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My First Bento!

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My First Bento!So I’m going through another weird phase and this time its all about bento and creating a bento. Bento are, of course, Japanese lunchboxes though you can get these from any store who sells a lunchbox with dividers and just say that its a bento box! Anyway I went to a local store here in Adelaide called “Little Tokyo”. They sell a lot of Japanese items even though its such a small shop. They also sell Japanese grocery items too, as I’ve often bought pocky from them 🙂 So the other day I looked at their bento boxes and bought a set that was a two tier lacquared type with some chopsticks that come with their own plastic container and a little tote bag. It was pretty cute! Then it was time to fill the bento box up over the weekend. I had also bought myself a bamboo steamer and used it over the weekend to make some manju (Steamed buns) which I also added some nice filling to. Unfortunately they’re too big to fit in the bento box so they were left out lol. My main problem with Japanese food is their love of seafood. Unfortunately I’m kind of allergic to most kinds of seafood which is really weird considering my own heritage, nevertheless its a bit difficult to get things like sushi unless its not got any seafood in it. Then again, I’m not all that fond of nori either so that puts about 80% of their dishes out the door lol. However, the bento can be filled with anything its just up to your imagination. I tend to pick at food all day so for me just having the bento and a couple of other items was a better way of keeping my weight in check (I need to lose some!) So, in my first bento box is rice – which is the usual thing you would find – though I used Jasmin instead of the Japanese rice. I’ll be using the Japanese rice next time as it doesn’t go all over the place lol. The rice has got some peas, onions and a bit of egg leftover from my tamagoyaki. Yes that yellow thing at the top of the tray is tamagoyaki. I was actually pleased with myself that I could do that as I’ve never really been good at making a normal omelette let alone a rolled one! It turned out okay though and it tasted fine. Then theres some carrot sticks and some grape tomatoes. Doesn’t seem like a lot but it was filling. I also had a little plastic pot that had some soy sauce in it for flavouring the rice, and I had a small pack of sultanas and an apple. I ended up going back over to Little Tokyo at lunch time today to see if they had any furikake (rice seasoning) which they did. Funnily enough most of the seasonings had nori in it (nori is seaweed if you didn’t know), however I thought I’d give them a try so I bought a few different kinds – egg and seaweed, black poppyseed and salt, wasabi (also contains seaweed) and sukiyaki. I used the wasabi as it came in a container whereas the others were all packets. It tasted pretty good – granted I could taste the seaweed but the other flavours (almost) drowned it out lol. (My problem is that I have oversensitive taste buds, and I can tell if there’s something in my food that I don’t like! Mum always tried to sneak something in that might look like something that I would eat but I could always taste it and would go “No you’ve got *** in there and I’m not going to eat it!!” :p) Anyway I’ve made tomorrow’s bento lol. Its just salad which sounds a bit boring but I’m going out for dinner with some friends tomorrow night so I didn’t want anything too fancy for lunch. I’ve also just bought a new bento box plus some accessories via eBay. I’d forgotten I still had an account even though the last thing I bought was back in 2003! The bento box is a special deal, its smaller than the one I have but its 3 tiers plus some extra space under the top lid. It also has a band to keep it together (unlike mine) and includes some extras such as some cups, some bento grass (plastic stuff to separate food) and some little bottles for putting soy sauce into. The plastic tub that I used today is really only good for thicker stuff like the mayonnaise-type salad dressing that I’ve got for my lunch tomorrow, but these little bottles are specifically for the thinner sauces. And they’re cute too! I also bought some little shakers which I’ll put my rice seasonings into. There really are heaps of bento things you can get online which just amazed me. Its funny, but you see all these fancy made bentos where the lunch is turned into a picture of sorts and you go “Wow how did they do that?” and then when you visit eBay stores that sell Bento items, you see all the stuff that these people would probably have used! Moulds, cutters, even stencils to put fancy faces onto the rice! Its pretty cool, though I’m not sure if I really want to go that far lol.

It's Finished!!!!

