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It's Quite Cloudy

Out of all the FF characters, Cloud Strife is probably my most favourite of all. Although I have to say that Final Fantasy XII is probably the better game in the entire FF series, he is still my favourite character through and through. So of course it’s only natural that I have an action figure of him ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve already shown images of him before on the website, but this time there’s something different. You see not long ago they began re-releasing FFVII figures in their original format – in other words, based on the original game and not on the Advent Children movie. Using the same style as they did with making the AC version, the original version is our true spiky-haired hero with his baggy pants, brown boots and of course his massive buster sword. I couldn’t resist when I saw they had it out so I pretty well ordered it as soon as I saw it. So I took a photo of the new figure as well as a photo with the AC version standing next to it. I don’t know if its because Cloud is standing astride but the AC version looks quite small compared to the original version! They both look good anyway. The other characters they released in their original format were Tifa and Aerith, neither of which I’m interested in getting (I only get male figures ;)) Anyway so that about wraps up all the FFVII figures I have in collection. Unless they bring out an original version of Vincent then there’s not likely to be anymore that I’ll buy. Of course there IS a new ‘original’ Cloud Strife figure being released around April this year – its a re-release of the original statue version of Cloud on his Hardy Daytona motorcycle. The ‘new-old’ version looks awesome and its a heck of a lot cheaper in terms of price compared to the other Cloud and Sephiroth figures they’re releasing this month. You can check out the Cloud Strife on his Hardy Daytona figure here.

I’ve now got Squall Leonhart on order and its currently being shipped over to me as I type this. This will basically complete my collection of my favourite FF male characters. The list so far is:

  • Cloud Strife (AC Version) – Final Fantasy VII
  • Cloud Strife (Original Version) – Final Fantasy VII
  • Sephiroth (AC Version) – Final Fantasy VII
  • Vincent Valentine (AC Version) – Final Fantasy VII
  • Kadaj – Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
  • Reno (AC Version) – Final Fantasy VII
  • Tidus – Final Fantasy X
  • Squall Leonhart (in transit!) – Final Fantasy VIII

There are action figures of the characters from Final Fantasy XII but the only one I really like is the Judge Gabranth figure. I do like Balthier and Vaan is okay but I’m not all that keen on getting either of those. Judge Gabranth is hard to get now as it was pretty popular, and currently only one store here has it and they are not selling it as a seperate item (you have to buy all four of the figures released from that game).

Now come to think of it, there would be a couple of other FF characters I would buy but I’m doubting they’ll release versions of them – Cloud Strife (again) from Kingdom Hearts (in KHII he’s just in his AC gear) and Squall ‘Leon’ Leonhart from KH (yes he’s the same version, just with longer hair though). You can buy a small statuette of Cloud from the original KH game but I reckon it’d be better to have a proper action figure to match with the rest of them ๐Ÿ™‚

And on a side note – like the new look? Decided on a change. Actually I chose the theme to kind of match my little avatar figure there. Yes that’s me… kind of. I threw it together today in about half an hour lol. Basically the look on my face is “Wtf?” or as the line is at the top of the page “What are you rambling on about now?” ๐Ÿ˜‰

All I want for Christmas…

…is a $600 statue of Cloud Strife!!!

Through one of my e-mails from the Australian anime online store of Shin Tokyo, I got news of a new release – Cloud Strife statue from Master Piece (part of Kotobuykia) for $599. They didn’t have a great image of him so I ended up heading over to HobbyLink Japan where they have a much better image of the figure. It’s gorgeous! I want it! Then I saw the link from his page to the one of Sephiroth and I was drooling all over the screen! The Sephiroth statue doesn’t come out till next month but its just as gorgeous and just as expensive lol. Way more expensive than the other pair of Cloud/Sephiroth statues that were released a while back (I think they were around $300AUD each).

Only in my dreams.

Back to reality… my kitchen is finally in. I tell you now, it was a major headache right the way through including during the installation of it, but its all good now. I’m really pleased with the end result. We’re still getting used to the new stuff but so far nothing’s going wrong. And the installation of a brand new, professionally installed kitchen just goes to show what crap they put into your house when you build the basic of the basics. Actually there’s a lot of things that are being pointed out now that is wrong with the house. Crappy carpet; the handles on the taps are cheap crap; the back door is crooked (the floor of the laundry which leads out to the back is what’s crooked); the tiles in the kitchen are crooked; the door handles throughout the house are poorly installed; the paint work is atrocious – especially outside etc. I could go on about the things I’ve discovered about the quality of workmanship on the house – there is none! A lot of people at work were saying “Oh you’ve only had the house for five years! Isn’t that a little early to be upgrading the kitchen?” If they were in my shoes they’d feel the same way. The stove wasn’t even worth keeping as it didn’t work properly. You can’t get anything for the gas hob. The only thing we did keep was the sink lol. Whether I can sell that or not is another issue.

Its only a couple of more days until Christmas. Spending the whole day with my sister’s family as my nephew has just returned from NZ with his new young family. I think after Christmas.. no wait.. after the new floors have been installed will I be able to relax again. And then I’ll only have another two weeks until I go back to work after that!