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At Last! / Final Fantasy XV

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I have returned at last! Though that’s not actually what the “At Last!” part of the title means. It means “At Last I Own A PS4!”. Yep that’s right, I finally got one. And I ended up forking out the extra cash for the Pro version. Considering it’s my first PS4, why not go all the way? Granted I don’t actually have a UHD TV… yet… but I still felt it was the better choice at the time. So what was the first game I bought when I picked up the PS4?? No, actually not Final Fantasy XV, I got The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition. I’d downloaded the free copy through Steam but it doesn’t play on my machine unfortunately. It plays beautifully on the PS4 though. I don’t recommend going with the mods on the PS4, I thought it would be great but after installing some it just continued to crash so I removed them all. Only after I bought the console and the game, did I then go the next day and pick up Final Fantasy XV.

DAI – PC Version

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Dragon Age Inquisition

It’s been a few months since I last posted. I’ve been busy with work and too tired on weekends to do much updating but as I have a bit of time, thought I’d add something today.

So, I haven’t been playing many games lately, my T-Build Sims 4 house is on hold at the moment unfortunately but I do intend to finish it sometime in the future. Every now and then I play a console game and the other day I learned about a couple of DLCs for Dragon Age Inquisition. I already had Jaws of Hakkon, but two more had been added that I didn’t know about. Unfortunately I couldn’t find these DLCs on the network, and after searching online, discovered that the DLCs are not available for PS3 or the 360 as Bioware are no longer providing updates for those two consoles anymore. Bummer! However I do happen to have a PC (or 2) and the additional DLCs (Tresspasser and The Descent) were released for the PC (as well as XboxOne and PS4 which I don’t have either of). Luckily, Origin have been having a sale, and so I was able to purchase the DAI base game for a great deal.

Sims 4 T-House Build – Part 2

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So there was an update last week where they finally brought back dishwashers. The upside is.. dishwashers! The down side is… one dishwasher. That’s the only choice you have, though at least there are some colour palettes to choose from. This is, of course, in anticipation of their upcoming release this week of the Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack so hopefully this means more options for dishwashers. I have placed a dishwasher into the new house, but as I may change all the cupboards and appliances depending on what comes out in this stuff pack, I didn’t take any new screenshots.

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