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Next-Gen Console Envy


I have to admit it, I am currently envious of those with a PS4/XBO right now. I never thought I’d get to this point, at least not for a while yet, but now I really do wish I could afford one of these awesome systems. Sure they have their faults, and they don’t have a wide selection of games just yet, but it is building up now. Initially I had planned on buying a new PS3, which I did, near the beginning of the year and would then focus on buying a next gen console the following year or as late as possible (preferably when the prices were down). Now, however, I really want one. So how did this now come about? Well it’s all thanks to one simple game… Dragon Age Inquisition.

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Gaming & Other Stuff

So I picked up Sims Medieval last week since I was kind of in the mood for that type of themed game and played it through. Not really what I figured it would end up being especially since you can’t do much more to expand on the current kingdom. I was under the impression that once you finished the first ambition, you unlocked a new ambition and continued building your castle/kingdom from the first game. That’s not how this game works. Instead you start over again but you get different options for your ‘ambition’. Like you get more quest points so you have the opportunity to do more quests in that ambition, or the goal is to have security ahead of health and culture etc. It was good the first time I played it through but it quickly became rather boring. Not that I didn’t enjoy it for what it is, but I kind of felt like it should have been a bit more challenging. Oh well…

Speaking of games, I’ve been playing a few lately though only on and off as I’ve been spending a lot of my time off building gundams and doing other things. The games I have been playing Continue reading

Dragon Age

Not long ago I picked up Dragon Age: Origins for a bargain price. I had yet to play this Bioware game so with it being so cheap I decided why not. I’ve played it but not yet finished it but after going almost 3/4 of the way through I thought to myself that I may have to try playing it over from the start again.

Then Dragon Age II came out.

I wanted it, and didn’t want it lol only because I didn’t know whether I’d enjoyed the original enough to want to play this one. However, it was labelled as kind of a ‘fresh start’ to the series so I thought I’d get it. The one thing about Dragon Age II is that they’ve now taken a book out of the Mass Effect series and gone with just a single hero rather than you going through creating a character from scratch. Much like you have the choice of Shepherd where you can choose the gender, looks and background, so does Dragon Age II with the character of Hawke. For my first play through I’ve chosen a male warrior though now I’m kind of wishing I’d picked a female warrior (for the romance stuff ^_^). Continue reading