I originally started Mayhem-Online as an RPG site, where I’d created my own RPG which was run on a forums program (IPB). At the time it worked reasonably well except for the time-constraint. Due to that, and it didn’t seem to really develop the way I wanted it to, I abandoned the idea and ended up turning it into a shrine/blog about some of my favourite Japanese musicians – namely Gackt. The site then moved towards being more of a blog about everything I was interested in and has been that way ever since.

In the past, I actually had around 4 websites I was running at the same time – Mashsomemetal.com (no longer exists), SeegeeMayhem.com (no longer exists), ReBoot Mayhem and the messageboards for ReBoot Mayhem called Edge of Beyond. ReBoot Mayhem has been the original, and longest running site I have worked on. The message boards, Edge of Beyond were originally a part of the site, but when Season 4 of ReBoot arrived, the boards became overly popular and Smoovenet (my previous host) suggested that I move them off of the main site and onto a domain of their own. SeegeeMayhem focused on CG animation TV series and movies, MashSomeMetal was a site focused on the series Heavy Gear (animtion show). SeeGeemayhem eventually folded due to lack of resources, and was replaced by Animay.net. MashSomeMetal was losing interest for me, and it was replaced by GearJammin.net, which was the forums for MSM (which still retained some activity). Animay originally had a huge image gallery of screenshots taken from various and new anime series, but it got the better of me (time-wise) and I had to ditch that part of it and focus on scans, desktop wallpapers and movie clips instead. GearJammin ended up being lost in the ether with the activity decreasing to a bare minimum, so the site was shut down. Mayhem-Online was created sometime in amongst all of this as well as an off-shoot from the site called Midnight Crow, however that site also didn’t last long and was eventually shut down. Animay came back with a vengeance when I realised that the screencaps were extremely popular and people wanted them back on the site, so I found some programs to assist with creating the screencaps more efficiently and Animay started over again with screencaps from new series. Out of all my sites, Animay is now the biggest!

Originally I was born in New Zealand and was adopted at the age of 2 by my Great Aunt. So I was still within the family, but kind of dropped from my generation back into the generation of my biological parents. I spent my first 13 years in New Zealand, most of which was spent shifting house and shifting schools. This was because after my father died when I was 5 years old, the house we lived in was too big for us and my mum wanted to shift closer to my sister who had only (at the time) become married and had her first child. Other factors involved the cost of the places we lived in and mum finding ways to support me and her mother. Eventually my sister and her husband came up with the idea of shifting to Australia. At the time, my youngest brother (though he’s 20 years older than me) was married to an Australian and had shifted over there after they married. We had gone back and forth from NZ to Australia to visit him and his new family. My eldest brother was the first to uproot his family and shift over. My mum and I were the next and then my sister followed, albeit without her husband (whom she divorced not long after).

I’ve been living in Australia for over 20 years, went to High School here and now work in the government sector. I’m a big fan of all things Japanese – with the exception of the food lol – and love games like the Sims, Final Fantasy and various others that I can’t remember the name of right now. I’ve loved music from a young age, was mostly brought up on Country and Classical, but I love all genres (though my heart leans more towards rock than any other genre). I am still a beginner when it comes to website development, and try to learn as much as I can but tend to find the easiest option as I’m usually too lazy to get all fancy with stuff lol.