At Last! / Final Fantasy XV

I have returned at last! Though that’s not actually what the “At Last!” part of the title means. It means “At Last I Own A PS4!”. Yep that’s right, I finally got one. And I ended up forking out the extra cash for the Pro version. Considering it’s my first PS4, why not go all the way? Granted I don’t actually have a UHD TV… yet… but I still felt it was the better choice at the time. So what was the first game I bought when I picked up the PS4?? No, actually not Final Fantasy XV, I got The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition. I’d downloaded the free copy through Steam but it doesn’t play on my machine unfortunately. It plays beautifully on the PS4 though. I don’t recommend going with the mods on the PS4, I thought it would be great but after installing some it just continued to crash so I removed them all. Only after I bought the console and the game, did I then go the next day and pick up Final Fantasy XV.

 Now I am a HUGE fan of the Final Fantasy series of games, though I will admit to never playing nor owning any version prior to VII. That’s because I never had a Nintendo system which is the system they used to be on. I have played VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XII, XIII, XIII-2 and XIII-3. I have not played the online games, I tend to steer clear of those despite loving the series. This game has been a long time in the making. They originally started working on it when they were working on XIII, but then kind of spent most of their time expanding the XIII series before returning wholeheartedly to the game and announcing it as XV. It was previously part of the XIII brand but obviously that fell by the wayside. I’m glad they did spend extra time working on this game because it’s absolutely gorgeous. And it’s my type of game for a Final Fantasy piece.

I did hear about all the problems though, mostly the complaints made by gamers but isn’t that kind of normal for all games that get released? My nephew says he’s waiting until they’ve fixed it all before he buys it, but I think that’s just silly, changes and patches can be made over a long period of time so I guess the only benefit he gains from buying it when it’s “completely fixed” is that it’ll probably be cheaper. The one complaint I heard the most was the “Horrible Chapter 13”. Many asked what the heck it was all about, and others said it dragged on too long. I agree in one aspect, it was a very long chapter, but I also feel that sometimes in Japanese RPGs they do tend to stretch it out a bit in order to put a little more chaos and madness into the storyline, and that’s what I felt they were doing with this chapter. Noctis was kind of going mad thanks to his nemesis and this level is basically where his nemesis tries to undo his work and mess with his mind. And I felt they were also leading up to such a chapter. I did expect something to happen with Prompto but thankfully what I was worried about never happened. I managed to complete the game and found that the ending was typical of all Final Fantasy endings – very long and over the top but still enjoyable nonetheless.

Anyway, there was a patch that came out just before Christmas for the game in which once you complete the game, you can start a “New Game+” which means you can start with all your stats intact. Unfortunately the enemies are not levelled so it means that you can just swipe them aside at the beginning of the game like a fly swatter swatting a fly, but for me, I missed a lot of stuff. I did get about 40 side quests completed, but there were heaps more. I also didn’t really get into the hunting side of things but might aim to do that second time around.

Loved the story, definitely looking forward to playing it again.

In other PS4 news, yes I did pick up some other games, none of which I have touched as yet. The Last Guardian, which is another RPG, a very unique one by the looks of things. I also picked up Uncharted 4 since I do love the series, but must admit I’m not terribly good with the Uncharted game series. I have only completed two of the 4 games in total. And, while I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XV, I’ve also been downloading Dragon Age: Inquisition. I couldn’t buy the game in store so I just downloaded it. As at this post, it’s got about an hour left of download time. I started downloading shortly after starting to play FFXV and it took me 46 hours to complete that game. It’s a big ruddy file that’s for sure.

Of course there are now two games that are to appear next year which I am currently salivating over, you guessed it Mass Effect: Andromeda and Final Fantasy VII: Remake. Can’t wait for these two to appear!

Hopefully more posting in the new year. At least more than 2 posts for one year!