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Andromeda & Steyliff

The last time I posted, I was still excited about playing Mass Effect: Andromeda when it was due to arrive. It’s been a few months since then, so I thought I’d better at least say something about the game!

Andromeda is a great game, but the problem I had was that when I reached the end of the game, I didn’t have that excited or satisfied feeling I normally do when completing the entire game, nor did I want to dive headfirst back into the game to play it again. I did start playing the game on a second run through, but then kept changing the look of Ryder and would restart the game over again. I’d then get a bit bored with the game and it got pushed aside. Continue reading

At Last! / Final Fantasy XV

I have returned at last! Though that’s not actually what the “At Last!” part of the title means. It means “At Last I Own A PS4!”. Yep that’s right, I finally got one. And I ended up forking out the extra cash for the Pro version. Considering it’s my first PS4, why not go all the way? Granted I don’t actually have a UHD TV… yet… but I still felt it was the better choice at the time. So what was the first game I bought when I picked up the PS4?? No, actually not Final Fantasy XV, I got The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition. I’d downloaded the free copy through Steam but it doesn’t play on my machine unfortunately. It plays beautifully on the PS4 though. I don’t recommend going with the mods on the PS4, I thought it would be great but after installing some it just continued to crash so I removed them all. Only after I bought the console and the game, did I then go the next day and pick up Final Fantasy XV.

Continue reading

Wow, been a while!

So it’s been a while since I last posted on here. It wasn’t intentional, I’ve just been kind of busy though I have been meaning to post a bit more, I just tend to forget…

Anyway, so I have been doing a few things – gaming has been on the down-low for a while though I have just started recently playing Sims 4 again. Previously I did play Starcraft 2 and love that game to bits, and I also went back to playing a bit of Dragon Age Inquisition (PC version) but not much else. I’ve kind of been just playing some iPad games which I can just pick up, play for a half hour to an hour or so, and then put down and pick it up again when I want to. In playing something like the Sims, you kind of end up being purely focused on building (I like building more than the gameplay part itself) and several hours later, you realise it’s probably time to head to bed.. or eat something. Still, I do still occasionally like playing immersive games but have just pushed them aside for the last few months.

Instead I’ve been focusing on a more creative and calming outlet – colouring in. You are probably aware of just how big colouring in has become, even though we did it a lot as a child, and most children still do it today, as an adult we didn’t really look to doing it unless it was some artistic type of artwork we were colouring in (and that we’d created ourselves). However, with the influx of great colouring books specifically targeting the older or adult generations, its become a popular form of creativity and calming effect, especially since we all have such busy and stressful lives these days.

In regards to colouring books you are probably aware of Johanna Basford. She is an outstanding graphic artist who turned her ‘doodles’ into books for us to colour in. There are also many other great artists who have released amazing colouring books, and of course online you can find many people who share their experiences of colouring in and providing tutorials in various techniques. There is one great thing about colouring in, and that is that whatever you do it isn’t wrong. There are no guidelines as to how to colour something in, that’s probably what childhood has taught us, but we lose it along the way, wanting to make sure the leaves are green, the tree is brown, the sky is blue and so on, when in colouring you can make the leaves purple or red or orange and it still looks great! Johanna herself ran a competition not too long ago, which I did enter but felt like I didn’t have a hope in hell of winning anything against the incredible artwork submitted, where you could colour in a whale. Most of us went with the darker colours on the top of the whale and minimal colours on the bottom whilst bringing in brighter colours for the seaweed and doodles that are all over the whale. But it was just amazing at the different colours and designs that others came up with that just showed it really doesn’t matter what colours you use – you can have a pink whale, a green whale, a yellow whale and it still looks amazing.

Anyway, so colouring has been my outlet for a bit of stress lately. I have some time coming up soon where I will be off work (WOOHOO!!!!) but I will be spending some of that time doing a few jobs around the house first and foremost, and then the rest of the time will be split, hopefully, between colouring and playing Sims 4. I’m still also saving towards getting myself a PS4, which I still don’t have yet, as there are still upcoming games that I would like to get and it seems that there are less and less games coming out for the PS3 and 360 platforms coming out nowadays. I did hear of the recent announcement of Xbox with their new console coming out in the future and their upgraded console coming out soon but I’ll hold off on getting a new one of those.