Sims 4 T-House Build – Part 1

Sime 4 T-House Build

So I’ve finished Dragon Age: Inquisitions (at last), well actually I finished it a while ago I just haven’t posted anything about it. I have downloaded the DLC pack “Jaws of Hakkon” but have not played much of it. From my point of view, you really need to increase your level before playing that DLC but that’s another story. I also started re-playing the Mass Effect Trilogy and am currently half way through the third and final chapter but have put that aside for a little bit. I’ve now gone back to Sims 4 again now that they’ve released more packs and add-ons. Of course, they’ve now released news that there’ll be a Kitchen pack coming out and that dishwashers will be making a return (free update) soon so this build I have at the moment may change when this new pack comes out.

So this new build is based on a house I saw on a program called “Grand Designs Australia” (which is based on the UK show). The house itself was quite small but had this huge living/dining/kitchen area in this t-shaped house. The rest of the house was smaller, but not pokey sized but as they focused more on this open concept room with large sliding doors (which I can’t do with the Sims 4 so I’ve just put windows and doors) I decided to focus more on this aspect and then have made my own designs for the rest of the house. Mind you, at this stage, I’ve only completed the open concept area and have yet to tackle any of the other rooms, but the layouts are roughly ready.

The image above is an idea of the house from the outside, lots of concrete, wood and stone. No landscaping has been done yet, that’ll be the final stage, but you will notice the green roof. In the episode, they actually planted a large number of plants on the roof and so that’s what I will do with this place as well. There’s some patio areas that have been outlined but as yet I’m not sure how I’m going to work them. Remember this is still a work in progress.


The above image gives you an idea of how the house is shaped and the rooms that have been sectioned off. You can probably guess where bathrooms may appear but there’s nothing else to give away what each of the rooms are, except for the main living/dining/kitchen area, though at the time I took this screenshot I had not yet filled out the area – the furniture that was placed there was to help assess the size and placement of everything in the room. There’s plenty of outside space still as I chose a large block in order to place the house how I wanted it. Also you may notice the fence line, including some strange walled area towards the ‘front’ of the house. This is again similar as to the house on the show, although their house was located at the back of a number of other houses, they had a little wall with an opening as a type of entrance that drew you into viewing the beauty of the outside of the house as soon as you stepped through. I tried to recreate at least that part as best as I could but with some landscaping it should hopefully look much better. (Note, although I describe this entry part, it’s not viewable on this image, but can be seen in the first image on this page.)


The above image is the second level of the home. You can see the outside area of the roof above the open plan living space with the greenspace ready for planting plants. You can also make out the bathrooms so this should give you an idea of what the rooms are. There’s also a room on the lower floor which extends through to the second level, making it a double-height room (this too was in the house on the show).


The kitchen layout is just a galley design with cabinets across the back and an island in the middle. I have used the cabinets and upper cabinets from the recently released Spa Day pack, however, as mentioned earlier, this may change after the new Kitchen stuff pack comes out in a couple of weeks time (12 August). You may notice that I have used a higher wall on the lower level, using the one-and-a-half wall height. This makes for a large amount of wall space to cover, however I also used shelves and added a variety of decor items that are kitchen related (some are from the Outdoor Retreat pack). Most of those items do not actually sit on those shelves, so I had to use a few building cheats in order to put more than just the tiny amount of decor on offer on the shelves. I used one of the new chandeliers from the Spa Day pack to light up the dining area. As you can see it hangs quite low even with this higher wall height so I am hoping it won’t interfere with dining animation.


The living space is kind of relaxed. I created a fireplace area which is similar to what they had in the show but not exactly the same as that’s not possible with what is available in fireplace options. The house on the show had the fireplace built into the wall with shelving. They also had an archway rather than a door, but the only archway for one-and-a-half height walls was a rounded arch which doesn’t fit with the style of this house, so I decided to put doors here instead. You may have noticed I’ve added in some red accent pieces, which I also did in the kitchen area. As with the kitchen, I had to use build cheats in order to place items on the shelves but they work well. I have seen some interesting bits and pieces of decor in the one and only picture released promoting the new kitchen stuff pack that look like they sit on the shelves but I guess we won’t find out if that’s the case until we get closer to the release date.

So that’s part one of this build. I will hopefully update when I have gone back to play the game again. As mentioned at the beginning of the post, I finished off Dragon Age Inquisition, and have started the Mass Effect trilogy though I’m part way through the third game so it’s almost complete. I also picked up the special re-release edition of The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, which I’ve played a few hours of on my PC but not on the console. I have also just picked up (as in yesterday) the Shadow of Mordor game. I noticed it on sale at EB Games and I quickly looked it up online and it had a lot of positive feedback so I thought why not. So I have few games to choose from.

I’ll also try to post a bit more (she says with fingers crossed behind her back).