Its the month of May!

Okay yes officially its the month of August, but since I was born in this month, I call it the Month of May!! ūüôā

So that may¬†have been a little too cheesey lol, but¬†nevertheless I’m semi-looking forward to my actual birthday¬†which is at the end of¬†the month.

Anyway, its my monthly post and its been¬†nearly a month since I had my¬†little trip. My¬†knee is still bruised¬†and doesn’t seem to sit right¬†when I¬†have it¬†out straight. I¬†should probably get it checked¬†out but 1. it costs money and 2. it costs money. So I’ll¬†put up with it until I¬†have no choice but to go to the Doctors.

Speaking of money, I was prepared to spend quite a lot of¬†it recently and am still tempted to do so. I’ve just finished a couple of model kits and¬†have now no more to do. There is a model kit over¬†at HobbyLink Japan that I¬†really¬†really really want to get, however¬†it is fairly expensive compared¬†to most of¬†the kits I buy. ¬†I¬†was able¬†to justify the cost because the same kit is available at Shin Tokyo here¬†in Adelaide,¬†however its a lot dearer than the cost¬†in HLJ. The kit¬†in question is called¬†the Hi-Nu Gundam and is a Master Grade kit, meaning its almost the top¬†of the¬†line (top of¬†the¬†line kits¬†are Perfect Grade). Being an MG and a 1/100 kit¬†pushes¬†up the¬†price significantly¬†though no MG kit is usually below 1/100¬†in scale anyway. The cost¬†in Australian dollars for me¬†to buy the kit¬†here is $135. The cost for me to buy the kit and¬†including the shipping costs from HLJ is $113. That’s a savings of at¬†least $20¬†which is not bad. The actual kit is¬†around $70 and the¬†shipping costs vary depending¬†on how you want¬†it sent, but they don’t vary much so sending it¬†‘express’ is probably the easier way to go. The Gundam¬†itself does¬†not¬†appear¬†in¬†any of¬†the anime series rather¬†its mentioned¬†in a¬†book in relation to Char’s CounterAttack (I think). So its appealing¬†in¬†that its an ‘imagined’ version of a gundam, its also appealing because of¬†the poses it has, the additions it has (deployment of weapons), colouring and just general coolness lol. I could¬†order¬†it¬†now as it takes a day before they¬†organise everything and send you a¬†request for payment, and then you have¬†up to 14 days to make the payment, however I¬†have a couple of other orders that need to go through first and foremost and although I still could buy the model kit, I’d be very low¬†on funds to¬†last me until¬†the¬†next¬†payday (we get paid fortnightly). Regardless, I do¬†intend to buy the gundam but it just¬†may¬†not end¬†up being this coming payday.

As I mentioned, I¬†have a couple of other¬†orders that¬†are a bit more¬†important¬†at the moment through HLJ. One is a book called Cloud Vol 1, which I’ve¬†had¬†on backorder for months¬†now. I was tempted at¬†one stage¬†to cancel the order but I’ve held¬†out¬†and¬†last week received the request for payment. I¬†really would¬†like to get the¬†book now¬†that its so hard to find these days so I will pay for¬†it. Its only about $36¬†including shipping¬†so¬†its¬†not too bad. The other order I need to make will be¬†probably about Monday¬†next week when the Sept¬†issues¬†of Animage/Animedia are released. HLJ don’t tend to make these available for preorder because¬†they go¬†pretty fast, so they usually¬†appear¬†on the day of¬†release (10th¬†of the month). I did¬†put¬†in an order through cdjapan once through their¬†subscription service and chose the 3 month option to see how they¬†were. The cost is a lot higher¬†and¬†its taken¬†out¬†in¬†one¬†hit (of course) but its even higher because for every subscription they send them separately, so even though I¬†ordered subscriptions for Animage¬†and Animedia, they shipped¬†them separately and¬†therefore I incurred a higher cost for shipping. They also ship them¬†in padded envelopes, which is fine, but I¬†prefer getting mine from HLJ. First¬†reason is they’re a lot cheaper – they also combine the two magazines together to send¬†in¬†one¬†parcel which cuts down the cost, and they come wrapped¬†up together, and¬†packaged¬†into a box with¬†packing material. This is good because the¬†magazines end up getting here¬†in good condition,¬†and often they come with additional items such as shitajiki (pencil boards), clear files¬†or even cds/dvds¬†which need to¬†have a bit more protection. So although¬†they don’t do subscriptions to these¬†magazines, I¬†prefer to order them through HLJ.

