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Oh the pain! The pain of it all!

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My back was sore for a while but thankfully we have one of those massage cushions you put over your chair that can help ease that pain – unfortunately my arms and legs are still aching and there’s not a lot I can do to get rid of that pain except to just let it ease itself. Its now Sunday, the last day of our long weekend (Australia Day was celebrated on Friday) and I spent most of yesterday shifting furniture and putting flat-packs together. Because of the new Foxtel installation coming in a couple of weeks time, I wanted to setup something a bit better in the computer room so that the set-top box that they install isn’t sitting on top of a box like the DVD and VCR were. Looking for a specific design though is practically impossible, and trying to keep it at a decent price is also the same. We had the option of possibly going to Ikea should nothing else be found. Target, however, came to the rescue. They had a low entertainment unit that had four sections big enough for holding my DVD player, VCR player, PS2 and the incoming Foxtel set-top box. The TV isn’t all that big so it didn’t matter so much the width of the unit though the one I picked out in the end is pretty long. It was initially priced at $389 (AUD) and then reduced to $179. But on Saturday it was reduced even further to $125 – bargain! So we ordered it for parcel pickup and continued shopping. I’ve taken a photo of it below.
My new entertainment unit
It doesn’t look all that big from that angle but it is 150cms in length and I had to move two big bookshelves to get it in. The one downside to this was when I opened the flatpack there was some damage to one section of the unit. I could have returned it but I was too tired and it was too big and heavy to lift back into the car. Besides the damaged section is facing the wall so its not too bad. Its now a good spot to put me boys! (Sephiroth, Vincent, Cloud and Tidus :)) The chords hanging out were hooked up to an aerial but that thing was useless and its only another two weeks before they put Foxtel in so I don’t mind not watching the TV channels on here. The DVD works fine and so does everything else. While I was out shopping for the entertainment unit, I was also on the lookout for a new printer. I wanted to get an all-in-one printer as I needed a new scanner. I have an HP Scanner that’s been working overtime for my Animay website and its fairly out of date. I can’t install it on any machine with Windows XP unless I download a special driver from the official website so that shows you how old it is! Anyhoo, I was going to get one at the Myer department store. I have a Myer card (department store credit card) and I thought that I would use that to buy one. I knew that Myer only sold Canon or HP so I did a bit of research on the internet, but that was useless since I didn’t bring any of that information with me when I went shopping! I looked at what they had in stock and picked out two particular printers, one Canon and one HP. The guy spoke to me about the difference between the two which isn’t much save the fact that the HP has a fax included in it and the Canon did not. What I was more interested in was a flatbed scanner, one that I could easily place a large poster onto and still easily scan it – even if it was bit by bit. The Canon printer certainly seemed flat, but once you lift the lid you can see there is an indentation that leads down into the scanner-glass, so its not exactly flat. We then looked at the other HP printers but each of them had something that would prevent the ability to scan something bigger than A4 size. One had a document feeder which did not lift up (the rollers that feed the document from the top through to the scanner is permanently stuck to the printer so you can’t shift it), and the other one that didn’t have a fax attached to it had a little section that protruded into where you do the scanning – again you couldn’t shift it as it was permanently attached, so scanning bigger documents was useless. There was one HP printer that was flat across the top and it was perfect. Trouble was they didn’t have any in stock!! The salesperson ended up contacting the main office and he remembered that the particular one I’d chosen was now out of date (only just!) mostly due to its fax ability. The printing and scanning technology were not out of date. However I still indicated that it was the perfect one for my needs. So he rang their warehouse and discovered that the only one left was the one on display. Now the original price was $379, but because it was the last one and it was a display stock they had reduced it to $199!! I said YES!!! Then on top of that they were having a sale that day and there was a further 10% off the marked price! In the end all I paid (via my card of course) was $175!! Bargain! (Picture below!)
My new printer!
Its all shiny and new! They did clean it up and there was nothing missing from the original box so it was still in really good condition. I’ve already printed a couple of things from it and I’ve used the scanner which is really good so I’m quite pleased. Two bargains in one day woohoo!!! πŸ™‚ But as I mentioned earlier – they came with a price! The HP box was fairly heavy and so was the entertainment unit. Plus in order to fit the unit into the room I had to shift two large shelves around and move a desk out of that room (I had two desks in the one room) and then put the entertainment unit together. My arms are sore from taking books off shelves and then putting them back, shifting things out of the room and then back in again (especially the TV). I only have me to blame for my pain, I’m not fit enough though even if I were I think I’d still be in pain lol. *sigh* Back to work again tomorrow…

