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Lightning Returns

Lightning Returns

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – its arrived. I pre-ordered the game and thus received the bonuses which was a steelbook cover and the codes to download the Cloud gear. I also ended up grabbing a copy of the hint book, just to help me navigate through the game on the first run, with me going looking for other stuff when I play through a second time… maybe. Continue reading


Fable Anniversary

That’s what was written on the packaging for the Fable Anniversary game that arrived in the post today. I knew that stores are often told that they are not allowed to sell items before a certain date but this was the first time I actually saw it on packaging! I’m not sure if they were meant to take off the cellulose wrap before posting to me but its interesting nonetheless. The note stuck to this cellulose wrap said: Continue reading

New Consoles?

Xbox One v PS4

So unless you were hiding under a rock, the new consoles for Microsoft and Sony were released late last year. They sold out pretty quickly and both are currently back on pre-order if you want to pick up one. Did I pick up one? No. To be honest neither of them showed me anything that enticed me to even think of buying one. No games that were released at the time the consoles were released were interesting enough to me – I mean there aren’t exactly a lot of games out yet are there? Soon that will change, as more and more games come out specifically for the two new consoles but for the moment I’m sticking with what I have (which at the moment is just the 360 as my PS3 isn’t working).

Not that any of the upcoming games are not interesting enough for me to not want one of the new consoles. But the fact is I’d have to pick one over the other to begin with, and buy the other console later on when I can then afford it. So its a matter of checking out comparisons and game releases before taking the plunge.

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