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So I picked up Sims Medieval last week since I was kind of in the mood for that type of themed game and played it through. Not really what I figured it would end up being especially since you can’t do much more to expand on the current kingdom. I was under the impression that once you finished the first ambition, you unlocked a new ambition and continued building your castle/kingdom from the first game. That’s not how this game works. Instead you start over again but you get different options for your ‘ambition’. Like you get more quest points so you have the opportunity to do more quests in that ambition, or the goal is to have security ahead of health and culture etc. It was good the first time I played it through but it quickly became rather boring. Not that I didn’t enjoy it for what it is, but I kind of felt like it should have been a bit more challenging. Oh well…

Speaking of games, I’ve been playing a few lately though only on and off as I’ve been spending a lot of my time off building gundams and doing other things. The games I have been playing Continue reading

Suzumiya Haruhi

So I’m not a huge fan of the series despite its huge success, but it was an interesting series nonetheless and some of the characters are enjoyable.

In the world of Figmas, Haruhi has been released a lot, along with Asahina, in various versions. Yuki has been released twice and is now extremely rare, and the boys – Kyon and Itsuki – are even rarer than she is. Being late as usual, I wanted to get the Kyon figma but obviously since it was again another of the earlier figma releases he’s no longer available anywhere. Itsuki is in the same boat. I’ve checked out numerous anime online stores and I haven’t found any that have either of them up for sale. Most will have a ‘out of print’ notice next to these two figmas. On ebay, you’ll find Itsuki going for anywhere between $90-$130AUD, while Kyon is fetching between $100-$150AUD – neither prices include shipping costs. Continue reading

I Found It!!!

As you know I’ve become a big fan of figmas recently. My collection is growing with a couple on pre-order and now that I know ShinTokyo sell them, I have the option of buying from them as well as my usual online stores.

Recently I’ve been screencapping Code Geass for Animay, and while culling the files it kind of gave me a bit of nostalgia about the series, even if it is only a few years old lol. I then started regretting that I never got the Lelouch figma when it was released back in 2008. Sadly, it was a special edition release and as I didn’t know a lot about figmas at the time (they were pretty new back then) I didn’t buy it, and now its pretty much impossible to find one. Continue reading