Here I go again…

So I got rid of WordPress, downloaded Drupal, then discovered all the fiddling around with tables and SQL and stuff and ended up re-installing WordPress again lol. Hopefully there won’t be the 10 e-mails a day asking me to moderate the comments on my blog – of which all were spambots. Supposedly this new version should be a bit better but we’ll see.

Anyhoo, I’m finding my way around all this again and looknig at various plugin crap that I can add to WordPress. Funnily enough, while I was looking around for another blog software package I ended up creating a journal in LiveJournal. Its got one post and that’s probably the only post it’ll ever have lol. I may keep it or I could delete the account, I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I took the freebie version which is pretty limited in what it can do and so it looks pretty crappy. No I’m not putting a link up to it, its not worth it.

I’ve read recently how some people have been fired by their employers because they discuss work on their blogs. Kind of weird really, but I guess that stops me from carrying on about my workplace! (Everyone goes “Woohoo!”) Not that its exciting enough to talk about anyway, I mean it is in government… what’s exciting about that?