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Mayhem-Online » Sims 4 T-House Build – Part 2

Sims 4 T-House Build – Part 2

Written by Mayhem on . Posted in Gaming, Sims 4


So there was an update last week where they finally brought back dishwashers. The upside is.. dishwashers! The down side is… one dishwasher. That’s the only choice you have, though at least there are some colour palettes to choose from. This is, of course, in anticipation of their upcoming release this week of the Cool Kitchen Stuff Pack so hopefully this means more options for dishwashers. I have placed a dishwasher into the new house, but as I may change all the cupboards and appliances depending on what comes out in this stuff pack, I didn’t take any new screenshots.

However, this hasn’t stopped me from continuing to work on the house. I’m slow at it, due to only having a few hours on weekends to play with the game. The image above is from the study, which sits behind the open plan living area just off the hallway. It’s colour scheme has wood tones and green and yellow highlights, which is to help brighten up such a grey room (most of the rooms are grey as it’s a ‘concrete and wood’ build). I placed two desks in here so there’s one for working on the computer and another for kids to work on homework. In the tv series “Grand Designs Australia”, the family who designed the home had this large study/library area where all of them could work together as that’s their style of living.


In this section of the study, I added a large windowed area that sits out from the house, kind of like a conservatory. The loveseat then provides a comfortable area for sims to sit and read books or have conversations. The yellow ‘storage’ boxes on top of the bookshelves I took from the Detective Career awards. I did try the “Still Getting Settled Moving Box” however it’s got dirty corners which you can’t change and it just didn’t look very good, so I went with the “Regulation Police Drawer” instead.


I needed something to go in this corner of the room so I put in an easel. In the original house on the TV series, these were not windows they were doors that opened up the entire corner, but I didn’t want to do that for this room so it’s just windows. There was originally nothing under the picture on the wall and I felt like I needed to place something there so I picked out one of the sculptures that I like. I don’t use customised content, though in previous versions of the Sims I’ve always ended up going with a lot of customised and modded things so that I get exactly what I want in a room. With Sims 4, I have not even looked at any mods or custom objects as I just want to stick to the original. It would be nice to add more options for colours and swatches for everything but I just work with what EA have released so far.


I also finished off the guest bedroom on the ground floor. It’s got an L shape to it with a section set up as a ‘walk-in’ wardrobe. I chose the aqua, black and white colours but there are a few other pops of colour mainly because there aren’t a lot of items and decor that have aqua colours. The only thing is that I didn’t put anything on the wall in the walk-in robe area (the same wall that the bed sits against). It looks a little bare but as this is a guest room I wasn’t going to go too over the top with it.


In the above image you get a sneak peek of the walk-in robe and the door that leads into the ensuite. Unfortunately it’s hard to get images at this level when the room is fairly odd shaped and a bit small, but you can kind of get an idea of how the room is layed out.


So in order to get an idea of the layout of both rooms, especially where I can’t take any great screenshots, I’ve just taken a quick overhead shot. You can see a rough layout of the bathroom area which features both a bath and a shower. The bulk of the items are from the Spa Day Game Pack. I’ve not injected too much colour into it as this room has no windows so the light grey-ish colours at least add a bit more light to the room. You can also see the walk-in robe where I have placed the 3-paned full-length wall mirror and I’ve also added some shelves to make it look more like a wardrobe.

Anyway, I’ve still got a lot to do. There’s the hallway area which will need something added to it (I have added a water feature from the Spa Day Game Pack but that’s it) and there’s a powder room and a large room which I’ve yet to determine what it’s purpose will be. After that the ground level is completed and I just need to work on the next level of the house.

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