Back to reality once more

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Its almost 11pm and though I probably won’t sleep much tonight I will be heading off to organise myself for my return to the ‘real world’ tomorrow… aka back to work. I always love Christmas break as its the best time to have off since the school holidays happen and everything is usually quiet at work. Most staff will go back to school next week though some Principals and other staff may go back at the end of this week just to get themselves organised. In two weeks time the kids will be back in school and you’ll hear a huge sigh of relief across the city from many parents lol. The first few days I had off I just spent the time mostly relaxing and either playing games or watching anime. I know, usually I do this on weekends anyway but I just needed to do that to get myself out of the stress-mode I was in before. We didn’t have to worry too much about Christmas as we were heading to my brother’s house for a meal that day so that was another thing I didn’t have to stress about. After that we were focused on my mum’s birthday party. I reckon I spent way too much money lol, but it was a significant birthday for her (80, though she looks like she’s just turned 60 and she’s far more active than I am) so it was worth it. We decided to make it into a garden party. Mum did a lot of work in the garden (I don’t have a green thumb) so she wanted to show it off to all her friends. It was just going to be like an afternoon tea party, though we’d be serving lots and lots of nibbly stuff. There were chips, dips, peanuts and biscuits to start out with, plus orange juice, punch and water and some coffee and tea that they could help themselves to. Then we brought out some savouries (mini pies, sausage rolls, quiche’s etc) and then some sweets afterwards (a multitude of cakes!) My mum always worries that there isn’t enough but there was actually too much! We had a reasonably sized group of people come through and most stayed until late in the afternoon. That was last weekend, so I’ve really only had one actual week where I can concentrate on doing stuff for myself lol. Last week I decided to go and get what’s called a “Proof of Age” card. Its about as good as a drivers licence (except you can’t flash it to the cops and pretend it is one lol) in that you can show it to businesses as a form of identification. A lot of people are getting them now as a backup. My niece showed me her driver’s license the other day and said she hated her photo as it looked like a boy, so she was intent on going to get herself a PoA card just so she could have a better photo! I’ve had Foxtel installed for years, in fact ever since it was first announced and a guy came around to my previous house to sell the package for it I said ‘yes please!’ (Foxtel is our cable network). Anyway, I’ve got a TV in my study but its unfortunately got really bad reception, and I thought of getting a digital set-top box so that it wouldn’t be a problem, but for the price of a new digital set-top box, I could install a second Foxtel set-top box, so I thought “Why not?!” That’s going to be installed next month so I’m looking forward to it. I also upgraded my internet account to ADSL2+, though so far its not showing me anything better than my previous account so I’m a bit disappointed. Every now and then I get a burst of speed, but other than that its pretty average. I’m hoping to encourage the Foxtel installation guy to move my telephone outlet at the same time as he installs the cable lol, though I doubt he would do it. Did a bit of shopping, as mentioned in previous posts, bought a few games and am currently waiting for a few parcels to arrive. I’ve decided to not continue with the CD releases anymore. I’d rather buy stuff when I want to buy it and not pre-order and get stuff just so I can have it in time to release for the group I was with. Instead of spending my money on the pre-order, I ordered a couple of anime DVDs lol. My collection stopped growing months ago because I spent all my money on CDs and not much else, so this time around I’d like to finish some of my collections and also grab a few new series that I really enjoyed. Yes, I still download, but if I really liked the series then I’ll definitely start buying it on DVD. Some people can’t understand that, and others growl that ‘you shouldn’t download anyway!!’, but releases here in Australia are not as fast as they are in the US (though they seem to be faster than the UK and some other countries) and its nice to watch the original version, even if the subbing may be completely wrong, I’m still enjoying it anyway and its what got me really into anime. Anyway, I ordered the first and second volume of “Gundam Seed”. The second series is already being released to DVD here, my nephew actually has the full GS series on DVD and since I really enjoyed the series I thought I’d get my own copy too πŸ™‚ The other parcels I’m waiting on are one from HobbyLink Japan that should hopefully arrive next week (it was sent before Christmas and I’m sure they send it around the world twice before it gets here) which contains a couple of anime magazines and a calendar; and the final parcel which should also arrive next week is from Animaxis and it will have a calendar (Vassalord), an artbook (Bleach) and an anime magazine. I also can say that I did attempt to work on my websites, but I also closed a website so now I’m down to just three (counting this one). ReBoot Mayhem will have 3 domain names attached to it, but I only consider it one site. I spent most of today organising everything for tomorrow lol. Checking what I need to bring, making sure my security pass is there and my bus ticket. Purse, keys, makeup bag etc etc. First thing I’ll do when I get into work will be to fill out a form to take some leave! Yep that’s right, I’m serious! I will be taking a flexi day (kind of like a rostered day off, though you have to earn the hours in order to take the day) next month when the guy comes to install Foxtel, and then I’m taking 3 weeks off around the end of March, early April. I meant to put the request in before I went on my current leave but I wasn’t sure of the dates. Its kind of cheeky, I know, but after that I won’t be taking leave until next Christmas… well maybe one or two days here and there and definitely at least one flexi per month lol, but nothing major! Hopefully 2007 will bring something interesting, both to my work life and home life. I’m thinking, though, that maybe I really do need to go out and do something about it rather than waiting for it to happen. I have stepped in that direction, though with great reluctance and trepidation instead of just going full tilt lol. πŸ™‚


