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Sims 3 University

Written by Mayhem on . Posted in Gaming, PC Games, Sims 3


Sims 3 University Life arrived at my house at the end of last week (along with another game but I’ll talk about that later). Yesterday afternoon I installed the game, downloaded my freebies (I got the Limited Edition version so I got that extra party pack) and started playing the game with my lone female sim.

What a great expansion pack! I really loved this one, and feel like its outdone is Sims 2 version by far. The various components added into the game make it far more enjoyable to play and made it difficult for me to want to shut down the game for the night.

Round 2

Written by Mayhem on . Posted in Final Fantasy, Gaming, Sims 3, Xbox 360

I’ve just finished playing Fable 3 this previous weekend and now I’m going for round 2. I thought I’d start off by just following the storyline, doing a few of the side quests and seeing how everything panned out before I get into it a bit more in a second run of the game.

The game is not too bad, a great deal similar to Fable 2 (never played the original) but there are probably some aspects that are better than the previous incarnation and some that are worse. The fighting is pretty much the same as the previous game but I think I tended to lean more towards using magic than I did wield swords/hammers or rifles/pistols. Especially when I picked up the weave ability where I could combine two abilities and come out with a pretty awesome result. Of course, I only tried it on one pair of spells (fire and shock) but have heard they’re probably the most powerful combination. Still, in my next run I’ll see if I can try all the combinations (and thus get the achievement that goes with it).

The graphics are a bit better, people in the street are still pretty ugly though and unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to create my own villager as I didn’t pre-order the game, I just bought it when I had the funds available. I did buy the special edition set where it comes in a book box with a few extra bits and pieces.

I also bought the latest Sims 3 expansion pack “Late Night”. Its okay but I’ve been too busy playing Fable 3 as well as working on my websites to really have a go at it. The nightlife is pretty cool and my sim that I’m currently using is already a Level 4 Celebrity lol.

Speaking of gaming, I am thinking about buying a PS3. Its still a long way off though as the console just doesn’t seem to come down much in price and I’m more attracted to getting a new 360 console than getting the PS3. There are no games out at the moment on the PS3 that are exclusive to it that I want right now. The only game I know of that I will want when it comes out is Final Fantasy Versus XIII which I believe is still only coming to PS3. Anyway, its something I’m thinking about but when or whether I buy it or not is for another post…

A Few Bits and Pieces

Written by Mayhem on . Posted in General Rubbish, Movies & TV, MS Gundam, Sims 3, Websites

There’s a strong possibility that I’ll be shifting servers with all my websites. I’m looking around at the moment and hoping to find something that will meet my current requirements fairly soon. At this stage I’m delaying updates on all of my websites until after the move and that could be anywhere between now and the end of the month, or even maybe the end of next month… depends on what appears on the horizon. At this stage my only worry is the transfer of mysql databases – a lot of hosts out there have different control panels to the one I currently use and therefore don’t do the whole automatic transfer unless you’re using the same control panel they are. While most of my sites are easily moveable (wordpress has that import export option), its the databases for sites like Joomla and Coppermine that are the main issue. There are over 90,000 images on the Screencaps Gallery alone (Animay), and to have to re-upload them would be extremely time-consuming, not to mention the number of views, popularity statistics etc that I’d prefer to keep.

On another note, I picked up Sims 3 a couple of weeks ago when it came out. I’ve seen on the official site that there have been just as many complaints as there has been compliments and kudos for the game. I’m with the latter rather than the former. Sure there are a few weird things that become a bit problematic, but its still a great game and there’s so many cool options and events that happen in this game that I’m still a Sims addict lol. I’ll post up my full review at a later date.

My gundam – as listed below – arrived and was built. I have taken photos but not pulled them off the camera yet so I can’t share them but will after shifting servers. All I can say right now is just how awesome it looks. Master-Grade kits are the best!

When I’m not watching anime, or a dvd movie, I’m watching TV series. Lately I’ve been downloading TV series that I’m interested in, usually the crime stuff as that’s pretty cool to me. I’m a big CSI fan though not so much of CSI: Miami (don’t really like David Caruso) but the NY spinoff is great. I also like the new series that has been airing since last year in the US called “Eleventh Hour” starring Rufus Sewell. Currently I’m waiting for new episodes and hoping they will be coming (including a second season!). I’m also a big fan of The Mentalist, “our boy” Simon Baker is a great actor and he portrays his character well in this series. I’ve also been watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent (fan of Vincent D’nofrio and Jeff Goldblum) and Cold Case. I’ve recently started watching Criminal Minds which appears to be pretty good too in that category and have begun downloading The Closer, which I did begin watching when it first aired here on free-to-air tv but as soon as they changed timeslots I lose interest. On the other side I’ve also been getting some fantasy adventure series, namely Legend of the Seeker and Merlin. I did have the option of downloading season 5 of Stargate Atlantis but since the DVD set is due out next month I’ll just wait and buy that lol.

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I’ve been through more music devices than I can count, and I’ve always been happiest with the Apple line, especially now that the drives are all flash! Glad to hear you’re happy with your purchases. 😀

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