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Well I got over my ‘fuming’ moment, though I ended up going home from work early with a sinus headache that only got worse as the day progressed. I spoke with the group I’m involved with and we worked out something, but a day later and the same thing happened so I give up. But I’m not getting angry this time, what’s the point? In the meantime, I’m still having trouble working out cdjapan‘s shipping times. Originally when I ordered Nightmare‘s The WORLD/ALUMINA CD/DVD singles, and 12012‘s Wana single, they both had “Usually ships on release date”. However, a couple of days before their release the wording changed to “Ships in 1-4 days after release”. So why the change? I was worried then that I would not receive my order on time, and sure enough it has only just been shipped today (Thursday). Since we don’t receive mail on Saturday, it won’t get here until Monday, which is a nuisance really. Here’s hoping the same won’t happen with the two GazettE singles. I had thought that for now I’ll order things separately – this is because I ordered all 3 singles together, however the Nightmare singles were ready and could have been shipped yesterday (which would then mean they would have arrived Friday), but because I had it setup to ship when all were released, it meant I had to wait until they had the 12012 single in stock before they’d ship it. Regardless, I am looking forward to having my own copies in my hands :) I’ve now ordered the Bleach 2007 calendar (have already got the .hack//ROOTS-GU calendar on order) and Rip Slyme‘s new single titled “Blow”. I’ve seen the video clip and I laughed my head off, it was a real crack-up! The song is really cool so I had to get it – plus its not an expensive single so I didn’t mind forking out for it.


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I am so completely pissed off right now its not funny. I have provided support to another site for a while now, through only one means that I can, but that support is useless when they fucking release stuff before I even have the chance to get anything out. Its now happened 5 times to me, which means I’ve forgiven them 4 times already but this time its over. I’m not going to continue to be walked over and ignored regardless of how many times I say it or how many times I pre-warn them of impending releases. I mean why fucking bother? I know that I’m writing this while I’m still pissed off, and if I talk about it to work colleagues, well they wouldn’t understand anything about it so I’d just get even more pissed off, so I’m trying to get as much anger out as possible so I can at least get through this day. Its currently only 8:00am here in Adelaide, so there’s a long fucking day ahead of me right now. My only thoughts now are of where I can offload my support/releases too. This is the third time I’ve left a group so I’m not overly keen on joining another one just to be gipped again. The only thing is that I can’t create my own group due mostly to the fact that this sort of stuff would not be allowed on my current host, and they are a great bunch of guys so I don’t want to piss them off either.  I need something a bit stronger in my Boost Juice this morning… >:(

New Theme

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Got bored of the other theme so I updated with a new one. I changed the header and created my own. The original header image looked great but I wanted one to reflect me at the time I changed the theme so I created my own using the original header as a base. The two people in the image are Uruha and Ruki, guitarist and lead vocalist of my favourite VK band The GazettE. Image is originally from one of the fansites – antiPop. The brushes used in the image are from a couple of places, The Fifth Muse Brush Gallery, Obsidian Dawn and echoica.

girugamesh – 13's reborn & Jericho TV Series

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Ah, the power of torrents! Its fantastic actually. You miss an episode or ten and you can download them whenever you want from the internet. I have downloaded TV eps before, but not a lot, and so when I bought the Stargate SG1: Season 9 DVD boxset, I felt like I was missing something. I had seen a couple of episodes of Stargate Atlantis but had never watched it on TV because our free-to-air station completely sucks with their programming, but obviously there was some tie-in between the two series so after watching all of Season 9, I downloaded Season 10 – well the bulk of it anyway lol, and then thought to myself that I should really watch Atlantis just to catch up on things and see whether the two shows intersect. So far I’m almost finished Season 2, and thanks mostly to downloading batch torrents of Season 1 and 2 from the internet. I would buy the DVD box set but all stores are out of stock due to Season 2 about to be released on DVD here (and they’re saving Season 1 boxsets to re-release at a cheaper sale price). But that’s not what I was going to talk about lol, no, I did see all these ads over the past few months of something called Jericho but had no friggin idea what the heck it was. Eventually I worked out it was a TV series and after a quick search online learned that it was going to air (almost) simultaneously around the world – which is kind of cool considering most US shows take months to get here. So anyway, I was looking forward to watching it, but come Thursday night I really ended up not being in the mood to watch any TV. I was tired, grumpy from a bad week at work, and really wasn’t feeling like watching TV. I don’t really watch a lot anyway. So of course this week, I’ve been seeing the adverts for Episode 2 and thought to myself “Maybe I should have watched it after all!”. Meh, why regret missing it when you can download a copy from the net! So I did, and now I have watched episode 1 of the series. Not too bad I must say, its my kind of series so far, but it is only Episode 1 and things can either get progressively worse, stay the same (and get boring) or possibly get better. I’m a fan of ‘odd’ shows like Supernatural, which is currently off air at the moment here (boo!) – and that reminds me, I missed the bulk of the last episode of Season 1, I should go and download it!!! ;-p Anyway, enough of that drivel. I was rather pissed off last week. I had ordered girugamesh’s first album “13′s reborn” which came out last week in Japan. I was really looking forward to it and cdjapan were usually pretty good at getting their new stuff out to me, despite being on the other side of the world. In most cases, it takes two days from when they post it to when it arrives in my letterbox. Of course that’s only because I choose Express post! Anyhoo, usually when something comes out in Japan on Wednesday, I can see on my order on Tuesday night that the order is currently “in shipping process”. This means that they send it out on the actual release date and I usually get it by Friday of the same week. Happy for me! But this time around it got to Tuesday night and it was still saying “not yet shipped”. Wednesday night… same thing. Thursday night… same thing again. It wasn’t until Friday night that the ruddy thing changed to “in shipping process”, which meant that I had to wait over a weekend, in fact it was a looong weekend since we had Labour Day on Monday. Of course, I should actually pay more attention to the little shipping notice under each release. For the 12012 single, it had under it “Ships on release date”. For the next order (which is already ‘in shipping process and is probably moved to ‘shipped’) Alice Nine’s “Number 6″, it has under the release date “Ships on release date”. What did it have under the girugamesh album? “Ships in 1-4 days after release”. Obviously mine just managed to make it into that 1-4 days afterwards… Most unimpressed though… Of course, yay!, it arrived today! And I’ve already listened to it. I did have the opportunity to try and grab it from another site but nooo, I want mine and will only listen to mine :) It’s a great album too. They have released a number of EPs and singles but this is their first actual album release. My favourite songs were on there including “Mouja no Koushin” though its been redone for the album version, and “Fukai no Yami”, both of which I’ve heard on previous releases. The bulk of their songs that they released previously have been redone, although the last song “Kaisen Sengen” seems to be the only one that hasn’t been redone. They aren’t completely different, they just have a slightly different sound to them. Anyway its an awesome album and I’m looking forward to more releases by the band. I have already heard the new Alice Nine single and it seems okay, but its already ordered and on its way so I’ll probably get to like it a bit more once I hear it again. The next one after that that’s on order is Nightmare’s Alumina single. I’ve ordered it twice, but each version has a different PV on it, one for the a-side release and the other for the b-side song. And then finally after that will be the two singles I’ve been hanging out for Gazette’s “Regret” and “Filth In The Beauty”. Oh but in between Alice Nine and Nightmare’s releases there’s a 12012 release too, the second of 3 titled “Wana”. October seems like a great month to me! For Japanese/Visual Kei releases that is… not sure about everything else… >_>

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