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Long Time, No Post

Wow its 2009 and I haven’t posted yet! Actually I haven’t posted in a while lol. Well I felt like doing an update since I’d spent this whole long weekend doing updates for my other two websites so I thought “Why not! I’ll post a bit of news on the ol’ blog too!”

So last time I posted it was November. In December I was due to take about 5 weeks leave from work which I definitely looked forward too. Unfortunately my leave began the same day kids started their school holidays and my boss was a bit concerned that everything might not be up to date or sorted because the last few weeks leading up to the holidays were pretty hectic. So I agreed to stay for another two days (maximum) to make sure everything was up to date before I went on leave. Thus my boss owes me a couple of days leave! He agreed to me taking one day at the beginning of the week I was due to return (instead of coming back on a Monday I returned on a Tuesday). Continue reading

Online Shopping – 2 Years On

About two years ago I posted some information and feedback on my own experiences with online shopping, mainly in the area of buying anime, manga and japanese music. I thought I’d update that by posting up further information and feedback on my current experiences as well as comment on what I’d recommended back then.

The stores I still use today that were listed in that particular post are cdjapan; HobbyLink Japan; Tamarket and Animaxis.  Stores that I haven’t used in a while that were listed are YesAsia, Akadot Retail, Anime Anytime and Anime Power. The last two (Anime Anytime and Anime Power) I don’t believe are still operating, or at least have not updated for a significant amount of time. There’s only one new store that I visit and have added to my shopping list and that is AnimeWorks (Australian site). I’ll go into further details about it later. Continue reading

Excuse #754

So how long has it been since I last posted?? Yesh it has been a while and the Gundam was completed a while ago, I just haven’t gotten around to finishing off posting up the images for each step. Sorry! Not that it was a terribly exciting process for everyone, but it was fun (for a while) for me!

It seems that only one site has been getting the most attention from me and that is Animay. Its the one site that needs to be updated constantly when in comparison to this site being only a blog and the RBM website more or less relying on fan input via the EoB boards. I’ve been dedicating more time to Animay especially lately as its the new series season of anime over in Japan at the moment so I’ve been busy screencapping and grabbing clips and I’ve even returned to scanning stuff too which I hadn’t done in a while. Even now while I’m posting this, I’ve got FileZilla open and its uploading some new screencaps that will be up tonight! I try not to let it dominate my time too much but sometimes find that it does because the time I use is spent mostly on getting things to throw up onto that site. With RBM and EoB I’ve only been playing around with a localhost version of the sites to see what things can work and how it looks with new templates/themes but apart from that not a lot more. Its not that Animay is more important than the other sites, but I guess I’m more keen to ‘impress’ the visitors lol, though it seems they tend to impress me more!

Work is okay at the moment. Its actually nice and quiet. Half of our staff have been shifted to a new section and they’re not going to make any changes to our side of the floor for a few weeks so I’m lapping up the quiet time while I can.

I have managed to increase my Anime DVD collection, mostly thanks to a sale currently on at Shin Tokyo this month for boxed sets. I’ve still not got a lot but I did manage to pick up 6 boxed sets. I already had the first 6 volumes of Fullmetal Alchemist, so I bought the boxed set for Fullmetal Alchemist Collection 2 which was volumes 7-13 and effectively completed that collection. The other boxed sets I bought were Otogizoshi, Get Backers (Collection 1 and 2), Gilgamesh and Gunparade March. There were others that I wanted the second time I went over to Shin Tokyo to grab some more sets, but unfortunately most of them were already out of stock and although they said they were trying to get more in for the period of the sale, I figured that it was unlikely I’d be able to get the sets I wanted between now and the end of the month. Regardless, I’m pretty pleased that I was able to get the small number of boxed sets that I could afford. Some of the boxed sets were almost 50% off while others were between 10%-25% off. Next payday, which is the day before the end of the sale, I won’t have enough money to afford to buy another boxed set (too many bills falling on that date) but I’ll probably be putting money aside to buy another boxed set, even if its at full price, later in the year.

That’s it for tonights post. At least its something even if its full of nothing… >_>