Sims 4 T-House Build – Part 2


So there was an update last week where they finally brought back dishwashers. The upside is.. dishwashers! The down side is… one dishwasher. That’s the only choice you have, though at least there are some colour palettes to choose from. This is, of course, in anticipation of their upcoming release this week of the Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack so hopefully this means more options for dishwashers. I have placed a dishwasher into the new house, but as I may change all the cupboards and appliances depending on what comes out in this stuff pack, I didn’t take any new screenshots. Continue reading

Sims 4 T-House Build – Part 1

Sime 4 T-House Build

So I’ve finished Dragon Age: Inquisitions (at last), well actually I finished it a while ago I just haven’t posted anything about it. I have downloaded the DLC pack “Jaws of Hakkon” but have not played much of it. From my point of view, you really need to increase your level before playing that DLC but that’s another story. I also started re-playing the Mass Effect Trilogy and am currently half way through the third and final chapter but have put that aside for a little bit. I’ve now gone back to Sims 4 again now that they’ve released more packs and add-ons. Of course, they’ve now released news that there’ll be a Kitchen pack coming out and that dishwashers will be making a return (free update) soon so this build I have at the moment may change when this new pack comes out. Continue reading

Sims 4: Get To Work XP

Sims 4 Get To Work - Doctor

So EA and Maxis finally released the first expansion pack for Sims 4, aptly named “Get To Work”. This is not the first pack released, it’s just the first expansion pack with the first “game pack” being “Outdoor Retreat”. I did not get Outdoor Retreat but I definitely picked up Get To Work. There are a few bugs, which is normal for a first release, and I’m sure EA/Maxis are working on getting the first update patch out as soon as they can. Continue reading