ME3 Finished At Last

ME3 Finished

Now I know most players would have picked up the game and played it straight out until they’d finished the storyline just to see how it ended, and then went back to do all the side missions and such. Not me. Though I didn’t spend my whole time undertaking side missions, I just kind of delayed the inevitable ending. Every gamer I’d bumped into who had played and finished the game said to me “So the ending sucked didn’t it?” to which I’d just shrug my shoulders at it and move on. In the end it got the better of me and I had to look up how the game played out. Suffice it to say it wasn’t really anything I wouldn’t have expected and I had the time to mull it over in my head before forging ahead with the game. I didn’t really see where it sucked but perhaps people were referring to all three endings rather than just one (I’ve only just completed it and chosen one ending so I wouldn’t know the others but I have read about them). I won’t spoil it for anyone who has yet to play the game but I didn’t see it as being a ‘sucky’ ending.

So my Mass Effect 3 playthrough consisted of a femshep, but the disappointing part of it was that her facial features from ME2 wouldn’t translate across so I had to reconstruct her face from scratch. I don’t think I got it completely accurate but close enough for the purpose of the game. The major points that translate across the game for the character I chose were:

  • Rescued Kaiden on Virmire
  • Wrex lived
  • Spared the Rachni Queen
  • Killed the Council
  • Had a relationship with Kaiden
  • 12 of 13 squadmates survived the Collector suicide mission
  • Saved Maelon’s genophage data
  • Rewrote the Heretics
  • Killed Morinth
  • Destroyed the Collector Base
  • Had no relationship during ME2 (ie no affairs, stayed faithful to Kaiden!!)

There are other major decisions that didn’t appear when you look at the import data of your characters created but you can see the results later. For example, I did the “Bring Down the Sky” mission on ME (DLC) and let Balak live with this femshep. He reappears later in ME3. I didn’t, however, complete the Overlord DLC but bumped into the Dr who was a part of it and it was mentioned when interfacing with the Geth. I’m a real romantic so my major desire was to see Kaiden and Shepherd together again, and, while it took them a while to sort their issues out, I was glad it worked out in the end (of course only with my nudging here and there lol). He is such a hot character!! Ahem… anyway, the battles were similar to the previous games though as with ME2 you can duck for cover and then climb over objects, but with ME3 they enhanced it with allowing you do a roll into cover and the arrows that appeared at least gave you the indication that Shepherd was in the right spot to be able to make their move from cover to cover. There’s also the option to sneak up behind an enemy and from cover, jump out and hit the enemy from behind. Sometimes it worked but I didn’t get the opportunity very often.

In regards to the enemies faced in ME3, well there’s the usual Husks whom I detest and despise because they just run around and try to bite you which is stupid, but they are a form of synthetic zombies so that’s naturally what they’ll do. The Geth do play a part in it but only up to a point depending on choices made in previous games and in ME3 itself. The new enemies you face off are synthetic versions of other life forms. Namely Turians (called Marauders) and Asari (called Banshee). The Turians are the better enemy, they just shoot at you and have shields which can be destroyed. I prefer these types of enemies. Banshee on the other hand use biotic attacks and can zip from one spot to a much closer spot in the blink of an eye which means you really need to move quickly. Their major attack can hit you from anywhere, even if you are in cover (well some of the time you are in cover). There are Cannibals which are apparently based on Batarians, similar to Marauders they shoot at you but can also enhance themselves by cannibilising fallen enemies in order to regain health, and Marauders can stack armour over them as well. Ravagers are based on the rachni. They’re like miniature cannons but you can kill them off fairly easily. You just need to watch out for their spawn that comes out of the sacks attached to their bodies. The biggest of them all is the Harvester. It can transport enemy troops to you as well as send heavy fire your way. They can take you out quite quickly if you’re not careful. They’re mostly plated with armour. Despite the Harvester being the biggest and deadliest, I can say that the one I hated the most was the Brute. Bloody hard to kill and if there are a number of them you can be overwhelmed pretty quickly. I think my femshep has only ever died from being attacked by these bastards. They’re part Turian, part Krogan though their movements are similar to that of the Yahg encountered in the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC (ie the charging). I was always trying to move Shepherd away from the bastards and get to cover, she is quicker than them (except when they charge) but she would always end up in cover in front of them! Damn stupid cover option! You of course face of other enemies as well with the bulk of the ‘human’ enemies being that of Cerberus and your former boss (and saviour for that matter) the Illusive Man.

Anyway the game has been played, I made my choices and its all over. But I haven’t yet completed the game since I didn’t do all the side missions and hub missions (I did complete all N7 missions though). I will most definitely pick it up again and play through once more, possibly with the original Shepherd or with another femshep character I saved from previous games. I’ve read a few blogs and posts from some gamers who go a bit stupid with plot holes and “I HATE [insert character name here]!!!” and other such nonsense. Its a game people, enjoy it for its entertainment value. If you didn’t like how things went, write a fan fic story or something to make it the way you want it! Well at least it vents the frustration in a more creative way rather than ranting about it for pages and pages and pages….