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I’ve been meaning to post something about my websites here over the last few weeks so I figured I’d better do it now before the new year is upon us.

So about a month ago I would have had a number of sites still up and running. Animay, Pixelacious (part of ReBoot Mayhem), Tidus & Tifa, ReBoot Mayhem, Edge of Beyond and this site. I’ve been reluctant to get rid of any of these sites, particularly Animay and ReBoot Mayhem mainly because of the length of time they’ve been in operation. However, I had to really re-evaluate why I needed these sites to continue to be running. For your information, I had very little choice but to purchase my own server via my host in order to run these sites. This was mainly the fault of Animay as it is such a large site to run. The cost was $175USD per month which is fine if you have very few other bills to pay but it gets to become a real struggle to make ends meet with such a large chunk coming out of my pay per month (for your information the above can translate to anywhere between that exact amount up to $230AUD pending how the dollar is fairing).

Website Outlook

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So one of the things I’ve been thinking about lately for this year are my websites and how to manage them more effectively… if at all. I’ve had a lot of thoughts around giving up websites but never been able to actually get rid of them… just can’t let them go! My thoughts were that perhaps what the sites would become are more like an archive though with RBM that’s not really the case as the site has been changed a lot and the news and information has unfortunately been lost from previous versions. That aside, it would make it a lot easier on me to not have to update or be expected to update on a regular basis. For RBM‘s case, there has been very little ‘new’ news on the show or supposed movies which we’ve heard very little about now – the forums (EoB) have basically gone dead apart from the odd post from the regular crew. With Animay, well the issues with that site are ongoing – I just fall behind with updating the screencaps on a regular basis. I keep coming up with options to help myself out with running that site but those plans usually go awry and I fall back into that habit again.

Its not that I don’t enjoy working on these sites, its just that, particularly over the past few months, I’ve had very little time to be able to do anything with these sites. With a change in my job, and an increase in my duties (as well as issues around travelling to and from work), my weeknights are spent most of the time trying to catch up on sleep while weekends are now restricted to ‘my time’ (relaxing and doing things that will relax me like working on my gundam kits or playing games or watching DVDs¬† – perhaps even going out every now and then). Because of this increase at work, my time has become rather important to me and I’m feeling less and less inclined to want to spend any of my free time working on updating sites, since it usually takes up ALL my free time. That is what happens when you take on more websites than you need – but I’m aware of that.

So what to do? RBM has very little options until new news is posted by Rainmaker Entertainment. Releasing old episodes to DVD is now old news and really the only new big news would be any movement with continuing the series or at least finishing it off properly. I’ve thought over what I would like to do while I’m currently on break from work (and broke so I have plenty of free time!!) and my main issue would be to, yet again, update the look of RBM. It will still remain a wordpress run website, just that the skin and the location of all files will change. I did the silly thing of putting it all in a separate directory which was a stupid thing to do. I want to use a theme that still has some good looks to it but has better functionality for the front page. The problem is the better themes that offer the flexibility are the ones you pay for. The ones I have used on this site, Pixelacious and RBM are all bought themes. They were individually bought but the themes that I have some interest in now are located on sites where you have to pay a membership fee for a certain period of time in order to access all their files. At first this made them dearer, but in doing a quick calculation through a currency converter it actually works out cheaper than buying them individually from another site. Anyway, RBM will get another face lift. Pixelacious is likely to not change in style (its the same theme used here). EoB needs to be upgraded to SMF2 and whether I get a new skin for these boards I haven’t decided on that just yet.

With Animay its a little different. The site could do with a facelift but I have no intention of changing the look of the galleries. The change for this site is in the way it gets updated. I have very little time to screencap, cull and upload files these days but I don’t want to leave it as it is at the moment. So I think the deal will be this:

[list bullet=”arrow”]

  • Update Bleach and Naruto episodes only as these are looked at the most;
  • A few raw providers release series in bulk and sometimes from DVD/BR sources. I’ve been grabbing lots of these lately with the intention of screencapping them. This will mean:
    • In only updating Bleach and Naruto on a regular basis, I will have the chance to do screencapping of a few episodes here and there of completed series
    • These will be uploaded to the “Classic” gallery which may get renamed to something like “Completed Series” or something else.

Basically I’ll update Bleach and Naruto for as long as these series run, and for as long as I have the raws/sources to do this, and try and update these on a regular basis (weekly or fortnightly). I’ll then put aside some time to do one or two episodes of a series that I’ve downloaded in raw that is completed, and then release on the Classics Gallery once its completed – so this could be quite irregular but it means that the main screencaps gallery will still continue to be updated at least. Series that I’ve already been screencapping I’ll likely scrap if I can grab a higher quality raw version. It also means that I won’t be uploading new series unless they turn out to be something similar to the Vampire Knight series, which was extremely popular when I put it up. I’ll be checking on the release calendar for 2012 on a regular basis to see if any such similar series is likely to appear.

So that’s my plans. On top of that I have got the domain for MashSomeMetal, which I still intend to use. I’ll set up the site but its not likely to be updated, just contain gallery of images screencapped and perhaps a few of the video clips that I had of the series (Heavy Gear).

I don’t know if I’ll have time to do the whole lot during the time I have off, as I will have other things I need to do – and still have “My Time” as well. Hopefully this plan will work though. I’m not sure the Animay visitors will be happy or not…

Infamous Hero

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I finished the game! I actually put the game down as I knew I was getting close to the end but I kind of wanted to prolong it a bit more since I really didn’t want the game to end at all. I could go back and play the evil karma side but I haven’t done that on the original game and I guess my own morals tend to kick in and I forget that I should be playing evil not good lol.

It was a great game though, and despite the ending, I’m hoping there’s a third game – though preferably still with Cole as the main character (he’s a great character!)

