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Withdrawal Symptoms

Yes, I did suffer from withdrawal symptoms after being without my PC for 5 days… Though I don’t think it was as bad as I thought it would be lol. I guess it would have gotten worse had I not been able to pick it up today though.

So I sent it in on Thursday night last week for the company who first put together my computer many years ago, to upgrade it for me on Friday. It should then have been released to me on Saturday, thus only being absent from me for a total of 1.5 days. Unfortunately that wasn’t to be. I had asked for an upgrade in RAM however early Saturday morning I received a phone call from them saying that there were problems upgrading the memory. It seems that the two extra slots on the motherboard were dead. So the Technician had decided to undertake some tests by pulling my PC apart and trying to locate the source of the problem (and whether they could fix it). I didn’t receive another phone call until late that afternoon, close to when they shut down for the day, and they said that they could not fix the problem, that the two extra slots were dead and I’d have to live with my current motherboard and memory configuration for now, and look into upgrading the motherboard (plus memory) later down the track. A bit disappointing really but I guess it can’t be helped and I really couldn’t afford to by a whole new computer so this will have to do.

So what got upgraded? Just the graphics card and the DVD burner. It was kind of funny when they rang me on Friday and asked which DVD player to replace! My system has two, a player and a writer. The writer was the one that caused problems so they’ve changed that for a spiffy new one. Both the DVD player and the old writer were that pale cream colour that was so popular back in the day, which makes them stand out on my jet black case. (Though they are hidden behind a panel most of the time). The new DVD burner matches my case perfectly – nice jet black colour. I’ve not yet tested it, after all I’ve only got the PC back tonight, but as I’m downloading a huge amount of stuff to catch up with (namely anime), it won’t be long before I soon give it a test run. They also cleaned up the inside of the computer, as well as replaced the filters on the fans (I have four fans since its an AMD Athlon 64) so its almost shiny new lol. Haven’t yet done anything to see how the graphics card performs, may play a game this coming weekend if I’m not too busy and see how it copes.

Speaking of games, as I didn’t have my PC over the weekend, I ended up resorting to playing games to while the time away. Being an off-pay week (and only having enough to pay for the upgrades), there wasn’t much to go out to do so I was quite happy veging out at home in front of the TV playing a game. I’ve restarted Final Fantasy XII. I have finished that game a while ago, but I really enjoyed it and have been meaning to play it again. I’ve actually moved along a bit quicker, though I can’t remember if I’m at the same level now as I was when I previously played it. Currently my little team is out front of the Golmore Jungle for their first time. We have Larssa on the team too so its always handy to have an extra pair of helping hands. But before I head into the Jungle, I’m going to turn them around and have them run around Ozmone Plains for a while to level up. I think their levels are a bit low, though I could be wrong. Interestingly enough, in facing off the bosses ‘Demon Gate’, ‘Belias’ and ‘Vossler + Soldiers’ – all I used here were Quickenings and I defeated all three bosses in my first go. Usually when I get to the boss stage, I switch Vaan’s Gambits off so that I can manually control him. In each of those three boss phases, I immediately got him to begin the quickening chain and managed to get up to 8 in a row for one of the bosses. I think that only ‘Demon Gate’ was the one that was still alive after I had used the quickening chain against it (including the end sequence) though just barely. After only a couple of hits from Vossler’s sword and Basch’s axe it was down anyway. Nobody lost HP which was great ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, now onto other stuff. I bought a new action figure not long ago which arrived last week just before I had to give up the PC. It was Axel from Kingdom Hearts II. Now when I got him, he looked great, however once I took him out of the box and tried to change his hands, I discovered problems with it already. His left foot was bent to the side and regardless of what I tried to do, it wouldn’t bend back. Now it does have an actual articulation in his ankle to be able to move it, however it just keeps moving back to its angled spot. His right hand did not come out of its socket… it broke almost immediately. I was not rough with it, but on trying to pry out the remains of the hand, I could see that there would have been no way that I could not have broken it. It was just wedged in way too tight. And the final thing is that it doesn’t come with a stand. Action figure stands come in handy, especially if said action figure cannot stand straight due to a bent foot. Of course, its not made by Kotobukyia, who I would say make the best articulated action figures – especially for video games. Shame they didn’t do these figures, they would have done a better job.

