Work time is over

I’ve been spending the holidays cleaning out a lot of crap from the garage and other rooms in the house. I am by no means finished as there’s still a bit I could go through but its too late now, I’ll be stuck glued to the TV with aching wrists and fingers by the end of the week (which is 3 days from now if the end of the week ends on Sunday).

It was payday today and also release day for a couple of cool games one of which I’d already pre-ordered, the other I had played the demo of and had been umming and ahhing over wheter to get it or not – as you can see I got it ^_^. Of  course the hardest decision now is which one do I start with first?

I will, however, be doing other stuff as I can get some anime raws screencapped while playing since I don’t have to do much except get the program running – so there’s still work being done though not as much as there should be.

Will post a review of either or both games in the next couple of days.