In the entertainment world, I’ve been watching X-Files lately. I decided to buy the DVDs because they’re¬†pretty cheap at the moment. I can still¬†only buy a couple¬†of seasons at¬†a time but that’s okay. I have¬†hardly watched¬†any¬†anime¬†though, although I still screencap for Animay. I haven’t played any games lately but I can say that I¬†finished Mass Effect. I don’t¬†think I¬†had completed it before my¬†last post so I’ll mention it¬†now lol. Its a good game¬†though I restarted it from the start and then originally chose¬†not to go¬†on¬†any side assignments, but about halfway through I changed my mind lol. In the end some of the assignments didn’t quite work because¬†characters¬†were missing or circumstances¬†had changed. Either¬†way it was still a great game so I’ll be¬†interested to see¬†how Mass Effect 2 comes¬†out.

I probably¬†should¬†mention something about the change in theme¬†again, but then why bother? I just change it¬†on a whim¬†anyway lol. Not¬†that I¬†mean to but the style for¬†this blog I kind of test a¬†few¬†ideas¬†out and¬†then go with the theme that¬†I¬†like the most. Sometimes, though, I’ll look¬†at the¬†live version¬†and go… “Nah, don’t¬†like it after all!” and¬†then I’ll be searching for another¬†theme. The only¬†thing I like about¬†this theme is¬†the ability for it to¬†show¬†the Amazon books¬†side by side¬†instead of¬†one after the other¬†like¬†the other¬†themes did. It also manages to contain the tags a bit better. I will most¬†likely¬†¬†not stick with¬†this one either as I’d really¬†like¬†to create my own but just¬†haven’t had¬†the¬†time to do it.

Website wise, I’m kind of taking the pressure off myself right¬†now, mainly because there’s enough stress at work without putting it onto myself with the websites. I have been trying to get together an e-magazine, which I’m actually bringing back after a few years offline, however input is still lacking. I had a few people put their hands up to help which was great, but then a couple slipped by the wayside so now I have only a couple providing assistance. This, unfortunately, seems to be a case of history repeating itself and for the last few days I found myself being fairly frustrated by it. However, I’ve decided that I’ll get out the issue anyway regardless of the input received and hopefully we can garner more interest for the next issue. Screencapping is my other pet peeve, despite having all the tools that can make it go a lot quicker than it used to be. Although I can screencap quickly, its the sorting out of what to keep and what to trash that takes time, and then having to write in the titles for each screencap after uploading to the gallery… I know, complain complain I should just get on with the job lol.

At the¬†moment I’m thinking of ditching¬†one¬†of the sites – Pixelacious. I love the domain but unfortunately¬†its not working the way I want it to. Using Coppermine is fine but¬†not if you get a spammer joining every hour and¬†then posting 30-100 spam posts. Animay does get this but not at nearly¬†the same level as Pixelacious. I keep¬†having to switch the¬†comments off¬†in¬†order to allow people to at¬†least sign up and post stuff, but the¬†only people¬†who sign up¬†are spammers¬†now. If I can get the mod to work to add a gallery to the¬†message boards, then I can add¬†a¬†mod to the RBM website which will be where I will upload screencaps and wallpapers (the boards would be¬†interactive and¬†the site¬†would only allow you to download and view). However, I’ve tried adding a mod to the boards¬†once before and it didn’t work because of safe mode restrictions – so this will probably¬†¬†not work either. I’ll have to find a way around it somehow.

Now remember earlier I mentioned something about not¬†having¬†anymore models¬†left¬†to build? Well I finished the¬†one model that was¬†nearly driving me batty! The Armored Core Crest Nineball Version – can build it the same as a gundam kit (clicks¬†in place, no glue¬†or paint)¬†however there¬†were so many frigging teeny tiny pieces to make it look detailed that it was¬†a pain¬†in the ass! It turned¬†out¬†alright¬†though and my gundam panel¬†liner pen came in handy (is¬†there¬†anything they can’t do?).

Armored Core Crest Nineball – Pic 1; Pic 2; Pic 3

I also finished¬†the Gundam 00 Over Flag unit. Its almost exactly the same as Graham’s Custom Flag, but with a new gun and a few extra light grey¬†parts. I actually think it looks better than the Custom Flag. That¬†model I¬†finished¬†in a day lol.

Over Flag – Pic 1 (with Graham’s Custom Flag); Pic 2

Well that’s enough prattling¬†on for today. Should be¬†enough to¬†last¬†out the rest of¬†the month!