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It's 11pm and I've done it again…

Written by Mayhem on . Posted in General Rubbish, Websites

Yup. I didn’t do any work on the website rebuild at all. Gah, this is becoming a bad habit. Mind you I did spend all of today uploading screencaps to the Animay website so its not like I didn’t do any work on any of my websites. I believe the Zeros to Heroes website ‘competition’ will be closing at the end of this week. I was kind of hoping to get my site up and running before then lol, but I don’t think its going to happen. Its also my birthday coming up shortly, not that I’m excited about it (since I’m at the age where I’d rather forget it was my birthday), but I’m turning it into a long weekend so I’m definitely, MOST DEFINITELY going to be working on the ReBoot Mayhem website to get it completed. I will try and work on it this week too. Last week it fell through midway through the week as I forgot I had a late meeting at work, which cramps my time for when I get home to try and get things done. Thursday I did an update for Animay and Friday, even though I was home early, I just couldn’t get into the mood. Saturday was the same, I just played on the PS2 most of the day. So I was left with today and I thought “Well if I can get the update for Animay out of the way quick enough, then I could do a few pages for RBM.” But its 11pm and I’m needing to head off to bed soon since I need as much sleep as possible lol – though I don’t know what for since Sunday nights I hardly sleep at all (stress about going to work I suspect though I think that’s an unconscious thought).

ReBoot Mayhem Website Rebuild – Log Entry #07

Written by Mayhem on . Posted in ReBoot, Websites

I can finally say that I did a reasonably big update today lol. I finished all the Season 1 Episodes in the Episode Guide section. It was pretty easy anyway considering I already had them from my previous version of the website. It was just a matter of copying it over into the new format. I was intending to do all 4 Seasons and complete them tonight, however I haven’t done an Animay update in a week so I stopped and did that. I’ll probably do another Animay update tomorrow night but I’ll also continue doing the Episodes and hopefully I can get all of them completed tomorrow. Its a bigger step than the previous updates which were all fidgety stuff. Didn’t play FFXII last night nor did I watch any anime. Tonight I watched the latest Naruto Shippuuden episode but that’s probably all I’ll be doing tonight. I’m so tired its not funny anymore. And my ankle has been aching non-stop for the past few days so that doesn’t help either. But I’m pushing through all of this and continuing to build on the website.

ReBoot Mayhem Website Rebuild – Log Entry #06

Written by Mayhem on . Posted in ReBoot

Did nothing on the site over the weekend. I was busy with other things… >_> Kind of… ^_^;; Anyway, continued on tonight with the usual routine, though I’ve yet to watch an anime episode or play FFXII tonight but probably will soon after I post this up. I started working on the Character Guide which is actually bigger than I thought it was. There’s still probably a few minor characters that I may have missed but I’ve picked out the ones I’ve heard of the most. There’s an episode in Season 3 called “Where No Sprite Has Gone Before” which is a mixture of Star Trek and a group of Marvel comic book heroes. The main group call themselves the “Hero Selective” and are headed up by the character of Robert Cursor. He’s supposed to look and sound like Bob in some respects, though he talks similar to the way Captain Kirk did on TV. Other characters that have Trekkie similarities are “Booty”, who has a scottish accent (in relation to Scotty though they don’t ask him to beam them up anywhere) and Pixel, a female version of Spock. The other characters in the Hero Selective have these comic-book type abilities such as Giga-Girl who goes from this petite young girl to this gigantic, over-muscled female sprite in an instant, E-Male, who reminds me of the earlier versions of the Joker, though he acts like a net/balloon trapping their Spectral enemies within him, there’s also a couple of other characters who appear but no name is given to them. Both are female with one that can multiply herself instantly, and the other looks like Catwoman (though she’s wearing red instead of black). Although the Hero Selective only appeared in the one episode, I figured on putting them into the Character Guide since they were the ‘stars’ of that episode lol. Anyway, I’m hoping to do more during the rest of the week. I’ve also started thinking about bringing back the e-mag. I created one but there weren’t a lot of submissions for it and it ended up being something I almost did entirely on my own. I don’t mind compiling it together, but I really need other people to submit stuff rather than it being all on me to put articles together. I’ve posed the question on the boards and have had some positive responses so far but we’ll see how things go. I actually enjoyed doing it and fans really did enjoy it too, especially when we got to interview a couple of the voice actors! I’m not sure if we can do that with any of the other voice actors, though we don’t even know yet what the future holds for the series so the ‘old’ voice actors may not appear again. Still I could always ask someone from Rainmaker to talk about what they see as the future for ReBoot.

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