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Gidgetal Shot #004

I grow cats in my garden.


Gidget always finds a spot that’s unusual to spend her nap time in, whether its an empty bookshelf, a cardboard box or a planter box, so long as she can fit into it comfortably (or sometimes not so comfortably) then she’s quite happy.

She is looking a heck of a lot better now though her thyroid is still huge. We have the option of having it removed surgically but it is an expensive procedure. If she goes downhill again then we’ll rethink the surgery otherwise we’re going to stick with her medication for now. She doesn’t seem to mind and she’s happier because she gets fed more times now than she used to so for her its a big plus!

Gidgetal Shot #003

With all the renovations and things happening, I’ve been buying a few bits and pieces for storage since there’s a lot of crap around the place that I don’t use on a regular basis but don’t particularly want to throw out. With my new bedroom suite, I had some space under the bed and thought the better option would be to get some plastic tubs that are big enough to fit a lot of stuff in but not too tall that it won’t go under the bed. These plastic tubs were definitely the right size, and Gidget thought they were just right for her to have a snooze in lol. In fact that wasn’t the only item she decided to jump into – there was a basket of things that was emptied and as soon as it was emptied she jumped into it; then there was a set of drawers which I took the two bottom drawers out to fix up and she jumped in the hole they left behind; and finally I had put a lot of my bedroom stuff in boxes temporarily until my new bedroom suite came. When it came I started unpacking them and one was a shoebox that Gidget decided she should sit in once it was empty. She couldn’t do much in it, not even turn around or stretch out like in this photo, but she did it all the same.

You probably can’t tell here, but she is quite skinny. She got worse yesterday so we took her around to the Vets for a check up. The Vet checked her over and said that he’d need to take a blood sample and send it off for testing but he was pretty sure that she had overactive thyroid glands. These were making her heart beat extremely fast, causing all the stuff that she ate to become toxic (hence her being sick or having diorrhea a lot, as well as being hungry because it just emptied her stomach). However he was also concerned about her drinking a lot of water and said that there could be kidney problems as well, which wouldn’t be good. On top of that she had fleas! She’s never had fleas in her life, so it was quite a shock to me to see one roaming around on her backside. She has scratched away at her back where the flea was and lost a lot of fur. The fur that’s still left is like straw instead of smooth and soft like it used to be.

Today we received the results back from her tests and its not good. Its definitely her Thyroid glands but they’re in a pretty bad way. Unfortunately they can’t do any surgery because she probably wouldn’t survive, so she needs to go onto some tablets first and then we’ll see how she does. We then will have an option, if the tablets are working, on whether we want to put her through surgery and have the thyroid glands removed, or leave her on the tablets, which she’d have to have for the rest of her life. She’s 13 years old which is means she’s not a young cat anymore, though she still acts it sometimes. She’s a big baby too, always wanting me to cuddle her – moreso now than before. The Vet surgery didn’t have any of the tablets in but should have them on Thursday so we’ll pick them up then. They then want us to call them back after she’s been on the tablets for a week and let them know how she’s reacting to them, and then after three weeks they’ll do another blood test and they should be able to check if her kidneys are okay. See the problem is, if we leave her and don’t treat her, her condition would degenerate and she would most likely suffer a heart attack and die. But I won’t let that happen, I’d rather she lived a quality life for however much longer she has left in her (I’ve heard some cat have lived for over 20 years, Gidget may still have that length of time left so I’d rather make her comfortable than have to suffer).

My poor bubby

Gidgetal Shot 002

Where's my dinner?

“Alright, where’s my dinner? I’ve paid my money, now gimme some food!”

Gidget often gets up on the chair to peek over the table when we’re eating in the hopes of scoring a bit of food herself. I’m not sure what the money was for, must have been counting out all my small change or something. At the moment Gidget isn’t really all that well though you wouldn’t know it. She has lost a lot of weight and is quite skinny. If you go to pat her and stroke her back you can feel all her bones, that’s how skinny she is. We’ve done the worming thing but I think it might be kidney problems. We’ll be taking her to the vet soon but at the moment she’s still her usual self, almost like she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong.