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A few days ago I took down Midnight Crow. I haven’t updated that site in a long time and I didn’t see that there would be any new updates in the future. I still love /\ucifer but I don’t have the time to be running a fan site dedicated to them anymore. So its now gone. The spot it took up will go to a site that will be part of my ReBoot Mayhem website. There’s already the forums for RBM that have their own domain (EdgeofBeyond.net) and this new one will be for the new image gallery. I’ve finally started working on the new layout for RBM. The site hadn’t been updated for over a year and has been offline for about 8 months now (maybe longer) but I’ve finally started the ball rolling lol. Don’t know when I’ll have it finished. Its a big job and it takes time and effort (and having the inspiration and energy to undertake the duties of rebuilding a site from scratch) so it’ll probably take me forever to complete. On another note, I have been reminded that its only 4 more days of freedom left and then I have to return to work :(

English game with Japanese language option?! No way!!

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Box Art (US Version)I was pretty surprised when after first launching the game it gave you the option to have the voice-overs in Japanese instead of English. You still have the subtitles appear as little speech bubbles (the characters don’t always speak anyway) and they are in English but I was really excited about it lol. After playing games like Final Fantasy X, X-2 and VII:DOC where they replaced the voice actors with American voice actors (and so changed the overall impression of the characters… most of them did anyway) and having no option to play the game with the original Japanese voice actors, I didn’t think there were any games released here in Australia that gave you that option. Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana – bought this yesterday at EB Games with $20 off the marked price. Its always exciting to see these anime-ish titles that get bigger releases over in Japan and the US finally make their way down under. My nephew sees a lot of the previews of these types of games (which we look up on the internet) and he usually says “We’ll probably never see them down here, they always forget about Australia.” He’s right though, even when they do actually do a European version of the game, it doesn’t always end up down in the Southern Hemisphere so when they do appear, its kind of like ‘quick grab it while you can!!’ lol. The game is pretty cool actually, as I said I chose to have the original Japanese voice actors rather than the English ones and I loved the characters immediately. Its a turn-base RPG and although it doesn’t have all these fancy graphical features like the Final Fantasy games do, its fun to play and that’s really all it set out to be. You travel the world as the character Klein Kiesling – an alchemist, searching for various mana objects and learning about the original city of Avenberry, that was destroyed many many years ago. There are apparently very few alchemists around and the art of alchemy itself seems to have almost vanished but for the few who still use it. Klein meets up with a girl named Lita Blanchimont who, like in most RPG type stores, has a strange and sad history that she tends to hide from everybody until eventually the truth comes out. You also meet up with a number of other characters who join your party – the ‘boozer’ Delsus, whose expertise is with archery; Norn, a little cat-girl with various magical abilities and Arlin, a strong swordsman. You also have the use of mana, which is usually a little creature based on one of the elements. Klein grew up with one particular mana, the Mana of Wood – Popo. He’s a cheeky little bugger though, but fairly easy to get on with. Along the way you eventually start finding other mana and they join your party. Of course there’s the bad guys too, including the ‘ultra’ bad guy whom makes a fleeting appearance and then vanishes in a puff of smoke leaving destruction and despair behind him, but it wouldn’t be a proper RPG without one of those characters! Anyway so far its a pretty cute, fun game. I’ve got a shot of the back of he box here which shows a bit of the game itself and you can see the world and the graphics. I love this chibi-style of graphics its so cute! Both of the box-shot images are from the US version, however the European release is exactly the same, just it has Koei as the releaser instead of NIS.

Counting down…

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Last post I posted on Christmas Eve, this post I’m posting on New Year’s Eve, though its only 9:30pm here at the moment so there’s still a few hours left of 2006. Currently there are premature fireworks going off all around us, but that’s nothing new, there doesn’t seem to be any major parties nearby but we probably won’t hear anything of them until midnight anyway. Sydney are putting on their family fireworks broadcast (ones for the little kiddies to watch before they go to bed) though that’s probably finished by now and the next lot of fireworks don’t start until around 11:30pm. Whether I watch them or not depends on what I’m doing at the time. 2006 was a year of changes for me, I was heading on a downward spiral at the beginning of the year but I had a lifeline thrown at me and was pulled back up… temporarily. At the moment that hole is still sitting under me but I’ve yet to fall in it and I’m hoping something will end up blocking that up for a very long time so I don’t always feel like I’m gonna be dropped any minute now. There were a lot of interesting times both good and bad in work and at home. I don’t feel like I’ve achieved anything at work, and the only thing I feel achieved at home is the redecorating we did though it wasn’t a huge job (but it did seem like it at the time). As for 2007, I don’t like to look back unless its to remind me of something that I needed to have done but may have not gotten around to doing it. I don’t really like to make resolutions either because they don’t work out and they only last for a month if you’re lucky. At the moment I’m just waiting for what will happen. Its not a good thing, I should be the one going out and grabbing ‘it’ but I’m not really sure what ‘it‘ is (and most people will say ‘it‘ is life, but it can be interpreted in different ways for different people) so I don’t feel confident enough to try and grab ‘it‘. I’m hoping to at least get more energy back to be able to work on these ruddy websites of mine! I delay and delay and then I feel pretty useless because I’ve still not done anything. And then I think of all these fabulous ideas that give me the inspiration to go ahead and work on the site, but when it comes to the actual working on the site… the inspiration often disappears. One thing I need to evaluate is how much time I’m spending on everyone else’s website instead of my own. I promised to buy all these CDs when they come out next month and the following month, but now I’m thinking I’ll just pick up one or two and the others can wait. They’ll have to find someone else to release those other CDs instead. I need to really put more money back into my accounts so that all the stuff I want to do to my house I can actually do! I got thrown a lifeline by the bank just before Christmas but I’ve almost used it up. I can say it was Christmas and my Mum’s upcoming birthday bash that ate into my money but I know I’d be lying lol.

Tis the season….

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Its currently 11:40pm on Christmas Eve here in Adelaide, only 15 minutes till Christmas! Not that I’m overly excited about it, its a nice day but its really just another day. I think when you get older and there aren’t any kids around to share Christmas with it tends to end up being like every other day, just that you still spend it with family and you get presents! We’re heading over to my sister’s house in the morning, opening up some presents there and then we all head down to my brother’s house which is about an hour and a half away (on the opposite side of the city from us). It probably won’t take all that long to get there as I doubt the traffic will be congested lol, and then we spend lunch at my brother’s house. My nephew is driving down there and he’ll be driving me back once we’ve had lunch. Neither of us are terribly keen on hanging around for too long and I am not all that happy with some of my family members at the moment but that’s another story. At the moment, though, I’m pretty excited about the fact that I am finally on leave. I have 3 weeks of vacation and I’m going to enjoy it all! Even if I end up doing stuff all, its better than being buggered like I have been the past few weeks. My last day was on Thursday last week, so I’ve had a few days to relax already lol. So far I’ve not done a lot – read Vol 7 and 8 of “Death Note”; played Dirge of Cerberus and a bit of Final Fantasy X-2 (barbie doll game… >_>); played a bit of Sims 2; watched “Happy Feet”; wandered around Gaia-Online and listened to Luciano Pavarotti singing a couple of my favourite Christmas tunes (“Ave Maria” and “O Holy Night”). I bought Final Fantasy X-2 the other day just for the heck of it. I mean it is a platinum version now so its cheap to buy at the moment. Its mostly a frustrating game similar to Final Fantasy X (and every other FF game) in that you take a few steps and then you fight a monster/enemy and then when you’re done you take two more steps and another fight occurs etc etc. The worst part about FFX and FFX-2 is that you could inevitably run into a beast that’s a heck of a lot stronger than your whole party combined and with some fairly heavy attacks that knock your whole party out – even moreso than meeting up with a boss (the Boss’ so far are pretty easy). I became more frustrated at losing all of my health items (potions/Phoenix Downs etc) before I got to the Boss stage that I was almost ready to throw the whole console out the window lol. And even though I am a girl, the three heroines in this game are way too girly for my liking lol ๐Ÿ˜› I am looking forward to Sims 2 – Seasons expansion pack. It has to be the best XP they’re releasing! The fact that you can have the four seasons and that there are different interactions during each of those seasons is pretty cool in itself. I still haven’t bought pets and I’m still not interested in buying that XP. Death Note was a bit disappointing when I read Vol 7 – my favourite character… ;___; The new characters are pretty cool though, and its still a good manga :) I still haven’t started watching the anime yet. Not sure how far they go in terms of the manga, whether it will end quickly (say around 26 eps) or will it continue as long as the manga is being published? Next year, which is just around the corner, I’d like to get a few things done around the house. I’m spending a bit too much money on things like games, anime goods and asian music CDs/DVDs and I keep wanting to get some new furniture. Not that I can afford it right now, but I’ve got to start saving money a bit better. Then again I reckon I say that every year… >_>

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