ME3: Leviathan

Leviathan DLC

I’ve been playing the ME trilogy a few times now, well I’m on my 3rd run through ME3 right now, and was excited when Bioware announced a DLC pack for ME3 called “Leviathan“. I downloaded it yesterday which was good timing as I’d just completed my umpteenth run through ME2 with my femshep so I was able to test out the new DLC (after going through the first priority and other necessary missions).

So what did I think of it? Well it was great! I liked the idea of Bioware giving us a bit more insight into the history of the Reapers, and that they tried to make this one a bit scary at the same time (it wasn’t really scary but it had tense moments in it.) With this DLC you will find yourself travelling back and forth a lot between the Citadel and a few planets/systems in the galaxy. You of course don’t have to do it all at once, you could easily go elsewhere and continue one of the side missions or priority mission (I think) but I was keen to find out what this was all about. I also chose to take the same support characters with me on all the missions to do with this DLC. EDI is a must have for your visits to Dr Bryson’s lab, but you don’t have to take her with you on your missions to other planets, however I found it easier to just bring her along anyway. My other support character was James. Cortez also gets a bit more game time appearance than usual, and becoming a part of the game itself (though you can’t actually use him as a support member). When the Kodiak shuttle crashes a distance from you, he’s out there shooting out at the enemies until you get there. He then provides you with the batteries in order to open up a section of the platform you are on in order to access a mech. There are a lot more Reaper forces thrown at you in this one, and I fully expected the ‘indoctrinated’ were going to suddenly attack my group – they were really creepy lol.

All in all it was a great addition to an already great game. Plus you get some extra War Assets while scanning planets there.

Speaking of planet scanning, on my second play through I used the ME3 Hint Book this time around. I only used it to determine where war assets were located in order to bring them up as close to the 4,000 mark as possible. Originally the number you needed to reach for all endings was 5,000+ but after Bioware released the DLC that gave you an extended ending, they also brought down the number required for all possible endings. This was good as it also allowed my support members to actually survive that final battle. I also thought they did a reasonably good job with the extended ending and the further description of what happens after Shephard makes their final choice. Granted it would have been cooler if they had included a lot more new animation/video sequences but I can understand that they really just needed images in order to ‘tell’ what happened next. The final scene is also quite touching too.

I am happy with my current femshep, she’s done really well, so the next thought is to actually run with her again through all three games. Basically it will be the first time I will reload a character into ME and then use that character in ME2 and ME3. If I’m really happy with her, I may load her up in ME2 or just skip through to ME3 and play the game with a reloaded character. I have never done this before, I’ve always started my characters from scratch so this will be interesting in the extra opportunities it can open up (levelling and points mainly, but also achievements).