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It’s Been A While…

Written by Mayhem on . Posted in General Rubbish, Health

So last year I had every intention of providing regular posts on the site as there was plenty of stuff to talk about. But then some family things happened, namely my mum had two heart attacks and ended up having to have a bypass done late last year. So I have mainly been spending most of my time taking care of her as well as working. To keep my own sanity intact, in whatever spare time I had I’d spend playing games or watching movies/tv series. My own health hasn’t been all that great either but its not as bad as what my mum has gone through so I can’t complain.

Anyway, things are on the up so far and it is a new year. There’s lots of things coming up and lots of things that have been happening, so I’m going to try and post a bit more often and fingers crossed that everything goes well this year.

Its All For The Best

Written by Mayhem on . Posted in General Rubbish, Health, Shopping

At least I hope it will be.

All of my websites have now been moved to a new, dedicated server. Unfortunately dedicated=expensive but I didn’t really have a lot of choice. If I wanted to keep Animay going, I needed to put it onto a dedicated server so I wasn’t using up everybody else’s resources. And, I wasn’t going to have two lots of hosting fees so every other website got moved as well. I think that its probably the best idea, and was something I was considering doing, just not so soon. Anyway, hopefully everything will run okay, the only thing I’m nervous about is running the server though that is supposedly managed by the host anyway so I may not need to worry too much… I hope.

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Chris Johnson


I’ve been through more music devices than I can count, and I’ve always been happiest with the Apple line, especially now that the drives are all flash! Glad to hear you’re happy with your purchases. 😀

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