And now back to my PC… One thing that I had done was move a lot of my stuff over to my external hard disk drive (EHDD). This was only because I’d run out of time to burn it all to DVD. The intention was to leave it there temporarily and then sort it out once I got my PC back and burn off what I didn’t need to move back to the main hard disk drive (HDD). The most important files I had were for my websites, so I started to move them over first. With no warning, the EHDD suddenly spat out an error message and then disappeared from the “My Computer” list. In fact it got replaced with a letter instead of its name (My Book). When I tried to click on the new lettered drive, it popped up with the message “This drive is not formatted. Do you want to formate it now? Y/N” I completely panicked!! Here I had only just begun transferring stuff and now it was telling me it wasn’t there anymore!!! So I shut the computer down completely and unplugged it from the back of the PC. Then I replugged it back in, but into a different USB port and restarted the computer. When I looked into the list of drives under My Computer, I was relieved to see “My Book” sitting there once again. I clicked on it and thankfully everything was still intact. Only one folder is corrupt and it won’t delete it, though its empty so it doesn’t matter too much. I’m just glad everything else is okay!!

It's Quite Cloudy

Out of all the FF characters, Cloud Strife is probably my most favourite of all. Although I have to say that Final Fantasy XII is probably the better game in the entire FF series, he is still my favourite character through and through. So of course it’s only natural that I have an action figure of him ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve already shown images of him before on the website, but this time there’s something different. You see not long ago they began re-releasing FFVII figures in their original format – in other words, based on the original game and not on the Advent Children movie. Using the same style as they did with making the AC version, the original version is our true spiky-haired hero with his baggy pants, brown boots and of course his massive buster sword. I couldn’t resist when I saw they had it out so I pretty well ordered it as soon as I saw it. So I took a photo of the new figure as well as a photo with the AC version standing next to it. I don’t know if its because Cloud is standing astride but the AC version looks quite small compared to the original version! They both look good anyway. The other characters they released in their original format were Tifa and Aerith, neither of which I’m interested in getting (I only get male figures ;)) Anyway so that about wraps up all the FFVII figures I have in collection. Unless they bring out an original version of Vincent then there’s not likely to be anymore that I’ll buy. Of course there IS a new ‘original’ Cloud Strife figure being released around April this year – its a re-release of the original statue version of Cloud on his Hardy Daytona motorcycle. The ‘new-old’ version looks awesome and its a heck of a lot cheaper in terms of price compared to the other Cloud and Sephiroth figures they’re releasing this month. You can check out the Cloud Strife on his Hardy Daytona figure here.

I’ve now got Squall Leonhart on order and its currently being shipped over to me as I type this. This will basically complete my collection of my favourite FF male characters. The list so far is:

  • Cloud Strife (AC Version) – Final Fantasy VII
  • Cloud Strife (Original Version) – Final Fantasy VII
  • Sephiroth (AC Version) – Final Fantasy VII
  • Vincent Valentine (AC Version) – Final Fantasy VII
  • Kadaj – Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
  • Reno (AC Version) – Final Fantasy VII
  • Tidus – Final Fantasy X
  • Squall Leonhart (in transit!) – Final Fantasy VIII

There are action figures of the characters from Final Fantasy XII but the only one I really like is the Judge Gabranth figure. I do like Balthier and Vaan is okay but I’m not all that keen on getting either of those. Judge Gabranth is hard to get now as it was pretty popular, and currently only one store here has it and they are not selling it as a seperate item (you have to buy all four of the figures released from that game).

Now come to think of it, there would be a couple of other FF characters I would buy but I’m doubting they’ll release versions of them – Cloud Strife (again) from Kingdom Hearts (in KHII he’s just in his AC gear) and Squall ‘Leon’ Leonhart from KH (yes he’s the same version, just with longer hair though). You can buy a small statuette of Cloud from the original KH game but I reckon it’d be better to have a proper action figure to match with the rest of them ๐Ÿ™‚

And on a side note – like the new look? Decided on a change. Actually I chose the theme to kind of match my little avatar figure there. Yes that’s me… kind of. I threw it together today in about half an hour lol. Basically the look on my face is “Wtf?” or as the line is at the top of the page “What are you rambling on about now?” ๐Ÿ˜‰