and now I’m just going to do some finishing work on them with my… yes… Gundam markers lol. I was going to use black paint and a really tiny brush to finish them off but my hands aren’t too steady and I don’t have any fancy device to hold them in place so using the markers will be a little easier for the finer details. I have a Gundam model book which the guy at the Shin Tokyo store gave me for free and its got some helpful pics of touching up Gundams to give them that more realistic look. It’d be better if they were written in English though lol just so I know what tools and stuff I could buy extra. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I can’t help but want everything so that I can do a good job… I hope. I don’t think the markers will arrive before the end of the week, unfortunately so I may have to see if I can brave the heat and head down to Shin Tokyo to see if they have any in stock, even if its just a black marker that’s better than nothing. I’ve also got some stands that I ordered from overseas that should be arriving shortly. Once the models are to my satisfaction, then I’ll post some photos of them 🙂

In gaming news, I haven’t played any games for a while actually. To be honest, I just haven’t been in the mood to play games. I did get the new expansion pack for Sims 2 (Free Time) but only played a couple of hours of it. I’d like to have a bit more gaming time and may get back into it this coming holiday weekend.

In anime news, I’ve started to catch up on some of the series that I had been in to but just didn’t have much time to watch them. Basically I download a lot of the newer anime series that pop up, put them into a folder and then when that folder is DVD size, I burn it to DVD and shift the files over to my external hard drive to watch at a later time. Unfortunately I’m filling up the external hard drive faster than I am watching the anime so I decided to watch a few series last weekend. Obviously Gundam 00 was one of them lol. I’ve also caught up on D.Gray-man which I was behind by about 25 episodes. It’s always weird when you swap groups because each sub group have their own ways of doing things and their own translations. It’s a shame the Order group aren’t doing it anymore as they had the most knowledge of the series but they’re behind now and it doesn’t look like they’ll be catching up (?) so I’ve switched to another sub group. I’ve also watched a couple of anime movies, namely Appleseed – Ex-Machina and Vexille 2077. Both series have similar animation styles using cell-shading 3d animation though a more advanced version of it. Not the same type of cg animation as Final Fantasy Advent Children but its good enough for that genre. I felt after I watched both of them that I wish I’d watched Vexille before watching Appleseed as the latter was a heck of a lot better than the former. Vexille had a good storyline but it just didn’t have that same ‘oomph’ for me as Appleseed did. I have watched the first Appleseed movie as well as the original OVA and love the story behind it. This second movie was good in terms of the twist they through in with the arrival of Tereus, a new soldier with the face that once belonged to Briarios (did I spell those names right??). Once they come out on DVD here I’ll be definitely getting that one.

Not much else has been happening. Not doing much due to the extreme temperatures we’ve been experiencing for the past week and are going to continue to experience for another week. It’s the longest heatwave we’ve had here in 75 years. Personally I’m not a fan of extremely hot weather, I’m more of a winter person than a summer person, but we all have to put up with it. March is usually summer’s ‘last blast’ before winter begins, though I’m suspecting that winter won’t be as cold as it usually is and probably won’t get really cold until much later than usual.