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End Of The Month

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So we’ve come to the end of another month and now I’m another year older.. whoopee…

I got a few things for my birthday which was nice – wasn’t expecting much as its not really a significant number, but it was nice nonetheless. I did buy myself something of course! I bought it last week actually and I’ve been waiting patiently for it to arrive – following the tracking of the parcel since it first left Japan. Yes that’s right, its a parcel from Japan, so what could it be? A Gundam of course! I mentioned it in my previous post – the Hi-Nu Gundam. Expensive yes, but I reckon its worth it considering its a Master Grade and its a gundam that’s never appeared in any anime or manga version of the Gundam Universe. I am really looking forward to it arriving here. On top of that I ordered the monthly anime magazines that I get from HLJ, Animedia and Animage. They’re cheaper from them than they are anywhere else though I have to keep remembering to check the site on the 10th of each month lol. They do sell out quickly.

Its the month of May!

Written by Mayhem on . Posted in Gaming, General Rubbish, Movies & TV, MS Gundam, Shopping, Websites

Okay yes officially its the month of August, but since I was born in this month, I call it the Month of May!! 🙂

So that may have been a little too cheesey lol, but nevertheless I’m semi-looking forward to my actual birthday which is at the end of the month.

Anyway, its my monthly post and its been nearly a month since I had my little trip. My knee is still bruised and doesn’t seem to sit right when I have it out straight. I should probably get it checked out but 1. it costs money and 2. it costs money. So I’ll put up with it until I have no choice but to go to the Doctors.

Speaking of money, I was prepared to spend quite a lot of it recently and am still tempted to do so. I’ve just finished a couple of model kits and have now no more to do. There is a model kit over at HobbyLink Japan that I really really really want to get, however it is fairly expensive compared to most of the kits I buy.  

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I’ve been through more music devices than I can count, and I’ve always been happiest with the Apple line, especially now that the drives are all flash! Glad to hear you’re happy with your purchases. 😀

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