Hay Fever = Cold

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I’m not sure how many people get Hay Fever and a cold at the same time but I happen to be one of them. Monday night I could feel the hay fever hitting me like a ton of bricks. I didn’t have any tablets on hand, unfortunately, and suffered the consequences the following day when it was a scorcher and the pollen count was apparently massively huge. However I also felt the affects of an oncoming cold, so if you’ve had a bad dose of hay fever, try upping that a few more notches and then you’ll know how I felt at the best of times! I ended up taking today off just to see if I could battle the cold before it takes hold of me. So far its… well its still there but I seem to be getting the upper hand… I think. I may have been stuck at home but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t doing anything! One of my 2008 calendars that I’d ordered from overseas arrived on Tuesday so with the day off today I decided to try and scan in the images. Talk about a pain in the ass!! Anime calendars are huge, in fact probably the bulk of the calendars from Japan are too big! Nevertheless they are awesome so I had to try and keep my patience while I began scanning the calendar pages. Luckily they have two months per page so usually there’s only 6 pages to scan plus the cover on top of that. I managed to get it all done though and am reasonably pleased with the end result. I don’t know what it is with scanners these days but why won’t they scan in straight? Maybe its just HP scanners since those are the only scanners I’ve ever had, but if you put the image against the edges of the scanner glass, you would think it should come out dead straight yes? No! They don’t! So all the images are slightly off kilter, but I wasn’t going to rotate them around, Photoshop does some weird things whenever I use the rotate option so I prefer to avoid if where possible. The images are still good, though, I thought that at least if you had the whole of each character scanned in, then it didn’t matter too much about borders and such that show its on a slight angle. On top of doing that, I uploaded 581 screencaps to the Screencaps gallery in Animay. All for one album! I did the screencaps for the movie “BLEACH: Memories of Nobody” which is a great film. I love the characters from BLEACH 🙂 I’ve still been making bento lunches each day I go to work, though last night I anticipated that I may not be going to work so I didn’t bother making one. Tomorrow I’ll be having some rice I had left over, and a couple of mini-pita sandwiches as well as a yoghurt and possibly some rice crackers. At least its only two more days left in the week so if I’m still feeling crook it won’t matter too much. Monday next week is a public holiday, the last one until Christmas, and I’ve already put in for Tuesday as a day off so I’ve got a long weekend to get over this cold – and get some work done on the sites!

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I’ve been through more music devices than I can count, and I’ve always been happiest with the Apple line, especially now that the drives are all flash! Glad to hear you’re happy with your purchases. 😀

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