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I hate crowds

Written by Mayhem on . Posted in General Rubbish, Shopping

Shopping is supposed to be a fun experience, though it can become stressful when you’re not buying for yourself, or you have a limited budget. It gets even more stressful when its near holiday seasons such as Christmas when you have to fight with the crowds in order to bag a bargain. With me and shopping there’s a specific thing see. I rarely go out shopping unless I know what I want and where I want to go to get it or check a price for it. With that in mind, I guess you could say I have a set time limit – regardless of whether I’m doing this shopping during my work lunch hour or over the weekends when I have a bit more time. For me I want to get into the store, find what I want, get served quickly and get out of the store. Simple. But when you’ve got crowds involved, its a different matter and I get extremely pissed off with people – both store clerks and shoppers. My pet peeves with other shoppers are:
  • Not having their wallet/purse out at the ready when they get to the check out. These people wait until the cashier tells them the total cost of the items they’ve bought before they begin fishing around in the bottom of their bag for their wallet/purse. They then search through every single pocket looking for the exact change – my guess is so that they think they’ve done their good deed for the day. Others tend to suddenly realise they have a Fly Buys card too and start fishing around in their purse/wallet or their bag for their card.
  • Too many items. We all get caught with this – wanting to go through the Express checkout that says “3 Items or Less” or “12 items or Less” depending on the store. We might have 4, or 15 but usually the cashiers don’t care too much and most other shoppers don’t mind if you’ve got one or two items over the ‘required’ amount. However I have been caught on a few occasions in the Express Checkout behind people who have something like double or triple the required amount. They don’t give rats about what anyone else thinks, they just can’t be bothered moving their trolley one aisle over to where they should be and instead cause more stress for those of us with only small amounts of items. Similarly I have seen some people get peeved with those that have small amounts of items standing in the ‘regular’ check out queues. Their reactions are usually “Go stand in the Express queue and let me get through!”.
  • Queue jumpers. Yesterday I went to EB Games (bad experience for the first time in that shop) and bought some items. The store clerk said I could get one of a number of free games on offer and directed me back over to the wall where the free games were located. I picked one out – only took me half a minute to decide – and then turned around to see someone standing in my spot. A woman who had a Wii console in a bag and had shoved it onto their service desk, which was already small as it was. She refused to move, even though nobody was available to serve her and quite clearly I was already being served first. It made it difficult for me to be able to sign the visa docket, and it made it difficult for the store clerk who had to almost bend down to look under the package she had plonked onto the service desk in order to see the screen for the cash register (theirs are usually built into the service desk). She kept tsking and sighing as if she were the one and only important person in the store that nobody was serving. What pissed me off even more was that, because of her rudeness and the fact that her attitude and where she was standing was clearly making the store clerk uncomfortable (and making it difficult to serve me), he fucking left out one of the items that I bought. I didn’t realise it until later that night when I went through the bag and saw that one item was missing. He was being pushed by this stupid bitch into serving her and fixing up whatever the hell her problem was with the Wii. That and suddenly the store went from practically zero shoppers to 15 all waiting to be served. 
  • People who don’t know what they want. Usually I go in and I have an idea of the item I want and what features I want with the item. If I can’t find it first, then I’ll find a store clerk and tell them what I want and what they can recommend. They usually give you a couple of options and recommend one over the other – you basically place your trust in them to be right – and then you buy the item, end of story. Other shoppers however come in and go straight to a counter and spend all their time looking through every item and asking about 50 bazillion questions of each item – and then going back to the first item they chose, then changing their mind and picking out a different one, then going back to the second item they looked at – and so on etc.  The immediate words that come into my head are “Just pick one of them for fucks sake and let the rest of us get served!!!”