There are still other games I have that I haven’t finished yet – Uncharted (I’ve finished the second game and the third game is coming out soon), Final Fantasy XIII (second instalment of that game is coming out soon too), White Knight Chronicles (2nd instalment is already out) and a few others. I have actually been thinking of playing FFXIII again but I also want to go back and continue where I left off with my third play through of Mass Effect 2.

Unfortunately I’m still way behind with updating Animay so that’s a priority instead of gaming :\

From one thing to another

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I guess blogs shouldn’t be about depressing things all the time lol but it can’t be helped. I had a nice trip on the weekend – went to the ground, have you been there? Its probably my second biggest trip in two years – luckily I saw different sights this time around as it happened in the backyard instead of out the front door. I have this massively huge bruise that covers my knee and then goes down to almost halfway down my shin. It happened on Saturday morning so you can understand what type of a weekend I had ūüôĀ Stupidly, yesterday I spent most of it sitting when I should have had the leg elevated and straight, I ended up with not only a swollen knee by the late evening, but also a swollen ankle. I guess I should have stayed at home today but what’s the point? Its a bruised knee its not a broken one, painful though it may be. I’ve currently got my recycle box upside down under the desk with my leg rested across it lol, though it may be a little too high I think, especially for the way I’m sitting (hunched over because I’m tired). Today’s a fairly quiet day. Its the beginning¬†of the school¬†holidays¬†here so¬†we’re not likely to get many calls for¬†the¬†next¬†couple of¬†weeks. My boss¬†is away today too so it¬†makes it even quieter. I like it though I started feeling ill¬†on my¬†way¬†in. Unfortunately I’ve¬†put that down to work-illness. Lately its been getting worse, stress and the strain of the¬†relationships of people¬†around here and¬†their attitudes towards everyone else. I’m getting sick of it and¬†its also making me sick. My boss wants me¬†to¬†put¬†in the paperwork for¬†a performance management – however the only¬†reason¬†he wants it is because he told¬†his boss that all¬†of¬†ours¬†are done, its got¬†nothing to do with listening to me and my needs or giving me support¬†in¬†areas I can¬†improve¬†in. We’re also¬†at the point where things¬†are going¬†to change here because¬†of a new separate department that’s been created and a number of¬†our sections¬†will be moving to it. Because of that, and¬†some other changes, there’s the possibility¬†we can make¬†changes to¬†our structure ourselves. But¬†the problem is that the¬†ones¬†at the top¬†only¬†want to make¬†themselves higher (salary wise) but with¬†less¬†responsibilities. And as for the ‘working bees’ below,¬†well they wave it aside and say “We’ll work that¬†out¬†later”. I’m hoping that the Executive Director makes¬†his own decision not based¬†on what my boss or the other manager’s say. There is¬†one manager¬†on the floor who actually reports to my boss, or so she should based on the original structure, but¬†instead she’s running the entire section! She has no clue as to what half of us do, including the small group I am a part of, but she’s already¬†made decisions¬†on¬†how¬†we should be working in the future.¬†¬†One of my co-workers¬†has been pissed off with both¬†our boss¬†and¬†the other managers¬†attitudes towards these changes and how they don’t look¬†anywhere below¬†their own¬†levels. He’s prepared to walk¬†out and go¬†into another job – and¬†considering he’s highly sought after, I don’t blame him for¬†leaving if he does go. I would¬†like to as well but to where? Not¬†a lot¬†around at the moment that I’m interested¬†in (jobs) and I’m hoping to see what happens with changes before I do anything. (Gah! It doesn’t matter how I sit or where I stick my¬†leg its still painful!! ;__;) Anyway in other news:
  • I did get the¬†new hot water system¬†installed. My credit union¬†were kind¬†enough to give¬†me¬†the money though they gave¬†it to me as an¬†overdraft¬†instead of adding it¬†onto my¬†home loan. That’s a¬†real pain because I get hit¬†more with fees¬†on the¬†overdraft than I do¬†on the home loan. But¬†at¬†least we¬†have¬†hot water!
  • I started reading a new book called “Hidden Empire” by Kevin J Anderson. He wrote The Jedi Academy trilogy for the extended Star Wars universe. I was going to read “The Twisted Citadel” which was the second book of the Darkglass Mountain trilogy, but I was kind of pissed off with the characters and not terribly fond of the story by the time I finished the first book “The Serpent Bride” lol. This is a change from Fantasy to Sci-Fi and its a nice change I guess. So far the book is okay though it seems like this entire book is dedicated to the setting for the rest of the saga (there are seven books in total) as not a lot has happened and I’m almost half way through it.
  • Ended up downloading a lot of TV series as I either miss the night they’re aired, or they change the timeslot on me. Easier to download and catch up. Also it means I can view any series that is about to air here usually before it airs! Caught up on CSI last night as I’d missed the past two weeks (and the episode last night too). Also downloaded that Sanctuary – 8 webisodes which make up the ‘pilot’ episode. The series is supposed to begin airing or has begun airing, I’m not sure which, but its kind of weird seeing Amanda “Samantha Carter” Tapping in such a different role and with a british accent.
  • Have been behind with watching anime. I was behind with updating Animay for a while since I focused on getting RBM up and running. Vampire Knight was pretty popular when I was screencapping it but the first series is over now so will be looking towards a new series (maybe). Seasons 2 of Vampire Knight as well as Season 2 of Gundam 00 both air in October.
That’s really about it for now. ReBoot Mayhem is up and running using Joomla! to run the site. Its¬†really great and I’m pleased with it though my only problem is that the theme I have doesn’t run too¬†well¬†on IE, it comes up okay but there¬†are some odd¬†things it seems to do. Regardless, its a constant work¬†in progress but¬†at¬†least I’m¬†updating a¬†little more¬†than I was before.

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