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Its All For The Best

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At least I hope it will be.

All of my websites have now been moved to a new, dedicated server. Unfortunately dedicated=expensive but I didn’t really have a lot of choice. If I wanted to keep Animay going, I needed to put it onto a dedicated server so I wasn’t using up everybody else’s resources. And, I wasn’t going to have two lots of hosting fees so every other website got moved as well. I think that its probably the best idea, and was something I was considering doing, just not so soon. Anyway, hopefully everything will run okay, the only thing I’m nervous about is running the server though that is supposedly managed by the host anyway so I may not need to worry too much… I hope.

All I want for Christmas…

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…is a $600 statue of Cloud Strife!!!

Through one of my e-mails from the Australian anime online store of Shin Tokyo, I got news of a new release – Cloud Strife statue from Master Piece (part of Kotobuykia) for $599. They didn’t have a great image of him so I ended up heading over to HobbyLink Japan where they have a much better image of the figure. It’s gorgeous! I want it! Then I saw the link from his page to the one of Sephiroth and I was drooling all over the screen! The Sephiroth statue doesn’t come out till next month but its just as gorgeous and just as expensive lol. Way more expensive than the other pair of Cloud/Sephiroth statues that were released a while back (I think they were around $300AUD each).

Only in my dreams.

Back to reality… my kitchen is finally in. I tell you now, it was a major headache right the way through including during the installation of it, but its all good now. I’m really pleased with the end result. We’re still getting used to the new stuff but so far nothing’s going wrong. And the installation of a brand new, professionally installed kitchen just goes to show what crap they put into your house when you build the basic of the basics. Actually there’s a lot of things that are being pointed out now that is wrong with the house. Crappy carpet; the handles on the taps are cheap crap; the back door is crooked (the floor of the laundry which leads out to the back is what’s crooked); the tiles in the kitchen are crooked; the door handles throughout the house are poorly installed; the paint work is atrocious – especially outside etc. I could go on about the things I’ve discovered about the quality of workmanship on the house – there is none! A lot of people at work were saying “Oh you’ve only had the house for five years! Isn’t that a little early to be upgrading the kitchen?” If they were in my shoes they’d feel the same way. The stove wasn’t even worth keeping as it didn’t work properly. You can’t get anything for the gas hob. The only thing we did keep was the sink lol. Whether I can sell that or not is another issue.

Its only a couple of more days until Christmas. Spending the whole day with my sister’s family as my nephew has just returned from NZ with his new young family. I think after Christmas.. no wait.. after the new floors have been installed will I be able to relax again. And then I’ll only have another two weeks until I go back to work after that!


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Woo, its almost holiday time!!

Tomorrow is actually my last day at work before I go on leave. Originally the plan was to work through till Friday and then be off for four weeks in total (go back on the 21st January), however, because I’m getting a new kitchen and they’re going to be installing it on Thursday and possibly (but not yet confirmed) on Friday as well, I need to be home in order to be available for the installer and whoever else that will be there – mostly in terms of dealing with if any problems arise and also to pay for their installation costs. There’s been a lot of problems with this whole kitchen thing but its finally coming to the end of the tunnel and I can almost see the light lol. It’ll be nice when the new kitchen is in – I just hope that no further problems develop.

I’m definitely looking forward to my time off. Most of it will be spent doing more renovations stuff. Ripping up carpet ready for new floors to go down; painting; installing a screendoor on the back of the house etc. And basically just relaxing. I’ll also try and push myself to do a bit more updating on websites while I’ve got the time though I don’t want to spend every day sitting in front of the PC while on holiday.

I had all that bad experience that was posted in the last post in relation to buying a DS and getting some games to go with it. Well the happy ending did come – I went in on the Monday following the little escapade and the guy behind the counter remembered the incident with the ‘forgetting to put an item into my bag’ thing. They even had put the item out the back ready for when or if the customer who lost it would return… and I did! At the moment I have 6 games for the DS. I’ve only got a few games for the PSP too and I’m slowly building up my X-Box 360 titles.

One game I’m currently playing is Mass Affect. Its a really cool game, not the usual type I would play though it did have the magic “RPG” word in its description and immediately my ears prick up when I hear that lol. I’ve just bought another 360 game but have not yet played it. It looks pretty cool and I’ve heard some good reviews and some ‘on the fence’ reviews of the game. Its called Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom. Shame I don’t have an HDTV set but hopefully it’ll still look okay anyway. I also recently picked up Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings (for the DS) and Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions (for the PSP). Both are really cool games but again, I only received them last week so I haven’t really had much playing time on them yet. I nearly dropped my jaw when I was in one of our localy Anime stores (ShinTokyo) and there on their game shelves was Crisis Core!!! OMG I want that game!!! Unfortunately its only in Japanese and they couldn’t guarantee that there would be a translation guide out there for me to use, plus considering it was an RPG it was likely to have a lot of text scrolling through it (or at least a lot of talking) and unless I could speak or read Japanese, it was probably not a good idea to buy it. So unfortunately I didn’t buy it I kind of figured it was a bit too good to be true as there has not yet been a release of the game in the US, so I knew when I saw it that it couldn’t have been a translated version. I’m still hoping that they will release it with an English translation (ie whether its a US version or UK version or whatever, it doesn’t matter!). Unfortunately Square Enix have not yet indicated that they will be doing that.

