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PVCs & ME3

A while back now I started to get into collecting figma figures, despite the fact I’d always chosen not to get into buying little action figures of female anime characters. Now I’ve gone onto something different again (I’m still collecting figmas though). PVC figures – these are large, fixed posed characters to collect. I’m specifically sticking to male characters for these ones as I won’t be able to afford them as regularly as I do figmas (not that figmas are that affordable either). I’ve bought two so far, with one arriving just the other day, and three more on pre-order. Whilst figma’s can generally cost around the $35-$50 AUD mark, PVC figures can cost from $50-$80 and upwards depending on the scale you choose and the brand. If you get any from the Hot Toys or Sideshow Collectibles (which focus more on American characters rather than Anime characters) you are looking at over $100-$200 AUD. So like I said, spending upwards of $80 (not including shipping and postage), I can only afford these once in a while. Thankfully male PVC figures are few and far between but when they do come out they kind of get grabbed almost immediately.

My first PVC figure was actually on sale and cost closer to $40 which was pretty good. His name is Masaomi Arikawa and he’s from Harukanaru Tokinonakade. I’m presuming he’s from the game rather than the anime series as  I don’t remember seeing him in the series (though I haven’t watched that in ages). He’s quite good looking and I like the pose he’s been given. He seems well made and he’s a decent size for a figure that is 1/10 scale. Even the stand he is on is pretty cool.

The other character I’ve picked up and only received recently is Izaya Orihara from Drrr!!! He was extremely popular during pre-order. I’m lucky that I was checking out HLJ on a regular basis when I saw him listed and thought I’d add him to my pre-order list. Within a few weeks of him appearing on the website he was forever on “Order stop” until finally he got released and now he’s “Discontinued”. To be honest, although I have the series I have yet to watch it! But the characters themselves are pretty cool looking so I am looking forward to watching it when I get the chance. The figure looks pretty good and is a bigger size than Arikawa at 1/8 scale. He comes with two sets of arms, one extended and one bent towards his head. The extended arm holds a knife while the bent arm holds a phone. I guess you could change the ‘accessories’ but that would look a bit weird. As you can see from the pictures here, I’ve chosen to have the ‘phone in hand’ pose. The next PVC figure to come out for Drrr!! is Celty Sturluson though I’m not really keen to get it since its a female figure (even if she isn’t a ‘human’ character). There are also rumblings that Shizuo Heiwajima will be released as a PVC figure in the future too so I’ll be definitely keeping an eye out for him.

The other PVC figures I have on pre-order are Shiki (from Togainu no Chi), Luke Fon Fabre (from Tales of the Abyss (currently in “Order Stop” mode)) and a re-stock of Yuri Lowell (from Tales of Vesperia). Shiki and Luke are due out next month while Yuri is being restocked in June.

On the note of collecting… kind of… I’ve not really been making much headway with my Gundam kits. I’m still in the middle of putting together Wing Zero (MG version). I’m actually keen to pick up the MG version of Sandrock, as its the only other Gundam from that series that looks really cool. I don’t mind Deathscythe, but I’m still making up my mind on whether to pick up Deathscythe MG or Deathscythe Hell MG. Both look pretty good to me.

On a good note (still on Gundam), Bandai are releasing Gundam SEED gundams as MG versions. They have already released Dual Shroud, and in June they are going to release the Blitz Gundam as an MG. This is to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Gundam SEED. I’ve seen sketches for two more to be released in MG versions – Aegis and Justice, but the one I’d also like them to release is the plain ol’ Strike Gundam! There is a PG version (I can’t afford it and its never in stock) but I’d be happy with an MG version. I’m also still waiting for them to release the Kshatriya as an MG. That would be a huge kit but one awesome one!

So this week Mass Effect 3 finally arrives. I’ve been so looking forward to this game but have held off on playing the demo. It gets released in the US I believe today (tomorrow our time) while we get it on Thursday. I delayed pre-ordering until almost the last minute as EB games tends to do something ‘extra’ the week leading up to the game’s release but I got a bit worried so I went in and pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition. Lucky I did! I pre-ordered that early last week and over the weekend I went onto the website and on the page for the Xbox 360 version of the Collectors Edition, it says “ORDER ONLINE ONLY”. I was like ‘WTf?? I ordered in store does that mean I will still get it or did I have to order online to get this version??” I went into EB Games on Saturday and ended up asking the clerk what the heck was going on. He said that the instore pre-ordering for the 360 version was sold out by last Friday and so if you wanted it you had to pre-order it online. I told him I’d pre-ordered mine earlier last week and he said “If you’ve already pre-ordered it then you are lucky and yes, you will still get it.” Well duh of course I would! I don’t know why I panicked about it but you see these things and then wonder what the hell is going on. I did start playing ME from the start, trying to create a new Shepherd and seeing if I could run through both games before I picked up ME3,  however I put the game down and haven’t touched it since so it looks like I’ll just have to go with one of the two Shepherds I’d used in the previous games. I really can’t wait… Luckily I have a podiatrist appointment in the arvo so I will pick it up after I’ve been to my appointment before I head home.

