FFXV Gallery and other stuff

It’s March already! Man where did the time go? So I’ve been meaning to do this for a little while, namely as soon as I delved into the world of screenshot-taking on the PS4 which wasn’t really all that long ago at all, but finally it’s up. I put up a gallery for some of the Final Fantasy XV screenshots I’ve taken on the PS4. That little tool is quite handy, it’s just a shame it took me so long to use it! You’ll notice that the pictures start from when the gang are heading off to Altissia to face off Leviathan, so pretty much half the game has been completed already by this point, though I do take the opportunity to call upon Umbra to return so I can continue some other adventures as well (and more screenshots). Hope it works okay as this is a new gallery plugin I’m using and it took me pretty much all day to get it working the way I wanted it to.

Right now I’m not actually playing the game, I have been playing it on and off each weekend but this weekend I decided to take a break. I actually managed to finish the game for a second time, and this time I took the option of returning via Umbra rather than starting a new game all over. And it immediately initiated a few extra quests which don’t appear until you have finished the game, including getting the Regalia Type-F. I love the design of that car, but as for flying… meh. I still like to just travel the open road rather than the open sky. Yeah okay I admit it I suck at flying, but I’m glad you don’t have to always fly around with this new car, it still looks really stylish though.

Anyway, I took a break from the game to play Dragon Age Inquistion this weekend. Considering the next DLC for FFXV isn’t until the end of the month I thought I’d attempt to play another game prior to the 23rd of March (I’ll talk about that in a moment). I do like the game play but it feels so different in comparison to playing FFXV. They are different games yes, but I guess that FFXV is still quite nicer looking, though there’s still a lot of scenic eye candy around in DAI. I started playing one of the DLC for DAI – The Descent. It doesn’t really state a minimum level to play the game (unlike Jaws of Hakkon which states you must be a minimum of Level 20 to play), so I thought I’d give it a go. I did read up that you probably should be level 20, but said if you were at least level 16 when going in and had high level weapons and armour you may do okay. Boy I should learn to wait. I struggled with playing the game at Level 16. Only the Inquisitor had the higher level weapon and armor, but that still didn’t do much against the hoardes of darkspawn you come up against. And I’ve yet to meet the final boss (I had to take a break at the final camp site). Still, I had a go and managed to get to the point where I’m about to meet the final boss and of course levelled up in the process which is good.

Now onto March 23rd. For those of you lucky enough to be in a country where the release is March 21st, I envy you. I am going to be heading off to EB Games either this week or early next week to ask if I can come in early to collect my beloved. Yes, Mass Effect: Andromeda drops on March 23rd here in Australia. I have ordered the super-duper Collectors Edition which is no longer available to pre-order and am due to collect it in-store on the day. Initially I was impressed by the game but not overly excited by it as I was still so busy looking forward to playing FFXV at the time. But in the last month or two, I’ve been getting really excited for this game thanks to all the videos and information that Bioware have been releasing. It’s looking like an awesome game. I know, on the day of it’s release there’s more than likely going to be a few snags here and there, that’s standard with all game releases, but regardless, I can’t wait for the day. I had actually been looking at buying that Horizon game just this weekend, but changed my mind because of how close it is to the release of ME:A – because I only get weekends to play and there’s like two weekends left (weekend we just had and next weekend), and that’s not a lot of time to play around with a new game. Because I tell you now, my entire focus on the weekend of the 25th (thankfully I have the Friday off so it starts earlier) will be on this game and this game alone. Even Episode Gladiolus, due out the following week, will have to wait it’s turn. Though again, I just saw this weekend the promo clip for that episode and that looks awesome too! Great job Square Enix!

For now, however, I return to DAI and see if I can defeat this final boss to complete the level. Wish me luck!