  • Stoppers. I don’t know what else to call them but you know when you are walking along the mall behind many people and all of a sudden the people or person in front decides to stop right there to look at something. And I’m not talking about veering off the main mall path and moving closer to a store to see what’s in there, I mean stopping, right in the middle of busy pedestrian traffic to look around. Not only do you have to suddenly come to a halt yourself but you have to walk around them too, usually trying to avoid other pedestrians who have been forced to walk around this stopped person. Blockers are another form of these stoppers, however they are usually already there when you come along. There’s many times I’ve walked through the mall and come to basically an area where its become a tight squeeze to move around because a group of people decided to just stop and have a chat, ignoring everyone else around them and making it difficult to get past. Teenage blockers are the worst. They usually stand there chatting to their friends, and then get a bit energetic and start pushing each other around playfully, knocking them into other pedestrians or chucking stuff around that end up hitting one or two pedestrians.
In terms of store clerk peeves here’s a few I have:
  •  Not knowing the product. The problem with department stores is because they are filled with a variety of goods, their store clerks only know where the products are located and not necessarily anything about the product itself. Only a few sections in department stores seem to have dedicated staff who know what they’re talking about. What’s worse is when you go to a specialty store like an electrical store and they still don’t know much about the products in their store. These people either need further training or they need to find another job.
  • Lack of staff. This always happens at peak times. You come through to the checkouts, doesn’t matter if its a department store or a supermarket, the lines are packed and there’s only two serving. Its not until they get down to about 5 people left to serve when they decide to open up more checkouts. In the mean time, they’ve caused frustration and anger in their customers and often I’ve seen customers walk out.
  • Staff too busy chatting to serve. These come in many forms. The most common form is the staff talking to each other and ignoring customers. Most specialty stores usually have a store clerk who comes up to the customer and asks them “Would you like any help?”. However I know for a fact that that is not the case in some of these specialty stores. One store I went into, I was looking for a new clock radio. I stood there in front of the clock radios and tried to look as helpless as possible. No use – nobody budged from their station as they were busy talking to their co-workers about what they were doing this weekend. As you can guess, I walked out empty handed and they pretty much lost a customer. This happened again not so long ago – different store though. I went in, there was one person behind the counter who was on the phone with their head store. One person who was dealing with another customer, and another store clerk who was looking in drawers and shifting things about. While I knew that it was not much point dealing with the guy behind the counter, or the guy already with a customer, the third guy completely ignored me, even though I had that “I’m totally confused about your products” look on my face. Again, I left agitated and they lost a customer. There’s also the store clerk/staff member who tends to talk while they’re serving you and end up taking half an hour to serve you when they could have done it in 5 minutes.
  • Lazy staff. Another experience that happened yesterday. I went to a department store and picked up a few items. I then went looking for a game that I wanted and luckily enough this store had it. Now with department stores who sell games and DVDs and stuff, they usually have an Entertainment Service Desk where you go to get pay for these items rather than going all the way down to the check outs. When I got to the service desk there were only two people serving. Also there were the “I don’t know what I want” shoppers and “I’m more important to be served before anyone else” shoppers. On top of that the two were being slow, and one of them said to the other when he went to use the cash register and realised he couldn’t because there was no paper for the dockets “Oh I just took it and put it in my cash register”.  She then used the excuse “I couldn’t leave the desk” as a reason for why she did what she did. In the end, while there were several customers still waiting to be served, the other store clerk had to call through to their supervisor to get another roll of paper for the cash register. Something the first store clerk could have done before it got too busy. Following that I headed to the checkouts to pay for all my items. The store clerk was being chatty which is fine but not when it takes her 10-15 minutes to serve each customer!! She was so slow – she’d stop and chat, and then pack an item, then she’d stop and chat again, almost like she thought every customer had plenty of time to be standing around chatting with her.
There’s plenty more but I won’t bore you with more crap about shopping. It just pissed me off over the weekend because everything that happened above, happened yesterday when I went out shopping. I came home feeling tired, stressed and completely pissed off. Now I have to go back to EB Games and get the item they forgot to stick in the bag. Every time I think of that it pisses me off even more!! I hate crowds!!!!

