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BUCK-TICK – Kagerou PV

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BUCK-TICK are one of the greatest JRock bands around. They’ve been together since the mid 80’s and always produce amazing music. This particular song was used as the intro theme to the anime series XXXHolic (Season 1) and does not appear on any of BUCK-TICK’s albums (AFAIK).

Track List: 01 ??-????- (Kagerou) 02 ??-????- (Utsusemi)

The single is still available to buy from cdjapan (regular release only). As I bought the CD/DVD version, I’ve only uploaded the PV for Kagerou.

PV Stats: Title: Kagerou Running Length: 5.16 minutes Resolution: 716×432 Download

Could this be a new post?

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Why yes, yes it could… >_>

I know its been a while since I last posted and I’m not going to go into any details about what has been happening the past few months (hear’s a big ‘yay’ from everyone who visits the site) so I’ll just cut to the chase. I’m thinking of doing a bit of sharing here. Mainly JRock/Visual-Kei stuff. I’ve learned a lot of blogs have been doing this for a while (namely european sites) and have been quite popular. Not that that’s what I’m aiming at here, those blogs focus on new stuff being released whereas I can only offer stuff I’ve already got. This will mainly be stuff I own, CDs I’ve bought, but the bulk will be mainly releases that are no longer available to buy. Doesn’t mean to say you shouldn’t support the artists themselves (if they’re still in the music biz that is) but it will mean that you get to hear earlier stuff that you may have missed from some great bands and artists.

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