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Gaming & Other Stuff

So I picked up Sims Medieval last week since I was kind of in the mood for that type of themed game and played it through. Not really what I figured it would end up being especially since you can’t do much more to expand on the current kingdom. I was under the impression that once you finished the first ambition, you unlocked a new ambition and continued building your castle/kingdom from the first game. That’s not how this game works. Instead you start over again but you get different options for your ‘ambition’. Like you get more quest points so you have the opportunity to do more quests in that ambition, or the goal is to have security ahead of health and culture etc. It was good the first time I played it through but it quickly became rather boring. Not that I didn’t enjoy it for what it is, but I kind of felt like it should have been a bit more challenging. Oh well…

Speaking of games, I’ve been playing a few lately though only on and off as I’ve been spending a lot of my time off building gundams and doing other things. The games I have been playing Continue reading

End of January Update

In an update to my previous post, I finally got my monitor. It arrived pretty much the next day but I had some issues in trying to set it up. I eventually worked it out that my new PC had two sets of monitor plugs and I was sticking the monitor into the most obvious connection.. when it was actually a different connection I needed. But its all up and running now and everything is good. What was more exciting was the fact that I could finally begin playing Starcraft II. I had had the game for months but my laptop wouldn’t play it. I think it may have been more the modem problem and the fact that I didn’t have a connection directly in the room to the internet (I was trailing a cable from a bedroom through a couple of rooms to the computer room for the internet), but I don’t care anymore I’m just glad I could get in and play the game. That would also mean it should be possible to play Diablo III when it eventually comes out as well as the follow-up Starcraft II expansions.

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New Figma & Gundams

I actually received this figma a few weeks ago but just hadn’t gotten around to taking photos and putting up on the website. Dead Master is part of the Black Rock Shooter “universe” and is the second Figma character to be released for the series. I’ve already put in my order for the third character which is due out next month. I’ve seen from images that there are 5 characters in total but don’t know if they are making figma’s for all of them or just a few. Most likely it will be all of them. They all have PVC figures released as well as Nendoroid versions. I’ve still yet to get myself a nendoroid figure but may still do so in the near future.

I may have mentioned this previously but I’ve also got a Figma vehicle coming. Its a little truck and it was uber-kawaii so I had to get it. Its still on preorder and is either due out December or January (or maybe I have my dates mixed up and the Gold Saw figma is due out January and this truck is due out December…)

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