New Figures

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New Figures

Before Christmas I had pre-ordered the Figuarts Zero Ichigo Kurosaki Last Gekkatensho figure created by Bandai. It was due to come out late December/early January. Right before Christmas was when I decided to get my PC fixed and discovered that the problem had been the CPU which ended up costing me all the pay I had left over (after bills and groceries etc) and I wouldn’t be paid again for another fortnight. Sure enough, I received a request about a day after Christmas asking to pay for the figure. Obviously in having no money I couldn’t pay for it and ended up apologising to HLJ. They thanked me for my honesty and (unfortunately) cancelled the order. After all Ichigo was extremely popular and within two days after release, it was off the shelves. I was pretty sad about that and figured that would be it. None of the other online stores I buy from had him in stock as he’d sold out quickly.

But all good things come to those who wait! About a month ago I was looking through the list of Figuarts coming out and as I scrolled through the list there was Ichigo! He was low in stock but he was there! I snapped him up immediately (thankfully I had the money this time around!) And now he’s in my collection ^_^

The design for him is brilliant. I liked how the hair is partly translucent as it gives him a somewhat ‘godly glow’ (or should I say ‘shinigami-glow’ lol). He comes with a stand that has his name on it and his sword with black ‘flames’ coming out of it. These flames are also slightly translucent towards the outer ends making it really look like its on fire. The only downside I found was the difficulty I had in putting that sword into his hand. It doesn’t really fit snugly and you have to really push it to get it partially in or at least far enough in so that it won’t fall out. Other than that, I’m really pleased with it. I’m not really aiming to buy lots of Figuarts – they seem to focus more on One Piece and Kamen Rider, but occasionally bring out characters from other series. I suppose it will depend on the character for me.

I’ve also now added a new PVC Character to my collection. Luke Fon Fabre from the game and anime series “Tales of the Abyss”. This has got to be the best PVC I have received! The detailing is fabulous, the sculpt itself is incredible and the colouring is amazing! Luke comes with a second head that has his shorter hair and I was absolutely thrilled with the ease you have with interchanging heads. There is nothing flimsy about the connector, its nice and solid and easily slides into place and you know you will not be able to break it so easily! I have bought action figures in the past that have these connectors that are supposed to make interchanging parts easy, but they have usually been flimsy little things that break even with the gentlest of touches. This figure doesn’t have that flaw thank goodness. His arm comes out too though I’m not 100% sure why. The image on the piece of paper that gives you the instructions seems to indicate that you need to pull his arm out before taking his head off and changing it over, though it seemed to still work fine without having to take his arm off. The sword also slides in nice and neatly and is quite firmly held with no worries that it will fall out as soon as you move the figure. The base is also solid and once again there are solid pegs for the figure to slot onto – no rickety movement and I definitely didn’t have to force the figure onto the pegs in order to get it standing firmly. Izaya Orihara is my only other PVC made by Alter and it too had some clear and strong connectors so I’d have to say that Alter make some great PVC sculpts. (My Masaomi Arikawa PVC was made by Movic).

Next PVC figure to come is another one by Alter, its also a re-release – Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia. I’m looking forward to getting that one! He is coming out in June I believe. Also coming out in June and on m list is the G.E.M Kamui from Gintama. He’s not made by Alter though Megahouse do make some good stuff. This will be my first Megahouse PVC. I then don’t have another PVC release coming out until August when Flynn Scifo from Tales of Vesperia, also another re-release comes out, and the other I have on order is Shizuo Heiwajima from DRRR!! Both from Alter. I’ve also just pre-ordered a couple of Play Arts Kai figures from Square EnixCommander Shepherd and Garrus Vakarian from Mass Effect 3!! Commander Shepherd doesn’t really look like himself though I have to say that not all Square Enix figures are that great when it comes to the sculpt. These are also action figures so the will have smaller connectors but more moveable parts (which can also equal more breakable parts). Garrus looks awesome though – so glad he’s coming out! There is an Ashley Williams figure as well but she too doesn’t look like Ashley and I’m was never keen to buy her anyway. If they bring out any other characters namely Thane, Tali or even Legion would be cool though its unlikely that all the characters would be released. Its just a shame that Shepherd doesn’t come with a helmet so you can cover that weird looking face they’ve given him… just sayin’…

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