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New Theme & Other Stuff

Yeah I put up a new theme. I actually wasn’t really that happy with the previous incarnation so I ‘fixed’ it up lol. I’ve added a few plugins and doo-flickeys so if anything breaks feel free to point and laugh, or better yet let me know what broke so I can fix it!

One thing I need to air my disappointment with is the fact that our local government won’t do anything about putting up a new stadium, something big and centralised. The reason for my disappointment is because U2 are coming to Australia, but unfortunately they are not coming here. We don’t have anything big enough to accommodate their huge stage. We’ve been harping on at the government about putting something up but then you get the Council getting in the way of progress as well as groups of people who say they think its a bad idea because of the noise levels etc etc. Well frickin move elsewhere!! The last time I got to see U2 live in concert was during their ZooTV tour. In fact, that was the last time they came to Adelaide. They had another tour that came to Australia but they detoured past our city and now they’re doing it again. Maybe they should try and do a pint-sized version?? *sigh*

I’m also currently working on fixing up my room. Its in dire need of a paint and its so messy and cluttered. Continue reading

MG Sinanju Ver Ka.

Late March I ordered my next Master Grade kit – the Neo-Zeon Mobile Suit MSN-06S Sinanju (“Ver Ka.”). Its not a cheap kit but getting it from HobbySearch meant that I could get it with a better discount on the price than getting it from HobbyLink Japan. Costwise, it was around $70 for the kit itself (AUD at the time of purchase) so it was definitely dearer than the other MG kits which are around $35-$50AUD.

This one is a Katoki version, meaning its been redesigned but because the gundam itself has not yet been seen this is its ‘original’ version. The Gundam comes from Universal Century: Gundam Unicorn and is to appear in the second episode of the OVA. This episode has not yet aired and isn’t yet due to air until around September this year. When the Unicorn Gundam first came out, it too was a Katoki version, but as soon as the first episode of the anime OVA aired, new versions were released to match the anime. They are also a lot cheaper than the Katoki version. There are also Titanium versions of both the Sinanju and Unicorn, which cost even more money but I was happy with just this version. I’m now thinking of getting the Unicorn (Ver Ka.) to match but the Unicorn has been a popular kit and I’m still waiting for it to be re-stocked. Continue reading

Happy May Day!

Yup its me birfday today, nothing special about it though (ie not a milestone or anything) just another day. I usually take my birthday off each year from work but since I’m having next Monday off and I’m also taking leave in a couple of weeks time I thought I’d better not push my luck lol. Anyway it was a nice day, nothing major happened and had my fellow work colleagues wish me a happy day today which was nice. I’m the only one that buys myself presents as its too expensive these days for everyone, not that it bothers me as I know what I like! I actually had a Gundam already on order (a Master Grade kit) which arrived the day before my birthday, and I ended up spoiling myself and buying another gundam today lol though it was not a Master Grade kit – I didn’t have that much money to spare.
Now its back to the grind again tomorrow, but at least the bonus is its Friday tomorrow and I have a long weekend ahead of me ^_^b