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Next-Gen Console Envy

Written by Mayhem on . Posted in Dragon Age, Gaming, PS3, PS4


I have to admit it, I am currently envious of those with a PS4/XBO right now. I never thought I’d get to this point, at least not for a while yet, but now I really do wish I could afford one of these awesome systems. Sure they have their faults, and they don’t have a wide selection of games just yet, but it is building up now. Initially I had planned on buying a new PS3, which I did, near the beginning of the year and would then focus on buying a next gen console the following year or as late as possible (preferably when the prices were down). Now, however, I really want one. So how did this now come about? Well it’s all thanks to one simple game… Dragon Age Inquisition.


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I’ve been meaning to post something about my websites here over the last few weeks so I figured I’d better do it now before the new year is upon us.

So about a month ago I would have had a number of sites still up and running. Animay, Pixelacious (part of ReBoot Mayhem), Tidus & Tifa, ReBoot Mayhem, Edge of Beyond and this site. I’ve been reluctant to get rid of any of these sites, particularly Animay and ReBoot Mayhem mainly because of the length of time they’ve been in operation. However, I had to really re-evaluate why I needed these sites to continue to be running. For your information, I had very little choice but to purchase my own server via my host in order to run these sites. This was mainly the fault of Animay as it is such a large site to run. The cost was $175USD per month which is fine if you have very few other bills to pay but it gets to become a real struggle to make ends meet with such a large chunk coming out of my pay per month (for your information the above can translate to anywhere between that exact amount up to $230AUD pending how the dollar is fairing).

The Sims 4 Build Mode, Part 1

Written by Mayhem on . Posted in Gaming, PC Games, Sims 4

  The Sims 4 Build Mode

One thing I left out of my review last week was the Build and Buy mode in the game. It wasn’t intentional, I just completely forgot about it. I’ve been following some great Sims builders online and they’ve finally given me enough inspiration to begin building a bit more seriously now. I have to admit that towards the middle of a build I tend to start feeling ‘over it’ as it just takes so long, but many other Sims builders have the skills to be able to build awesome houses in shorter amounts of time. I’m hoping eventually I’ll get to that stage too but for now its still early days so I’ll work through it my way (slowly).

I think at this stage the build options are great but there is still room for improvement, and additional options. The above image is from a house I just recently completed. Nobody lives in it yet, I just decided to have a go at building something to it’s completed stage. At the moment, my current family, the Kennedy’s, live in a house that is not quite complete yet. Most of the walls are bare but this was deliberate as Angelina is an artist so naturally all the walls will be covered in her own work (masterpieces of course). Her son is also a creative soul so he may also paint pictures to hang around the house. Also I had created a separate playroom for their son, but now that Angelina is pregnant again, that playroom will be turned into a second children’s bedroom. So their house is still a work in progress.

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