The exciting thing about playing ME3 and any other game is that I have a brand new TV. I picked up a Samsung LED LCD 3D TV (!!) not last weekend but the weekend before that. It arrived last Tuesday and its awesome. Its a 40″ version though originally I was happy to go with a 32″ version. My room is not that big so its probably a bit too big to be in this room… nevermind. I asked about it when I was in store (the 32″ version) so he went to check it out the back and when he returned, I was standing in front of the 40″ version and he said they didn’t have any of the 32″ in stock at the moment but they did have a 40″ in stock. I said I’d take it! Especially since they started up a 10% off all TVs the day I went to buy it! I’ve also got a blu-ray player to go with it and have already watched a 3D movie on it. The TV came with its own set of 3D glasses so that was pretty cool. I’ve also been able to transfer any episodes of TV series that I like to a USB and plug it into the TV so I can watch it on the big screen. Its great! Video games look great on it too.

Sherlock Holmes 2

I haven’t been to the movies in ages, definitely over a year or two! So while I had some time off I thought why not go and see something? Considering its cheap Tuesday at the cinemas, I went today of course and had, well not a lot of movies to pick from. The only two that I was interested in was MI:4 and Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows. MI:4 at my local cinema was only open to “members” today and it was an afternoon session anyway.  I prefer to go to the first session in the morning as there’s hardly anyone there so you’re not having to be annoyed by people who don’t shut up during the movies (less people usually ends up with them being more aware of how quiet it is in the cinema apart from the movie). Anyway, I really preferred SH:AGOS over MI4 as I’m a bigger fan of Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law than I am of Tom Cruise.

Brilliant movie. Absolutely enjoyable from start to finish. They kept true to the first film with their stylings of Holmes and Watson but added in a bit more action and drama to this one. And how can you not love Stephen Fry, playing Sherlock’s brother Mycroft. The scene where he is having a conversation with Mary while completely stark naked is hilarious. Its definitely a film I recommend going to see. No I wont’ go into too much details otherwise I’ll give it all away. If you want to know what happens, go see the movie or visit Wikipedia (lol). They did show some previews of upcoming films. The only ones I remember are “Man on a Ledge” which looked pretty interesting, then there was some Aussie/British film starring Olivia Newton-John about a guy from the UK about to marry an Aussie girl and he and his mates head over to Australia before the big day. Its a comedy, a stupid one by the looks of it so it wasn’t something I’ll be seeing. And then the other preview I remember and is a film I actually want to see was “The Hobbit”. I’ve just picked up the book and will be reading it through before the film comes out which is not until December. The film will be different from the book, I know that, as Peter Jackson gives the female characters a better role than what JRR Tolkein did, but I’d still like to remind myself of the story since I haven’t read that book since I was a kid. Really looking forward to seeing the movie.

Now onto those bothersome… I mean wonderful websites of mine. I’ve changed my mind again. Well mainly in regards to updating the style of the websites. A big decision to make is to re-evaluate the money I spend, and I’ve already done that in a big way in regards to ordering a bunch of Anime figures from HLJ. I recently had to remove a large number of pre-orders apart from one that comes out at the end of the month, and I’ll need to make sure I have plenty for that one as its a bit more on the expensive side than what I’ve usually been buying. That being said, spending money to buy a theme to do up a site that hasn’t been updated in a while due to the lack of information being released… I don’t think its a good idea. I am happy to continue to invest in my websites, but spending a bunch of money to upgrade everything to look nice for the 1 or 2 people that visit these days?? Pfft!! The same will go to Animay, it’ll keep its current format for now. Maybe later on if I do have a little bit of spare money (that’ll be a miracle) then no problems, I will invest the money and get everything looking dapper again.

And so, I now spend the last week of wonderful time off from work sorting out my laptop files, external hdd files, watching movies, playing games, playing with my cats and generally trying to relax as much as possible because that will all disappear really fast once I return to work… *sigh*

Gaming & Other Stuff

So I picked up Sims Medieval last week since I was kind of in the mood for that type of themed game and played it through. Not really what I figured it would end up being especially since you can’t do much more to expand on the current kingdom. I was under the impression that once you finished the first ambition, you unlocked a new ambition and continued building your castle/kingdom from the first game. That’s not how this game works. Instead you start over again but you get different options for your ‘ambition’. Like you get more quest points so you have the opportunity to do more quests in that ambition, or the goal is to have security ahead of health and culture etc. It was good the first time I played it through but it quickly became rather boring. Not that I didn’t enjoy it for what it is, but I kind of felt like it should have been a bit more challenging. Oh well…

Speaking of games, I’ve been playing a few lately though only on and off as I’ve been spending a lot of my time off building gundams and doing other things. The games I have been playing Continue reading