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It’s Been A While…

So last year I had every intention of providing regular posts on the site as there was plenty of stuff to talk about. But then some family things happened, namely my mum had two heart attacks and ended up having to have a bypass done late last year. So I have mainly been spending most of my time taking care of her as well as working. To keep my own sanity intact, in whatever spare time I had I’d spend playing games or watching movies/tv series. My own health hasn’t been all that great either but its not as bad as what my mum has gone through so I can’t complain.

Anyway, things are on the up so far and it is a new year. There’s lots of things coming up and lots of things that have been happening, so I’m going to try and post a bit more often and fingers crossed that everything goes well this year.

Flat Feet

Wow its been a while since I last posted here! I actually meant to post here a while back but always got distracted by other things (just another slack excuse).

Anyway, Feet. You’re probably (not) wondering why I put up that particular title. Well I have them. I’d been having problems with my feet for a while – since the beginning of the year actually – and it got to a point that when I would walk from work to the train station (which could be a 20 minute walk and a casual pace) my feet would begin to ache, and then it got to a point that by the end of the working week I felt more like a cripple hobbling along with the amount of severe pain going through my feet, ankles, legs and knees. My Dr said that I may have a heel spur – a type of bone growth on the bottom of the heel so it feels like you are walking on a nail all day long (that was the pain I described I had). But the pain got really bad that I ended up going to a podiatrist who said “No , you don’t have a heel spur though you have similar symptoms. Your feet are flat – they have no arches so the muscles are pulling to a point where the muscle under the heel is tearing so it does actually feel like you might even be walking on the bone.” Not a nice description but that’s about what she said. Continue reading

Not so vein

Today I headed back to Gribbles to have my second blood test. As mentioned in the earlier posts my first one didn’t go so well so you can imagine how excited I was to return for more. Anyway I was prepared for the worst but hoped that they wouldn’t use my hand again. Its still actually bruised and its still sore, a week after they originally did it.

However, today was a nice surprise. I headed into Gribbles to await my turn, this time I’d booked ahead though so no need to grab a number. They still had my details from before so they knew what needed to be done and also the nurse had written down how difficult it was getting blood out of me. I had a man today, he was an older man, kind of short, but he was friendly. He also happened to be on heck of an expert on drawing blood out easily, even from the most difficult patients like myself. He took one look at the obvious vein that stood out on my right arm and said “I can use this one.” Now this vein wasn’t hiding before, but the nurse and previously my doctor didn’t want to touch it as they thought it was too small. But this guy, he knew how to ‘work veins’ so he wasn’t afraid to have a go. Sure enough, one dig in with the needle, and the blood is simply pouring out into the tube! No pain this time either so that was a bonus.

The weird part about it was watching the vein itself disappear before my eyes! The blood also stopped coming out and into the tube. He said “Oh, its collapsed. I’ll give it a minute and it’ll come back on its own.” Sure enough, a couple of minutes later, the blood continued coming out and he had one full tube this time around. I was really surprised. He then said to me “Most people are afraid to use surface veins because they’re flat. And when you start drawing blood from them, they tend to collapse and flop down over the needle, stopping the blood flow through. But I know that if you just work the needle a bit the blood flow will return on its own.” He also looked at my right hand where there is another surface vein and said “I could use that one too but its on a bit of an angle so it would make it a lot more difficult to get the needle in. Its better when they’re straight.”

The one in my arm where he took the blood from has ‘returned’ and all he’s left me with is a small red spot where he stuck the needle in, no bruises this time around which I’m greatful for. And I’m also pleased he got a lot more out this time around as it means they should definitely have enough to do all my tests. He mentioned that if I had regular blood tests then I could come and see him at that particular clinic on Fridays as that’s the day he works at that clinic. I am thinking that if he’s still working there the next time I do have to have another blood test, then I’ll definitely be going on a Friday!

Finally, I’m nearing the end of the uploading for the transfer of Animay to the new host. Right now I’m on the last folder uploading the last of the files so tomorrow I’ll be turning off the screencaps gallery on the old host (putting it in maintenance mode) and transferring the database across to the new host and making sure it works. After that, I’ll continue with the job I intended and that was to test if they allowed a large number of files to be uploaded/inserted into the gallery script. If its successful by the end of the day, then I’ll change the dns and hopefully by the end of the weekend the site will have completely moved across to the new host/servers.

I’ll be looking forward to the end of this transfer that’s for sure.