Gidgetal Shot #003

Written by Mayhem on . Posted in Gidgetal Photos

With all the renovations and things happening, I’ve been buying a few bits and pieces for storage since there’s a lot of crap around the place that I don’t use on a regular basis but don’t particularly want to throw out. With my new bedroom suite, I had some space under the bed and thought the better option would be to get some plastic tubs that are big enough to fit a lot of stuff in but not too tall that it won’t go under the bed. These plastic tubs were definitely the right size, and Gidget thought they were just right for her to have a snooze in lol. In fact that wasn’t the only item she decided to jump into – there was a basket of things that was emptied and as soon as it was emptied she jumped into it; then there was a set of drawers which I took the two bottom drawers out to fix up and she jumped in the hole they left behind; and finally I had put a lot of my bedroom stuff in boxes temporarily until my new bedroom suite came. When it came I started unpacking them and one was a shoebox that Gidget decided she should sit in once it was empty. She couldn’t do much in it, not even turn around or stretch out like in this photo, but she did it all the same. You probably can’t tell here, but she is quite skinny. She got worse yesterday so we took her around to the Vets for a check up. The Vet checked her over and said that he’d need to take a blood sample and send it off for testing but he was pretty sure that she had overactive thyroid glands. These were making her heart beat extremely fast, causing all the stuff that she ate to become toxic (hence her being sick or having diorrhea a lot, as well as being hungry because it just emptied her stomach). However he was also concerned about her drinking a lot of water and said that there could be kidney problems as well, which wouldn’t be good. On top of that she had fleas! She’s never had fleas in her life, so it was quite a shock to me to see one roaming around on her backside. She has scratched away at her back where the flea was and lost a lot of fur. The fur that’s still left is like straw instead of smooth and soft like it used to be. Today we received the results back from her tests and its not good. Its definitely her Thyroid glands but they’re in a pretty bad way. Unfortunately they can’t do any surgery because she probably wouldn’t survive, so she needs to go onto some tablets first and then we’ll see how she does. We then will have an option, if the tablets are working, on whether we want to put her through surgery and have the thyroid glands removed, or leave her on the tablets, which she’d have to have for the rest of her life. She’s 13 years old which is means she’s not a young cat anymore, though she still acts it sometimes. She’s a big baby too, always wanting me to cuddle her – moreso now than before. The Vet surgery didn’t have any of the tablets in but should have them on Thursday so we’ll pick them up then. They then want us to call them back after she’s been on the tablets for a week and let them know how she’s reacting to them, and then after three weeks they’ll do another blood test and they should be able to check if her kidneys are okay. See the problem is, if we leave her and don’t treat her, her condition would degenerate and she would most likely suffer a heart attack and die. But I won’t let that happen, I’d rather she lived a quality life for however much longer she has left in her (I’ve heard some cat have lived for over 20 years, Gidget may still have that length of time left so I’d rather make her comfortable than have to suffer). My poor bubby

The Stress Factor (and another blog change)

Written by Mayhem on . Posted in Anime, Gaming, General Rubbish

Howdy Well this weekend I’ve experienced the same type of stress that I felt when I first moved into my new house. Massive headache that made me want to throw up all the time. Last week I was stressing at work – mostly after some client called me incompetent (even though I’m not quite psychic enough to know what’s going on in every client’s lives to be able to guess what they are doing when I call and make any changes) followed by the fact that it had been three weeks since I’d signed the contract for my new kitchen and I’d heard nothing from them – even after I made the deposit. The stress only made it self known after I spoke about the incident with the client with fellow work colleagues (who said its just that time of year and not to care what others think) and when I finally got a call yesterday to confirm the installation date for my new kitchen. It was after that that the headache settled in :\ At least I can relax a little now. Hopefully this week will go off a little better than last week, though it is almost Xmas and we’ve been in the ‘silly season’ mode since the beginning of November with possibly no let up until Christmas day when everything is closed. I’m taking a four week break and I can tell you now that I’m looking forward to it. On another positive note… I bought myself an X-Box 360. Its decidedly cheaper than the PS3, and as yet there’s no FFXIII out on PS3 until next year so I’m not too concerned about getting one just yet. I am now mulling over a variety of games for the XB but at this stage only have the two freebies that came with it plus a couple of games I bought. The two freebies were Viva Pinata and Forza 2. The ones I bought were Kameo (one of the first to be released when the console came out) and Blue Dragon. I’m an RPG type of player though I do venture into other areas if I’m tempted enough. At the moment I like the look of Assassin’s Creed but am not sure whether its a game I would actually enjoy myself or prefer to watch someone else play lol. Its expensive and I’m kind of watching the budget at the moment so it might be a ‘next year’ thing. Can’t say I’m looking forward to work tomorrow but it’ll at least be a short week next week as I’ve got a couple of days off (maybe) for when the kitchen gets installed. Someone needs to be home! And yes the site changed again. Perhaps I should change my little tagline there since its not very dark here! If you’re wondering who they are up there… I can’t remember the names lol but the first one is from Gakuen Heaven (Boys Love game and anime), the second one is Harukanaru Toki no Naka De and the third one is La Corda d’Oro ~Primo Passo~ .

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