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Well I kept going on about having no interest in getting Sims 2: Pets expansion pack but in the end I bought it anyway. Not specifically for the pets but because they had added some new building tools and a few new items that I thought would be handy. I’ve played a couple of times with Pets and so far so good, but I always create too big of a family to begin with and having to control the pets while controlling the household is not an easy thing to do! Its okay, but it is similar to the Sims 1 version which I wasn’t all that fond of either. Speaking of pets, my cat is seemingly okay. Its possibly athritis in her joints as she has difficulty in stretching her leg and in getting up the one step into the house. She walks around without a limp, though every now and then it seems to reappear. I may have to put a little ramp down for her to make it easier to come inside the house! I haven’t seen her jump up onto the fence for the past few days so I don’t think she’s capable of doing that anymore. The water restrictions here are pretty tough. We’re really in the middle of a drought right now. They’ve said that if we don’t get any rain in the next few days then we will not be allowed to water the garden at all (at the moment there are only certain days you are allowed to water). I went out and bought a new shower-head for our shower, one that is supposed to be “water-wise”. There will apparently be some inspectors out and about and if they hear our water meter’s running they’ll be timing how long it runs for. They’ll be starting to hand out fines for anybody who’s not doing the right thing. We have a rainwater tank and it filled up a bit not long ago when we did get some rain for a couple of days, so its possible we can use that to water the garden but as for inside the house we have to be a bit more careful. I recently upgraded my internet account so that I had a larger download quota. The past few months I’ve been using it up before I’m halfway through the month. In doing so I also upgraded to an ADSL2 account, but the speed is a bit erratic and only a few times have I seen the download speed top 100kbps… and then my modem disconnects. It is specifically for ADSL2 so I’m not sure why I’m having this problem. When I first got my modem it kept disconnecting itself and then reconnecting which became frustrating and made everything as slow as hell. I then messed around with the settings and eventually got it to work properly. My previous account was ADSL1 with a 512/512 speed on the line. I always got pretty good speeds and no disconnections while on that account but since I upgraded a few days ago its actually been slower than it was before. Hopefully it’ll iron itself out and that I’ll get the speed that I should be getting. I forgot to mention in the last post about that particular picture (the one below of my cat Gidget). Obviously it was taken at Christmas time. Its now probably the only photo I have of the shelves that were on that wall and the beautiful vase that my mum bought while we were doing the redecorating. Those shelves no longer exist and neither does the vase! My mum in her wisdom of putting up the shelves did not have the bottom one squarely in the wall. How the managed to stay there for over 6 months, I don’t really know, but after those hot days that we had after christmas I suddenly heard this almighty crash and came out to see that the bottom shelf was still in the wall but it had tipped on an angle and everything on it had come tumbling down and crashed. The beautiful vase was in tiny tiny pieces (we’re still finding bits of glass around the place even now!) My mum had gone out for a walk and when she returned she saw me out with the vacuum cleaner and then saw the shelves. She was disappointed but not completely upset about it even though the vase was really lovely (she really liked it). We didn’t have the money to patch up the holes left by the shelf and it looked stupid with just one shelf so we took both of them down and now there’s one of our large picture frames covering up all the holes lol.

Gidgetal Shot 001

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My cat Gidget
This is my cat Gidget. She will be turning 12 this year so she’s been around a while. I found her in a pet store that was around the corner from where I used to live. She was pretty hyper and had the most peculiar markings on her compared with the other ginger cats. So I went home and picked up a box to carry her home in (had holes in it and a blanket and a toy) and when I got back to the store, here she was hanging from the top of the cage on a swirly toy that almost choked her! I knew she was going to be a bit of a weirdo cat from the beginning! And she was! We had a swing-top rubbish bin in side and we used to catch her climbing into it to get any goodies out lol. She always drank her water with her paw in the dish (often dogs do this) and one day she was so curious about the bird bath that she climbed up into it and then wondered why her feet were wet! She shifted with me to my new house and settled in quite well. At the moment she is starting to act her age a bit, she came inside this morning with a rather nasty limp and her usual whine sounded more painful. But she seemed to get over it. I think she hates the hot weather and when she’s not feeling well she tends to want to be left alone and just go to her hiding places (like under my bed ^^). Hopefully she’ll be fine tomorrow. And yes there will be more pictures of my cat I can guarantee it πŸ˜› Oh and you’ve probably noticed the change in theme again yes? I had to upgrade the software so I changed the theme at the same time! πŸ˜€

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