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The new ReBoot Mayhem website is finally up and running! Huzzah!! Welp, I didn’t finish it all but I got the bulk of it up and running which is better than nothing. Time was still a problem in terms of there was very little of it available for me to be able to really work on the site. That and the fact that I was always buggered after work and never really in the mood to try and concentrate on doing something like this. However, it was at the stage where it was complete enough to be uploaded and available. Now I wonder how many people will come back? Do they remember the site even exists? I could go over to a couple of sites and say “Hey we’re back!” but that’s like someone from one store going into their rival store and announcing at the top of their voices “Come over to our store! Its much better!” lol. Of course advertising on other sites is the way to bring people back so its kind of a catch22. I’ll just see how things go, it’ll probably be quiet anyway since everyone is still unsure as to what is happening with the whole ReBoot ReBorn thingy. Anyway surprise surprise, on top of getting that site up and running I also did a quick revamp of Animay. Its really changed quite a bit in that its not the harsh site it was before (not that it was really harsh, its just that I always used light colours on top of dark colours so it gave it a bit of a harsh look and feel to the site). Its now pastel green, pastel blue and white and I’ve given the mascot a break (DN Angel characters) and added a bit of a romantic, mooshy feel to it lol. Its something different anyway. The movie clips section there is the only thing that isn’t working yet. I’m going to start archiving the movie clips and just have the current years clips on the ftp server. This will keep the space free (hopefully) and its a good housekeeping tip. I’m going to be working on that during this week. Whew its been quite a weekend. I’ve had very little sleep (watching the Worl Cup Rugby Union too which is on late here) working on websites and trying to get everything updated before the end of the weekend. Monday I’ll be taking a break though I’ll probably have to do a bit of fixing since people may have spotted errors on the site. I’ve just thought of one, I haven’t put on the site about where the Fan Fics are going! I’ll put that on my “To do” list…

The End of Another Weekend

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No updates on the RBM rebuild. I’ve done bits here and there but its generally slowed down quite a bit now. I think that I’m getting that ‘losing interest’ feeling again which is a bad sign. I have, however, been roaming the internet looking at options for all sorts of weird and wonderful things to enhance websites, forums and gallery software though all I’ve done in the end is update the Animay Galleries and change the forum skin on the Animay forums lol. I will get back to working on the website this week as I really need to finish it off fairly soon. I’ve now asked my hosts for a bit of extra room to breathe as its getting a bit squishy both on the web server and the ftp server. Obviously there’s a change here too with another new skin implemented. Actually I have a few there to play around with though I actually like this one a bit more than the last one. I’m not keen on going to work tomorrow or for the rest of next week. I’m currently in that ‘I can’t be bothered with all the crap that goes on there’ frame of mind and would prefer to remain at home and sleep (oh and of course work on websites heh..) but there are expectations of me and I know that whenever I take time off, as soon as I return I hear the words “Thank god you’re back!” -_-;; Anyway, things I’ve not been doing – I’ve not played anymore Final Fantasy XII; I’ve hardly worked on the rebuild of the RBM website; I’ve watched very little anime and as a result I have very little space on my hard drive because I’m keeping episodes there temporarily until I’ve watched them. Its funny, the first thing I’ll get asked at work is “Did you watch [insert show there] on the weekend?” or “Did you read the newspaper on the weekend?” and the most asked question will be “How was your weekend?” For me, unfortunately its the same answer every Monday back at work (in order) “No”; “No” and “It was okay.” I reckon those answers are ingrained in me now so that they automatically pop out before they even ask the question! The thing is, I only watch the news on weeknights as we’re usually sitting down to have dinner at that time and the TV is usually on. Other than that I don’t watch any TV on the weekend unless its for watching DVDs or playing my PS2 games. I also very rarely read the paper. We only get the Sunday one anyway and I usually just skip through it. And my weekends are usually filled with working on websites and playing PS2/PC games or watching Anime series or downloaded movies etc which is not terribly exciting to most other people but its about the limit of excitement in my life at the moment 😉 Probably the only really exciting thing that happened this weekend was watching the preview trailer for the new PS3 game “Final Fantasy XIII”. Its still not yet out in Japan so I still have time to wait until the cost of a PS3 comes down to something a bit more reasonable. My nephew did do a deal with EB Games though he sacrificed a lot of games just to get the price down lol. I have very few games so it wouldn’t be much of a price drop for me!

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