Gidget is doing much better. The pills she is taking are definitely doing their job. She is looking a lot healthier though she is still skinny – however not to the point of being able to feel every bone in her body when you touch her. Her fur coat is looking glossy and its a lot smoother again rather than feeling like straw. She still has a baldish patch from where she had a fight with a flea, but that’s slowly growing back. The vet wanted us to bring her in after three weeks for another blood test and if all was well, we could have her go under the knife and have her thyroids removed. I don’t think we will do that though, I think we will just continue with the pills for as long as she is around. It may be another two years, it could be another ten years or it may only be 6 months, we don’t know, but if the pills keep her healthy and at least give her some quality in life, then that will be fine for me.

Naruto, Renovations and another blog theme update…

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A while back I was looking at my e-mail addresses and I’m on the mailing list for Animaxis. They were listing their latest releases and one of them was for the second series of Naruto Shippuuden collectible/trading figurines. These are ones that come in boxes that you don’t know what you get until you open the box. Well what surprised me the most is that when this update occurred it was my payday, and the most surprising part was when I clicked the link to look on the site it was still in stock!! Most times when I receive the update from Animaxis their ‘new releases’ are always out of stock if they’re popular series or collectibles. So the fact that it was stil in stock was amazing to me. Anyway so obviously with having money on me I decided what the hell, I’m gonna buy them. It was actually a box with ten boxes inside it that they send you. You are guaranteed to have every figure plus two extras (copies). I actually already had some of the Naruto Shippuuden series 1 figures which I had been buying separately from Shin Tokyo, but this box set meant that I had all the figures from series 2 without having to constantly buy a box in the hopes of getting one of every figure. Anyway, I’ve uploaded some pics you can check out. This one is of the four figures from the first series of Naruto Shippuuden. You can also see a figure in the background of Naruto which was just an odd collectible I got from another online site years ago. Next is the photo of the top of the box that contained all the trading figure boxes. I thought it was pretty cool. I then opened up the box and you can see all the boxes located within it. (Why did I take this photo? Because I’m obsessed that’s why!) This photo is with a couple of the trading figure boxes out and shows you the detail on the trading figure boxes themselves. And finally the trading figures themselves. I could have left them all in the box but chose not to. I mean why bother when you don’t know what you’ve got? The doubles I got where Shikamaru and Kakashi. Renovations – my extension on my home loan was approved, as was the roll over into a new fixed rate term. I was lucky to lock in the percentage at the time as after it was locked in the interest rates went up twice! So I’m pleased about that. Last week I had a day off and headed down to Kitchen Depot at Mile End only to check out their deals. After three hours, I walked out with the plans to my new kitchen plus the contract. Tomorrow I need to ring through the deposit (as I didn’t have it on me at the time, mostly because I wasn’t expecting to buy one right then and there) and hopefully they’ll get someone out to do the final measure up before it gets done. My hopes is that it’ll get done before Christmas but that’s only if we can lock them in early enough. Otherwise it’ll be early January I guess. They did say that they would try and do the Christmas period for me. Next on the list of jobs after the kitchen is to do the floors. I’m ripping up the carpet in the hallway and the living/dining area and putting down laminex floors (that look like timber floors). These days the laminex stuff looks way better than it did when I was younger. I just remember how it would tear easily in the kitchen and looked pretty ordinary. Its far cheaper than getting the floating floors. They’ll have to come in after the kitchen is installed. I haven’t yet decided on whether I want to do the kitchen floors as well. The third job after that is a new front door and a screen door on the back. The front door is just solid timber, however there is no side windows or anything and there’s a bend in the hallway so its pretty dark in there. I am going to get a new front door with some glass panels, probably frosted, to let some light in there. The screendoor on the back of the house I’ve been meaning to do for sometime but just haven’t gotten around to it. With this renovation I’m doing its a good opportunity to get that job out of the way finally. There’s a few other jobs that are smaller that needs to get done, and also a few things I want to buy as well, like a new bedroom suite; possibly a laptop (still deciding); an external hard drive (to keep my PC clear as much as possible); some new furniture for my computer room (preferably matching) and a few other minor bits and pieces. I won’t be spending it all at once, but a large portion of it will disappear quickly on the bigger jobs. Yes, I changed the look of the site again. Just felt like a change. I’ve also been slack with my websites again… well mostly ReBoot Mayhem. Its not that I’m not motivated, its just that I kind of like spending more time working on the Animay stuff. The forums are dead on both sites though, but at least there’s a post every few days on Edge of Beyond – the forums on Animay haven’t had any posts since mid October. I’m going to take those forums offline in the new year if no further activity occurs. Visitors will just have to post comments on the Animay blog instead. And finally the last part of my blog. A couple of weeks ago I bought the game “Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria”. Its by Square Enix, so I figured it must be good. To be honest I hated it. I really just couldn’t get into the game at all. Not just because of the side-scrolling bit, though I find that you have less exploring because you’re limited to where you can go than you do in most other RPGs, but it just had no depth to the game at all. It didn’t capture me like some other games do (FF) so I was pretty disappointed. Its probably the first game I’ve bought that I hated from the start. Yesterday I bought another PS2 game that I was more interested in – “Rogue Galaxy”. Now this is more like an RPG! Unfortunately I’ve gotten to the frustrated part already (I have a tendancy to get frustrated at a point in the game where things won’t go my way) but that just means I get a break from the game for a bit lol. Its a pretty cool little game and the battle system is not too bad either. Have I blogged enough tonight? Does this make up for the lack of blog posts??

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